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Strike it off!


This is the easiest tag ever. Long, but easy! I saw this on the web and tagged myself 'coz I found it interesting. Simply need to strike out the things I have not done so far.

  1. Graduated high school.
  2. Kissed someone.
  3. Smoked a cigarette.
  4. Got so drunk you passed out.
  5. Rode every ride at an amusement park. 
  6. Collected something stupid.
  7. Gone to a rock concert.
  8. Helped someone.
  9. Gone fishing. 
  10. Watched four movies in one night. (I have watched FIVE)
  11. Lied to someone.
  12. Snorted cocaine.
  13. Smoked weed. ✓ 2013
  14. Failed a subject.
  15. Been in a car accident.
  16. Been in a tornado.
  17. Watched someone die.
  18. Been to a funeral.
  19. Burned yourself.
  20. Run a marathon. (5K Counts?)
  21. Cried yourself to sleep.
  22. Spent over 10,000 bucks in one day.
  23. Flown an aeroplane.
  24. Cheated on someone.
  25. Been cheated on. 
  26. Written a 10 page letter. 
  27. Gone skiing.
  28. Been sailing. 
  29. Cut yourself.
  30. Had a best friend.
  31. Lost someone you loved.
  32. Got into trouble for something you didn’t do.
  33. Stolen a book from the library.
  34. Gone to a different country. 
  35. Watched the Harry Potter movies.
  36. Had an online diary.
  37. Fired a gun.
  38. Gambled in a casino.
  39. Been in a school play.
  40. Been fired from a job.
  41. Taken a lie detector test.
  42. Swam with dolphins.
  43. Voted for someone on a reality TV show.
  44. Written poetry.
  45. Read more than 20 books a year.
  46. Gone to Europe.
  47. Loved someone you shouldn’t have.
  48. Used a colouring book over age 12.
  49. Had a surgery.
  50. Had stitches.
  51. Taken a Taxi.
  52. Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once.
  53. Been in a fist fight.
  54. Suffered any form of abuse.
  55. Had a pet. (Will never have one either)
  56. Petted a wild animal.
  57. Had your own credit card & bought something with it.
  58. Dyed your hair.
  59. Got a tattoo.
  60. Had something pierced.
  61. Got straight A’s.
  62. Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS.
  63. Taken pictures with a webcam.
  64. Lost something expensive.
  65. Gone to sleep with music on.

Phew! This was longggggggg, indeed! I tag everyone who wants to be tagged [Cheeky huh?]



  1. ooh this is a fun tag. Some I never did, some things never wanted to...but all in all fun to reflect. Swim with dolphins should be delightful :) (on the list now)

  2. You have never flown in an airplane?! How did you get to Texas, by boat? :P

    This was fun. I learned quite a few things about you ;)


  3. You never flown in an plane?? How did u get to US?

  4. I've never slept with music on. Neat list.

  5. Indeed, a big list!!
    Very few crosses :-), Good going.

  6. That was a fun post! You've written a 10 page letter? Wow!

  7. I don't dare answer that, there's some hilarious thing on that post.
    I wonder if my life would improve if I read Harry Potter? Maybe I should give it a go. xxx

  8. love your post!!! you are so FUN and CREATIVE my dear, happy 10 10 10


  9. This is such a fun tag and I enjoyed seeing all the things you haven't done! Some of them I hope you NEVER do (i.e. cocaine) LOL! I might actually have to copy this from you. ;)

  10. Huge list. Now where is my pics! I néed to see what you have on

  11. Ooh that is a fun tag. Wow and 5 movies in 1 night! Well I've seen multiple episodes of Lost and the Wire in 1 day - almost the same right?

  12. fun fun tag, so i went ahead did this one!!!

  13. I enjoyed reading your list and how playful it is too. Have a nice Sunday and a happy week;-)

  14. that was fun. :)

    why won't you have a pet?

  15. Fun! I think you need to go to a rock concert. I've only been once. but it was fun to say I had.
    And good luck on the marathon! I'm going to do that someday!!!!!

  16. oh, and my new blog... Hope you stop by. :)

  17. I haven't gotten that far yet. lol I am working on Bloglovin. I think it will be the best way to go...
    Anyways, I'll let you know when I figure it all out.

  18. This was so fun! I want to do it too. Something good to do on a day stuck indoors in between all the cooking :)

    Thanks for the get well wishes for J. Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday, sweetie! xoxo

  19. Good luck with your list -- it's so much fun to cross those things off!

  20. Wow, looks like you accomplished a lot of these items!!! I hope you never smoke weed or snort cocaine though...

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  21. Had a (Will never have one either) ...ditto !
    Collected something stupid. m curious.what ?? i collect nail paint bottles.tiny cute bottles.i even have first bottle which i had bought in grade 7.

  22. I love this!! So much fun..did a mental tick off for myself and I was surprised at what all I have done..but I kinda don't regret not doing what I haven't! :-p (like been fired from a job!!)

  23. Hey Tanvi..
    You’ve watched FIVE movies in one night???????????
    And here people look at us with raised eyebrows when we tell them we watched just two, back to back:/

    U have failed a subject too, eh? Kaun sa hain bechara woh subject?
    If you are anything like me, I bet it would be maths!
    And you write poetry too...
    Post them here too madam ji:-)

    And how can you possibly not go to a rock concert after being so ROCKING yourself?:-)


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