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Fact or Fat?

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This is genuine. I have bruises to prove I almost fell! Things my husband makes me do! 
 Bangs - Specially for you Tamanna ;) 
 Belt - Thrifted [J Crew 10']; Necklace - Gift [Mother-in-law 10']
Wearing (17), (22) and (25) from My Picks: 30 for 30

We are quite on a roll here, aren't we? Getting back to the hectic cycle of consecutive posts! Oh well! Its all in the name of 30 for 30! Today, I went to see my friend and her daughters [you guys remember Ili, don't you?]. I hadn't seen her since our Bowling weekend back in September! So she called me yesterday. She, as in Ili, who is a 2 year old kid. "How did she call you?, you say. I am glad you asked. This is what happened - She found her mother's phone and went up to her and said, "Mom, call Tambi!". So I received a call from her the day before and I went to see the very next day. How could I resist? Have I mentioned how easy it is to gain my affection? It is THIS easy! I can move mountains for Ili now. My cute little princess! :)

In other news, I am FAT! No ... No ... Don't roll your eyes. I have excess fat and hence I am FAT! And as far as logic goes - This is a fact! Hence, I am right! 

Me - I am fat!
Husband - No, you are not!
Me - Yes! I am! I look FAT in these jeans. 
Husband - You are wearing them, right? 
Me - Yes! [*in.my.head* Duhh!]
Husband - You had no trouble getting them up?
Me - Err... No! 
Husband - Hence, you are NOT fat!
Me - You don't know anything. I am FAT![*in.my.head* Darn! As far as logic goes - This is a fact too! But does that make him right?] 

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  1. good going Tanvi :):)...so refreshing to see a new (short and sweet) post from you everyday!
    btw, you look fab and not fat!!

  2. I'm with Dr R. Tis fiction!! You look HOT!
    ...but... I do understand... it's a woman thing. And it's psychological. Have you been to Bikram lately?

    Honey... you look really.. space warrior or forest warrior princess!! The 3rd image... where's your bow and arrow and laser gun??? I LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. like the top!!! Whatever he makes you do, the photographs look nice and FUN!!!

    like the eye make up and hair too...

  4. Hahaha! Haven't we all been through that I'm fat drill? :)
    Great styling!


  5. I am quite happy about the regular posts :)
    the bangs and outfit both look good
    and you are definitely not fat,tell your head to have a look in the mirror "you look great"
    And husbands are logical like that :)

  6. Healthy and happy ,thats how you look ! Very stylish !Bangs look good on you.

  7. Love the futuristic shape of that top and the way you've belted it makes it fantastically stylish.
    We all feel like that, it's those pesky hormones. I'm wearing a uk8, it fits but I still feel like a prize heiffer and whatever anyone says won't help.
    Hope hubby pulled you from that bush like a true gent. xxx

  8. No, you don't look fat at all..Tambi :)!!!i like your top very much..

  9. You look fabulous doll, love the ruching on your top and the colour combo of the entire outfit.
    I love that 1st shot! lol!

  10. Love the colour combo ::) and it's so great to seeback to back posts ;)

  11. you look fit! not fat! But then whatever facts you've seen, get the Yoga going! As for the clothes I love the brightness with the colours yellow/orange :)

  12. you look very sweet and chic - haha that's the sort of thing i say to my parents and they think im crazy! x


  13. you look your usual super sexy and lovely human being..now tats a new term..tanvi is a wonderful and sexy human being :)

  14. I totally support your husband's logic and you do look lovely in these jeans! The first picture is just too good (sorry for the bruises though).

  15. Woo hoo to back to back posts, I really missed them...I also miss your movie reviews, for the past few months I have been taking your reviews very seriously and skipping the ones you dissed :)I have never regretted making that choice!

    Love the sleeves on the top..very very chic. The colours on this outfit are fab too and such a departure from the bright colours of yesterday! The first pic is tooo cute!

  16. Girl.... NO YOU RE NOT FAT AT ALL!!!! :D
    Thank you for joining the Ex-Presso / Blog couture giveaway! I hope you'll win! ;)


  17. nice outfit hun! and i must disagree. you're not fat at all. infact you look gorgeous with that jeans!

    Taradiddles of A style on a budget

  18. If you are anything, that is adorable milady. And I am sure you and you husband will agree on this one. :D

    I love your bangs!

