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If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. 
- Albert Einstein

Let this quote be the reminisce from my last post. It got quite intense and heated, right? I am glad you all saw my point of view and those who didn't no worries, that's why we have so many opinions, so what everyone can take one [kidding!]. I think some people thought it was in context to something from my life while they were just a random stream of thoughts after reading a story on another blog. Anyhoo, moving on...   

The challenge has been done with for almost a week now but I still haven't given into shopping. I wouldn't lie I have been tempted but I have resisted it so far 'coz I really do not need anything and I want to first exhaust wearing everything I have got for this season at least once and then we can talk about shopping again. In the meantime I have been shopping for my husband [Birthday Month!] and family, 

... and this is how I had dressed for that
 Jacket - Michael Kors [08']
 Dress - Mango [10']
Booties - No Brand Name [From Dubai 09']

Brownies, anyone? 

1/2 cup butter
1 cup white sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour an 8 inch square pan.
2. In a large saucepan, melt 1/2 cup butter. Remove from heat, and stir in sugar, eggs, and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Beat in 1/3 cup cocoa, 1/2 cup flour, salt, and baking powder. Spread batter into prepared pan.
3. Bake in preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes. Do not overcook.

*Recipe modified from

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  1. This is going to be one of my favorite outfits!! I liked the dress earlier too but this jacket (color and cut) pairing with this dress is just glorious!! and you look dayum cute in the third pic :-)

  2. love the booties!also the jacket. such a fresh colour!

  3. I could do with some browniesssss!!

    Look so tempting...

  4. The brownies look good...but u look better!! :) Love the last 2 looks.

  5. i like your jacket ! green color is making it so special !
    and we like how you recycle and come up with more interesting outfit combo !
    and for this dress Sept,10 look is my fav...
    and booties <3 !!!

    visit my new post ! n i rqst u to comment on d subject! :P

  6. love love love the jacket!! and the booties too :)

    thanks for the recipe :)...i'm very bad at baking stuff...will surely try this one

  7. love the jacket babe !! I have a matka silk ( one of the two sarees I own ) of a lighter shade than this and also heart the sept. 10 look !!!

  8. the dress looks so good with the jacket and the green is so refreshing

  9. fab dress with the jacket..
    n brownies dnt have baking powder na i thnk
    dey r flat and not bounced up unlike cake..dats y

  10. Awww super duper cute. Love the happy, bright colour of the jacket and that dress is cute too..I need to dig out my same sweater and wear it ASAP! Love them brownies, I baked a batch last week using Nigella Lawson's recipe..I love brownies!

  11. Mmm brownies. You're putting me in a baking mood!

  12. Hi Tanvi, I wonder if you know that you've been featured in this article:

    I thought I'd let you know if you aren't already been aware of it :)

    Love your blog! And the different ways by which you pulled off that Mango dress!

  13. I am so jealous you can dress like that. I can't remember when I saw my own thighs, it is so damn cold here.

    Brownies, yum!!!

  14. I just checked out the article mentioned by Oona...

    “I have seen ordinary people get numerous hits on their blogs and a fan following, because they have taken the initiative to put their personalities and lives out there through fashion,” says Latha Sunadh, former editor of

    This statement in my opinion reflects the niche space some of the bloggers like you have created for them selves.... Its amazing to know such a world also exists parallel to the real world, or should I say that the blog world is an extension of everyone's real selves... Hmn Hmn Hmn

    Anyways... Loved the colour of your jacket... green is my current favourite these days...

  15. Love the dress. The thin red stripe on the bottom is adorable. And the shoes are chic, too. At first I thought you were wearing leg-warmers.

  16. I am so going to try that recipe when I get home in a few days, those sound good- I've never made brownies from scratch before- I usually use a box... and you look lovely as usual, I love the green jacket.

  17. Those brownies look soo good! I love your outfits, you never fail me and I like to hear what ever it is you have to say because it's from the heart, never mean. Have a great day.!

