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Where am I? - "Don't ask!"
Also, excuse my wrinkled shirt! 
Belt - Express [07']
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I think I am a transparent person. I am incapable of pretending to like things (or people) I don't. My logic is, why complicate life? Just be yourself and let everyone like (or not!) the 'real' you! 

Right till our mid 20's, we all suffer from the disease of gaining the 'world's approval' and have an uncontrollable need to be liked by everyone or please everyone. Today, I can safely say, that I am quite ahead on my path where it doesn't bother me that someone doesn't like me. It is impossible to be liked by one and all, so why even set yourself up for disappointment? I am comfortable in my skin. I am enjoying my life's journey of constant learning and making amends. I am not afraid to voice my opinions but then I am not ashamed to say that they change as I grow older [wiser?!?] either ... So its okay if you do not like me or agree with me, I respect your opinion. And I know, thanks to the wisdom [!] gained, that it is, in fact too much to expect the same in return!

Here are the kind of people I don't like - 
People who ask: How much do you earn? Which hotel did you stay at? How much did you buy this for? etc. People who never let you have a word in the conversation. People who pretend to be goodie two shoes, while their heart is filled with malice. People who take credit for your hard work. People who feel better about themselves by criticizing you. People who never offer to spilt the bill [Never!]. Oh! and people who check my blog daily and pretend they had never heard of it [:P]! 

Would you like to add something to my list?

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  1. love the the last para...i feel pretty much the same about ppl who r goodie 2 shoes.

    oh and ya...i give u 30/30 on this 4/10 post..!

  2. Your shirt is adorable and sweet. I love that you are comfortable in your skin. I am with you on hating people who take credit for your hard work, and people who check my blog daily and pretend they have never heard of it. You've got such a great list. I hate people that try to rub things in my face!

  3. 4/30 is by far my most favouritessseestttetstttestttt!

    i totally agree with you. WHY COMPLICATE LIFE by pretending to be someone you are not! life is full of complications anyway.

    i prefer simplicity and honesty too.

    i can't stand show offs. those naya naya paisa types. the moment someone's arrogant about their money or looks.. they lose all their beauty that very seconds.

  4. I'm liking the no kanal look, very fresh and young!

  5. The shirt look is so effortless chic! :)
    I agree with your hate-list. i could add a couple of more things but I'll save that for sometime else ;)

  6. Hello pretty girl! I excuse you for the wrinkly skirt, firstly because I didn't notice the wrinkles and secondly because I hate ironing :P This is a very pretty look and I love your hair here too!

    I agree with everything on your list of people who I could live without. And oh people who check your blog and pretend they hadn't heard of it! Grr, it drives me crazy!


  7. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and loved it (hehe, couldn't control myself!!!)

    I really love that blue top you're wearing. Casual and chic.

    Also, I needed to hear (read) your wisdom. I have the samew problem about needing to be liked by everyone and it has caused me a lot of trouble.

    Finally, your list is very true. I hate people who criticise others who feel better about themselves!

  8. How hot do you look? Your legs look amazing in those jeans and I adore the colour of that top against your fabulous raven locks.
    You're totally right, when we're younger we strive for approval but once you learn to know and love yourself you can relax and accept that not everyone will warm to you.
    I hate negative people, those who always make a dig at others and brood on the bad things. Get a life, folks! xxx

  9. Trying to gain approval from otehr is disease. Well, I've just turned twenty and I'm trying to shrug this disease off. Guess I have a few things to learn from you :]
    You look lovely, btw!


  10. Love this look. You look great in a skinny belt. I like the navy and black combo... a lot of people are afraid of the blue/black look. You nailed it.

  11. I totally agree with your thoughts on gaining the world's approval until your mid-20s. The older i get the less I care what others think. I dress for myself (and occasionally my husband) now! Also, you look great in this outfit. So sleek and streamlined.

  12. Black and blue is one of my favorite combinations. Very chic!

  13. just love this combination :) and your belt too...well u rock !

  14. You have quite a bit of wisdom for someone so young! I admire that.

    And I love your sense of style. Very smart fashion-choices. And they look fabulous on you.

