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Let's get this party moving

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We finally got it going ... Yay! Can you tap on my excitement?
Ring - ASOS [10']; Trumpet Necklace - River Island [10']

Wearing (2), (3), (20) & (28) from My Picks: 30 for 30

Now that we have taken care of the business, can we talk about what is on my mind? Today, Upasna's Post got me thinking whether I am still a Daddy's girl or now have I converted to a Mumma's girl?!? I have always taken pride in being - Daddy's Girl! but now I feel the lines are getting blurry. Don't get me wrong when asked, "Who is your favorite parent?" I will still say 'Dad!' in a heartbeat, only 'coz I hate when people say, "Oh! both! How can you choose between the two?" or "It is such a difficult choice!" I force myself to choose just so I do not sound like others! [Rebel? Proudly, "Yeah!"

Anyhoo, but today I think I am a great amalgam of both! Here's how, 
1) I take risks [Like Dad] but I am very careful with money [Like Mom]
2) I am social [Like Dad] but uncompromising about my privacy [Like Mom]
3) I am easy going [Like Dad] and adaptable [Like Mom]
4) I am compassionate [Like Dad] and caring [Like Mom]
5) I am charming [Like Dad] and fashionable [Like Mom]

Hey! If you think I sound pompous, consider this - I am counting my parents' positives ;)
Oh! But I forgot to mention the most important one - 
6) I am a Travel-o-holic [Like Dad & Mom]

...But on second thought, aren't I too old to be Daddy's or Mommy's girl!? *hmmmmm*

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  1. I love your big book clutch! :)

    Why aren't you wearing your bangs? :(

    I'm more of a mumma's girl but of course dad's the hero!

  2. Noone's ever too old to be mummy/daddy's girl :) And of course you can choose. You know my sister was sick early this year, and all she wanted was dad by her side. For me, ma's always been the one. And that in no way means I love dad any less or don't have his qualities in me (I do, I mean it's a mix of both, like your list). But I think it's fine to say, I miss ma more ;)

  3. Oh and I love the yellow! Also the trumpet :)

  4. Love all the sunshine yellow and that trumpet pendant is fabulous!!! Very very cute.

    Ah...I'm a Daddy's Girl....but for all the silly small and big things, I call my mum to get instant advice. But if something is really bothering me dad is the only one who can make it all better!

  5. Loving the yellow touch on your outfit..
    Accessories also got my attention..
    very stylish indeed

  6. totally love your 1st look :)..Tanvi, you make a simple casual look so stylish!!
    and oh yes..i agree with Upasana here...no one is too old to be a Daddy/Mommy's girl :):):)

  7. I love yellow, love stripes , but what really got me was that amazing ring!
    I have a link-up on Wednesdays for gals like you who like to coordinate jewelry with their outfits. come and link up!

  8. KNow u r on a 30 for 30 challenge, but couldn't resist this, super sale at www.ozel.co.in shop with friends & get discounts upto 40%. Enjoy:)

  9. Looking fab and the trumpet necklace is too cute. I think I was like my dad but becoming more like my mom as I grow older:-)

  10. You look fabulous in yellow! Love the trumpet necklace and the cocktail ring. xxx

  11. The sunny yellow looks fabulous especially against your dark hair and skin. And the necklace is the prettiest touch. I'm both a daddy and mommy's girl;-)

  12. I love the yellow you're wearing!!! Especially love the shoes.

    I'm defintely still a daddy's girl, and I think I always will be, hehe.

  13. What fun colors!

    You sound like the perfect mix of your parents! I'm a travel-holic too! I already started looking through the public holidays here next year to see when we could go on vacations!

  14. I don't think we are ever to old to be a daddy's girl or a mummy's girl! I feel like I am a mix of both of my parents. Everyone says I have "daddy's brains and mummy's looks" - which I don't think is true (daddy is MUCH smarter and mummy is MUCH prettier!) but y'know, it's a compliment, so I'll take it :P


  15. i love your clutch...they're so in these days! i think i too shall forever remain my daddy's girl, despite our many differences of opinions :P

  16. well, yeh i think i'd say ' im daddys gurl' too- but yeh, i'm a weird combination of teh two of em..
    n the yellow is very good on ya!

  17. You look so good in yellow , honey! And you'll always be your daddy's girl no matter how old you are:)


  18. I love your sweater. The entire look is nice. I think you're never too old to be a daddy"s girl.
    Your parents have some great qualities that you've inherited. You are very blessed...

  19. bright colors for the first day! lookin good with the frst day of challenge! :) way to goo hun! <3 and goodluck!

