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The Husband Series - Behind the Scenes

After the feedback on this post I relentlessly nagged my husband to "Please write a post for the blog!" He finally gave in and decided to narrate his version of what goes around behind the lens. For everyone who doesn't know him, he is very funny and is always cracking me up. He gets along with everyone famously, in fact my own friends prefer him over me. He is very patient with me, 'coz I get tired sometimes if we are not getting any good shots but he is always ready to keep clicking! He treats me like a queen and spoils me rotten. I've got a catch and I know it! [Phew! That's enough praising for one day! :PPassing on the torch to him...

First of all my big Hola to all the peeps of the Fabulous world and a big THANKS to all you Fabulous people who have appreciated my photography, although the camera and the model herself gets 90% of the job done. I am here to give you a sneak peak from behind the scenes. Although there is nothing that you guys don’t already know 'coz Mrs. Fabulous is the great expressionista and has pretty much told you about everything that transpires in our sweet little world. Still here is my take on what happens in the making of this Fabulous Blog. Here are a couple of sample situations that you may witness if you were invisibly there with us and could somehow manage to mind read :P
Scene 1
A usual weekend. 
We are about to go for a movie, which starts in 15 minutes.

Tanvi – Shall we take some pictures before we leave ?
[Ashish *thinking* – Really? Now??..but we have only 15 minutes left for crying out loud and then there’s that line for the popcorn. ]
Ashish – Do you wanna take pictures after the movie ?

Tanvi – No then my hair will all look weird (meaning you better do it now)
[Ashish *thinking* – O.o..let’s play a different angle]
Ashish – May be we can take some (quick) pictures in front of our apartment. I really like this setting.

Tanvi – No this setting is so boring (meaning I know all your angles Mister)
[Ashish *thinking* – Let’s try this one more time...]
Ashish – But we have only 15 minutes before the movie starts

Tanvi (all sad) – Ok then lets forget about clicking the pictures all together
Ashish (all melted) – Forget the movie..let’s do the photoshoot

... And Tanvi smiles again. We hunt for a decent pictures and obviously we also make it to the movie on time.

Moral of the story – 
In Vegas the house always wins. But at house, 'the wife' always wins ;-)

Scene 2
One day at the Mall. 
*Imagine Tanvi as a little kid who has just arrived in Disney World*

Tanvi - How does this look?
Ashish – Very nice.

Tanvi – But I don’t need it.
Ashish – But you don’t have this color.

Tanvi - But I have lots of clothes / shoes.
Ashish – True..but I think it is really good.

Tanvi – Really ??
Ashish – Yup..It’s looking so good on you. Why don’t you try it on and I will click a picture with the phone and show it to you how you look.

[The lady working in the store gives me that stare – Dude you are stealing all my lines]

Tanvi – Hmm...ok let me think about it some more.
Ashish - What’s there to think about it. Let’s just buy it. In fact I think it will be a crime not to buy this at this price.

Tanvi – O.K. (wide grin… :D :D)
[Ashish *thinking* – Those double dees (grin) made it totally worth every penny]

Moral of the story – 
Little things in life can surely buy happiness if you put your Mastercard to good use :P

My reason of showcasing these situations (apart from showing you that I am not that goody too shoes) is that these are not just one of a mill instances but our day to day happenings. So as you may see the blogging has become an essential part of our lives because the blog is kind of an inspiration for us to try new different things. For example, we go look for different locales, we go out shopping, we dress and go for dinners and lunches…and so on. Since we are away from family in a Far Far Away Land, I am actually impressed and very glad that Mrs. Fab has found this medium to let her creativity and expressiveness flow. She is like a river which yearns to find her course and in the process makes everything that she touches beautiful. Also, she has made so many friends in you guys that it is very impressive. I am also amazed by the kind of camaraderie that all you peeps share and motivate each other.

So before I sign off, I the Blogger’s husband take this moment to salute all you Fabulous Bloggers out there. Hope you girls will keep blogging and keep us (husbands/fiancĂ©e/partners) in business as your part time photographers. So long!

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  1. Dr R... you are just too TOO fabulous!

    "She is like a river which yearns to find her course and in the process makes everything that she touches beautiful."

    Altogether now... sighhhh...

    You two are perfectly matched. Wit, smarts, flair, hotness, general fabulosity.

  2. Awww that's the most adorable post EVER!! You two are simply fabulous.

  3. Haha I loved reading the two different scenarios, you two are such cuties xx

  4. Hehe, I loved this. Mr Fab definitely sounds really cool, and looks like he loves dishing out compliments!
    I loved reading this!!

  5. its soo cute :D

    nice pics... keep clicking

  6. wow, now you seriously made me consider making my husband write a post about behind the scenes of my blog!!

  7. The post just made me awwww so much! :) Damn cute :D

  8. fabulous dialoguess !

    you're sooo cute :D

  9. Great post, Hubs! Loved reading this, you two sound like you were made for one another. xxx

  10. Hilarious! And the comedy comes from its truth.

    I agree that serous blogging changes your life. You shop differently, you dress differently, and you make new friends. Blogging has changed my whole outlook.

    Great post!

  11. Awwwwwww.......that piece of Husbandspeak was rocking!!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ashish for clicking such nice pictures that we all enjoy & also for encouraging our "friend" (Tanvii) to do what she loves doing & what we all love her for doing too!!! :)) (Phew! Was that too long & confusing?)
    Anyways, may you too have many more such cute instances happening in your everyday lives.......all my love to you....keep rocking guys!! :D

  12. LOVE this! How cool, thank you Ashish for taking such amazing photos of your gorgeous wife (who is also one of the sweetest ladies in blogland!). I am going to show this to Mr. Deer! XX!