  15. I LOVE black and blue, and you look FAB girl!!!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend


  16. :) Yeah, Even I am So very OK if anyone doesnt like me. I mean, it is even logically impossible that everyone likes you, so then why even try doing that, right?! Just trying to be what other people want you to be.. not worth the effort (and disappointment!!)

    PS: Love your outfit!! you look great as always :)

  17. it sounds likes you're having a bad day, but joke's on them because you look fabulous!

  18. Ooooooohhhh!!!!! What a lovely shirt (wrinkles excused! :P) Your candid poses come out sooooo well!! :)

  19. I love this entire look. You look so pretty! Blue looks nice on your skin tone.
    I like you an I'm happy you like me;). Have a great day.

  20. LOL on your last line there. Nice outfit. I love that sapphire blue.

  21. I lovelovelovelovelove the color!!!

  22. You look very cute - and I think it's great that you don't pretend to like things or people you don't, a lot of people are guilty of that. OMG I HATE when people ask me how much something cost, I don't understand why they even need to know!

  23. People who don't respect other people's time and come late.....

  24. I love the color of your shirt!! And you looking pretty :) And I so agree with you - it's impossible to please everybody so one should not waste time and just concentrate on being their own self. And I also hate people asking me how much something costs and people who are so good to me on my face and then bitch about me behind my back! I can't tolerate hypocrites!!

  25. You look sooo cute with bangs cut?? Looks adorable!! Lol why would people pretend like they haven't heard of your blog if they read it every day..that's so weird..I don't get it!!! :S:S:S Asking people how much they earn is just plain inappropriate..I don' t know why many Indians, especially from our parents generation, do's just very rude!!

  26. Black and blue are so gorg together and I love how you belted that skirt!

  27. i love that top, so unique!

  28. First of all, you had me at navy with white accents. Lovely! Second, I have to say that hard as I try to not let people get to me, sometimes I get bothered when it's apparent that someone doesn't like me. Hopefully, as you say, this will subside with age.

  29. Like the combo dear!

    I'll add People who gave obviously fake compliments in a derisive tone. Just don't say anything or refine your acting!
    People who don't offer to hold the door or don't say anything when you hold the door, people who shove into you and say nothing. I've collected a lot of these after living in good 'ol London, Singapore, and of course NYC.

  30. Great combo.
    I never knew this sapphire can bring fire with black.
    Very-very Smart look!
    Love you more.

  31. hey...
    i love this look
    u look like a teenage girl
    there is so much innocence n simplicity in the facial expressions...
    n black n blue are both your colours:-)
    the first pic is a classic:-)

  32. :)) would totally copy this look... looking fab!

  33. I dont like hypocrites and mean people!! The shirt is really cute and so loving ur bangs.

  34. People who *always* think they're right. People who judge me on my clothes i.e. if I am in Indian I'm probably a behenji. People who try so hard to impress others and sound profound. haha many categories! :D

  35. Very cute outfit, but I really love this post because of your comments on being yourself, and the type of people you dislike.

    I would agree with those and add I don't like people who are mean to animals, and people who never take responsibility for their own actions.

  36. I always leave your blog til last... the best, it's my 'dessert'!... and that's a mistake!

    It's 2am here! But everything you say always just resonates with a big bang! and I want to answer but I'm sleeptyping :(

    Gosh you are gorgeous honey. Love this look.

    I will be back tomorrow. I will be dedicating all my blog time to reading your eloquent and articulate and funny and witty and evovative and resonant posts.

    You are not transparent. You are translucent. We can see exactly who you are but we can also see the myriad facets that make up your fabulous self. Like a diamond. Brilliant, beautiful, bold and strong.

  37. om my god! I could just add to those list of questions that I HATE! and go on and on and on and on..

    "how much did you buy that for?"MY PET PEEVE

    and don't you hate people who LIE, LIE and LIE some more...who USE YOU...who manipulate situations to their convenience...

    okay i think i'll stop before i get whiney :-p

    the SHIRT- VA VA VOOM! I can so imagine you as a fashion stylist for Vogue and rolling out the September Issue with this one!

  38. This is a very nice outfit. I like the electric blue and black together.


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