    Taradiddles of a Style on a Budget

  20. love the bright yellow, I think you are always mommy or daddy's girl no longer how old you are and always look up to them for approval, support and all the other things
    especially true in our culture where family ties are so strong

  21. we are never too old to be daddy's or momma's girls!!!!!

    liking your luk today...... :))

  22. I love the clutch and that is a gorgeous yellow.

  23. Cool one girl.....the big book clutch & the trumpet necklace sure takes the cake!!! AND I'm one major Mamma's girl......sad or happy, excited or angry, giving or taking advice, it's Mom for me all the way......maybe that's bcoz Dad has been living away on work for most of my growing-up years....
    Anyways, waiting to see more of takes on your challenge! Keep rocking!! :)

  24. What a gorgeous clutch, i'm in love with it!
    You look great:)


  25. Love your big book clutch and necklace :) very stylish outfit!

  26. Simple yet highly effective look honey! Love that yellow!

    I love your list of traits. I too would have this reasoning. I have always been my father's daughter but as I get older, I see my mother in me... her laugh, her features... which is weird because I look so much like my father! And I get my height and personality from him! My love of politics and literature and science and boxing and rugby too! [he was a politician and a member of Mensa and was a boxer, he taught me how to box and fight!]
    ...BUT... I have inherited many traits from my mother... my fashion sense for sure... her ability and talent to make and create, her empathy and compassion (I hope!), her musical talent (my mum plays sitar and tabla, she also used to sing and was rather famous for her voice), her esoteric curiosity...

    I can't define my filial allegiance!! I'm going to be a conformist and sit on the fence! I may have been Dad's rajkumari but I was also my mother's ladli!

    ...you are SO funny... I seriously adore you... I completely know why you are the light of your parents eye... I would be damn PROUD to have you as my daughter.

    Dekh lo. Bana diya apne aap ko budhiya... :D

  27. Hello Tanvi... was waiting impatiently for this one... as usual u r looking gr8... :)

  28. i love the stripes (and, obviously, the yellow shoes...awesome)

  29. Love the bangles and that huge ring! The outfit is fun too!

  30. Woohoo! So happy that it's started! Love it and can't wait to see what else you come up with. That clutch is fantastic!

    Happy Wednesday! xoxo

  31. like the yellow dress
    while reading this post, just remembered Karina Kapoors song
    Papa Ki pari hoo mai.
    nice post

  32. Thanks for sharing this... love the sunshine stripes girl... and the clutch!

  33. Soooooo!! I love the new layout missy! looks very nice! thank you for still checking up on me from time to time! I love this outfit, ery sophisticated chic and the yellow really brings out your skin tone :)

    I think for the most part I will always be a daddy's girl but I am very grateful for the fact that me and my mother are just as close :)

    Lindsey Mak

  34. loooove the yellow!!! you know when i read your earlier post with the list, I kinda put this outfit together in my head ;) . weird coincidence! you accessorized it perfectly...

  35. Wonderful stripey sweater, Tanvi. It took me a while to discover it, but now I consider myself a total both-parents-girl.

  36. yay for day one! i'm totally like my dad more so than my mom. its good to count the positives you've inherited :)

  37. You are totally charming and fashionable! Can't wait for your 30 in 30, it has started off fabulously! XX!

  38. I love love love that necklace!! What a bright start to the challenge :)
    Good luck!

  39. Great start!! Your trumpet necklace is soo cute and the bag..droooooool!! And yellow is one my favorite colors..esp cuz it looks good on most Indian skin tones!!

  40. Yay! That is fantastic,sweetie
    I totally adore your stripy top and that cluch is stunning

    Ps: I’m hosting a sweet t-shirt and tote GIVEAWAY today, so please join in :)

  41. wow I love that ASOS ring. When I wear jewelry, giant rings are my favorite, but I don't have any quite like that. Awesome!!!!

  42. AMAZING post, I have never thought about this before, but at the end of the day I am definitely a mixture of my mom and dad :)


  43. Great outfit to celebrate the start of 30 for 30. I'm a mixture of both parents for sure -in looks and temperament.

  44. Ooooh me likey that adorable little trumpet and the clutch. As always the bursts of colour in your outfit remind me once again why I love your outfits so. :)

    You picked on your parents positives in such an adorable way....:)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  45. OMG what a happy yellow! being ur husband's girl is the best response now na?!

  46. Well hello adorable yellow ballet flats! They're such a welcome and unexpected burst of color!

  47. no wonder i was not getting your updates..i thought i was following you..but :(

    anyways problem solved..and did i i tell you theres something about these pictures and your smile that shouts "sunny side up "

  48. Mommy and Daddy are always the best! I just realized that one reason one should not get married earlier is to spend more time with them..traveling after the entire university phase gets over..it's just something that personally I have found hard to do how many ever times we plan..(though, it's good your mom comes to visit and you guys explore America.. :-) )

    love the yellow. SO HAPPY!!

    I really like the royal blue sweater and the way you dressed it up with the belt and all..just something I would see in a magazine..and you pull if off with ZEST!!

    Excited to see more photos of the 30/30!

  49. Am a daddy's girl I guess. I'm like him in looks & personality, good traits & bad.

    BTW, where'd you get the bangles? Are they silk thread ones?

  50. you use Picasa don't you?
    Love the yellow!

  51. this is one of my favorite looks...the stripes, black/yellow combo and Hello bag! Love it

  52. you are hubby's girl now <3

    love the way your black ciggy jeans fit you

    i'm a total mom's girl :D

  53. Who so ever is your favourite YOU are my sweet-heart.I am proud to have you what you are.
    Loving the yellow.Bag is my favourite.
    Get going.


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