  19. Hi, the first picture is really coool...all credit to your husband :)...Btw, I really loved the "I'm FAT" conversation and I must admit that it was a dejavu for me as if me and my wife are speaking :)
    Take Care, cheers!!

  20. U always mix the right colors.......and such pretty sleeves too!! And by the way u do look PHAT to me(No, that's not a spelling error....it means "Pretty Hot And Tempting")!!! And THAT is a fact! :))

  21. The sleeves on this top are amazing!! Don't you just love how basic shirts are getting a little more exciting lately? I'm sure this will be a frequent appearer in the challenge. And of course, I'm in love with those laced up boots! - Katy

  22. liking ur bangs!!!!.....and the necklace!!!
    i dont think your fat

  23. I don't think you look fat at all! Your husband always cracks me up :P


  24. I like the conversation between you and your husband. He is right..husbands are always right.

  25. nice boots!

    'fat' never has crossed my mind when seeing lovely pictures of you! you are not fat.

  26. Where is the "fat"! I'm insulted because if you are fat I'm huge. By the way YOU LOOK GREAT!

  27. I refuse to listen to my hubs when he tells me I'm not large and in charge too. So silly are we. Love that necklace!

  28. Love ur bangs and in the last pic, u look extra cute and adorable:-) hmmm, about fact and fat, I think you are the best judge and you have to listen to what your body says:-)

  29. Thank God for fabulous hubby's right? Nothing like some man logic to snap us back to reality :) you look absolutely gorgeous
    xox tash

  30. Brilliant first pic! I love the pose.

    Also, you're not fat. Your husband has good logic.

  31. You look skinny in those skinny jeans AND I love your grey top!!!

  32. Great going- I love the grey and blue combo. And for the record you are not FAT!

  33. A. NOT FAT!

    B. In love with those boots!

    C. I really like you bangs here!

  34. Definitely not fat! That is a great top! Aww and my husband laughs when I have accidents!

  35. Awesome outfit! Love the grey and coral combo.

  36. tambi...LOL! it's so funny when kids mess up names. love your top. the sleeves are so cool.

  37. not at all fat! agree with the hubby... and the top and the boots are so fashionably in sync:) it has a ruggedy yet feminine touch. lobs it!

  38. You are NOT fat!! You are adorable and I'm envious of your trim figure. :)

    I love this outfit, especially that amazing orange necklace. So cute! xo

  39. Nice pose #1. Come on, you and fat ... I like your top. Keep those daily posts coming.

  40. You are not fat, but I recognize the feeling. Sounds like your husband's got all the right answers perfectly lined up! What a guy.I do hope that you don't hate these jeans every time you put them on, considering they are 1/30th of your wardrobe for the next month!

    xoxo, Ashley

  41. Haha. Funny post! I love the first picture; I believe it is genuine, but it works!


  42. What are you talking about? You're not fat! Love the bangs and those boots are hot! You're hot!!:-)

  43. oh my dear - im not even going to comment on the fat part....i'd kill to be your size!!! :)

  44. The bangs look superhot :]
    I loveeee the sleeves of your top.
    And if you think you're fat, we should call ourselves, hippos :P

    Have a faaaaaaabulous day :]


  45. Tanvi you look so great! You are WAYYYYYYY far from fat love!! and you bangs are so perfect!!
    xoxo M

  46. haa, i likey ya hubbyz logic :D haa, n well show us the bruises without any concealer de next time around ;) maybe do a bruise-cruise-fashion-themed-shoot :)

  47. hahah Tambi !! bangs look awesome on you.

    I totally know what feling-fat-in-jeans-that-fit means! Men cannot understand that..it's a woman thing. Sigh!
    Loving the necklace n belt's color combination with this top, stands out! :)

  48. HA! First shot is priceless. Love the shirt. It feels kind of Gaga. But in a good way.

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  49. Beautiful! Love the top. And you, my dear, are by no means fat. But I've been there when I put on jeans every now and again. You, however, look amazing :)

  50. Pose 1 totally natural.Back pat to the photographer!!
    Belt n neckless adding color to the stylish top.
    BTW you hav gud collection of stockins and accesaries which r used apropriately.
    Last pic is sweet.

  51. Lol the convo between you and your husband

    Check out my blog...


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