  18. am dying to make brownies..but!!!!
    got all my ingredients and everything and then realise that my oven doesnt have the bake option :((
    how stupid of me....!!!!

  19. Very refreshing colors.
    Liked the jacket style.
    Brownies are tempting.

  20. It's warm enough for bare legs?????

    We got another dump of snow this morning---am I glad I have fur lined boots!

    Love this dress, in all it's avtaars!

    PS: I'm going to pass on the best recipe for brownies ever (for the next time around)!!!! I'll email it, so check your inbox!

  21. I'll take a batch!! ;-) But let's talk about your jacket... what a gorgeous color on you!!

  22. Love your booties. My fav is still the one with the fitted black jacket with a touch of pink.

  23. Love your blog,absolutely dig your sep'10 look, and the Brownies look divine :)

  24. So in love with that dress. You've been wearing it so well and differently. I am not at all creative with my dresses!
    Also love the green jacket. It's got a cool 60's vibe to it.

  25. What an amazing dress. i would never have thought of wearing it all these different ways.

  26. Love the look, the jacket is sick and I also love look September,10 :)
    COngratulations to your hubby :)

    Follow my blog at http:///

  27. This outfit is so the dash of color you brought through the green jacket!! The shoes are purrrty too! And yes the brownies look delicious!! Don't tell me you gave them away!!

  28. This is super cute! Love the stripes with the lime green.

  29. Love the dress! And love the jacket too. And yummy brownies! xoxo

  30. Great outfit and delicious recipe! xo

  31. This is very cute, very classic. Like a young Emily Gilmore. And I meant that in THE best way possible!

    xoxo, Ashley

  32. OK, I absolutely ADORE this dress! I love it every way you wore it and am totally jealous haha.

  33. Loved u'r outfit
    And brownie itz my all tym fav

  34. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits from you (and it's a tough choice!!)
    Lovvvveee the jacket....can't say that enough!
    And so jealous that you can still pull of skirts with bare legs this time of year!

  35. Taaans..I loooove the green jacket...I have been going ga ga over this exact green this winter...but sadly, havent been able to get my hands on anything even close to as nice as that jacket...I would have bought it! :)

    And once again, you have displayed your impeccable fashion sense...with those diff the same outfit...bravo!

    Look forward to seeing you in more skirts perhaps...(and of course sarees, but assuming that'll be a lil difficult coz of the cold now)

    Anyways...lotsa love!


    P.S. the brownies look delicious :)

  36. this time im on a diet.. so i wont even look at the recipe.. looks very tempting..
    But what I would love its the beauty of MK jacket and your stripe dress.
    Just beautiful

  37. this green is soo fresh...
    nd d brownies surely luk soo tempting!!

  38. Oh nice! Love the stripy dress on you, classic and chic. I love how you've worn it many times. Great shoes too!

  39. It's THAT easy to make brownies? Okay, I am bookmarking this post.

  40. I will let ladies comment on dress. I am more interested to know what you purchased for birthday boy. Do you need a suggestion? My suggestion is Ipad.

  41. I hope you give my comments to your husband. He should know that one of your reader is actually his friend now.

  42. I love that pop of color with the look great in bright bold colors. And, thanks for the sweet comments about our portraits! Have a fabulous weekend.

  43. Ah, you and this dress looks good anywhere and everywhere (no need for shopping). Brownies? Yes please, any day, any time!

  44. I love that you are still continuing to wear that dres on your blog - I love this way you've styled it the most. and UM yummmy brownies!

  45. Oh! I super-like the jacket!!! And the dress is looking just perfect with those shoes! :))

    But of course, you've worn it fabulously everytime! :)

  46. Love this post!
    The brownies look so yummy!!!

    I love how you've teamed that dress with different things to give it so many looks! :)
    The woolen socks kinda things on the shoes - <3

  47. lovely combination, this is 'mera wala green'.


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