  13. Oh My! I loved reading this :) :)

  14. I totally second what Dusk says! You two are fabulous.

  15. Oh I LOVE this post, especially the morals of the story part :)

    You are right Tanvi, your hubby is so cute and he is so in love with you, LUCKY girl!!! :)


  16. firstly, unrelated, but thanks for your sweet comments on my blog Tanvi.
    Secondly... This is wayy adorable. Like Dusk says, you are both fabulous. :D

  17. more power to mr. and mrs. fab! :)

  18. This is hilarious! And soooo sweet! You two really seem like the perfect couple :)


  19. awwww tanvi! that was the sweetest post ever :) You guys ARE mr and mrs fab..:)

  20. ehat a cute post! i've never had a photographer but think i prefer to do my own photoshoots. still it's really something to think about...probably when i do have a serious fiancee/husband/live in bf he will help out every once in a while. I love reading this. Thanks for sharing! also, really lovin' outfit 10!!! xx

  21. Aww..cute post!! My bf guest blogged on my blog a couple times too!! Men are so adorable aren't they?? Blogging for us and everything..hehehe!! :P

  22. Great stories and fun outfits! #7 is my fave.

  23. Fab post and so well-written too. If the Blogger husbands do set up their own blogs they will be so worth reading. These scenarios sounded so familiar- I'm sure my hubby would feel that way too!

  24. Jemina's comment -- copy and paste! :)

    I'm glad I met both of you in person! I repeat, Ashish is a good old Saggi! ;) And you, my dear, are a wonderful girl who deserves the love! :)

  25. Funny stories and pretty cool to hear his side!

  26. Haha! Such a cute post! I think most of us bloggers can relate! My hubs takes pics for my blog too,,,and he usually wants to wait until AFTER we eat, but by then my hair an make-up isn't quite so "spot-on."
    Anyway, thank you to all the bfs anh hubbies out there!!

  27. Ashish is soo adorable!! You guys are the cutest, adorable, sweetest couple I know!!

  28. so sweet!!!! scene 1 made me laugh out loud!!! "ok, forget the movie, let's do the photoshoot!" :D

    ashish, you have done such am amazing job with the pictures!!!

  29. ashish & tanvi>...great exhibition of talent & beauty!!..the most happening couple you are!!!

  30. Hilarious husband! me likes! and a big hi to him from here. Also as always * touch wood * to you guys! Keep being just as fab as you are :)

  31. ROLF!!! Mr. Fabulous is a riot! So funny and the whole mall situation is just too cute! :)) Every stylista needs a kind and considerate husband like this!

  32. aaaaasheeeeeessssh...ur amazing! Haha..loved the post and soooo can imagine the entire scene. you can really start a men's blog- The Man's True Voice or Eye Voice (as a photoblog!) :-p

    But you know much as Tanvi is AWESOME (and we can go on and on about praising her na?) you are the best half for her by being a superb photographer...I just soo enjoy the photographs that I can't get enough of them...You have the basicallly when you are bored of Dr. giri, you know what your other calling is!!

    Can't wait to see you!!

    (Oh and tanvi, i' sure you clicked his photograph...and he looks like a Rockstar Babu ;-) )

  33. your husband is a sweetheart...
    absolutely fab to encourage u this much..
    u should see my husband go all frowny when i ask him to click...
    so he's a treasure...
    n a witty treasure at that...
    god bless u both...

    n a few days away from the blogging world n i miss so much action happening here on the fabulous life...
    you look super glam in all you wear tanvi..i mean, the 8,9,10...
    n the rest of them all...
    makes us proud to know a woman like thou, my sweet lady:-)

    wish u both a lifetime of happiness:-)

  34. Your husband is a sweetheart! You guys are a cute couple that are a perfect combo. Balance is what makes it perfect. Thanks hubby for sharing;)

  35. Nothing on earth would I miss commenting on JIJU no. 1 POST. Foll
    owing conclusions were made after reading this post.
    a. Cute
    b. Cuter
    c Cutest
    Conclusion results in :
    Both of you are just adorable and I really enjoy the seen part.I even visualize it while reading ...ha ha
    I have partial my fanship for jiju so nw its 65%-35% fanship, sorry dee ;)

  36. Perfect combo.Couple made for each other.
    Great pics!
    Perfect Model!!
    Best Shots from Photographer!!!!
    Admire Ashish's PATIENCE!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoyed reading every word of d Blog.
    Bless you both.

  37. --awww Ashish you are so adorable!!


    lol @ "Little things in life can surely buy happiness if you put your Mastercard to good use :P"

    hahahahahhahaha , Indeeeeeeeeeeed!

    loved the post :D adorable couple

  38. this is such a nice and cute and funny post

  39. Ashish,

    Very well written !!!!

    CAMERA does only 10% of job. Choosing the shot is the key....and you do a great job.

    Moral of the first story – Wife is always right. ( house, outside house, mentally, emotionally..everywhere, every time)....several years of married life experience. Also the implication is :- Don't discuss with wife, just do what she says :))))

    Dude, good job :)))

  40. Awww! Thats the cutest post ever!
    You're a lucky lucky woman!


  41. i just read this..ur husband is SO SWEET..hes the best catch ever ! *touchwood* and great outfits & photography by the way ! :D


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