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Movie Review - Devil & Life as we know it

If you do not know this already, then here it is again - We (= husband & me) always watch TWO movies. If-we-are-at-the-cinemas-then-might-as-well is our theory. I have to hit the bed so we shall keep the reviews short, shall we? First, lets begin with the supernatural thriller - Devil ...

Oh Lord! M Night Shyamalan finally gets it right with Devil, after what is it? ...  a decade? 

Devil is a story about good and evil. The story revolve around five strangers who enter an elevator in a high rise building in Philadelphia. The elevator gets stuck for whatever reason and then one after another the 'strangers' start popping dead! But how? who is doing it? That's the suspense. The movie successfully keeps you on the edge of your seat ... 

Bottom-line : It is definitely worth a watch! 

Now, Life as we know it

It is your usual run-of-the-mill rom-com. If you have seen the trailer then you know the story. There are no surprises [duh! it isn't a suspense thriller, now is it? ]. Josh Duhamel & Katherine Heigl have a certain chemistry going on. They both seem to have great comic timing. The story moves at a fast pace, you end up laughing a lot and are relatively entertained by the end of it! (what else would you really want from a movie? They clearly are not about to cure cancer! Entertainment is plenty enough!).

Bottom-line: It is entertaining and worth your time (if you have no party to go to!)

And this is how I dressed to go for the movies! 
Dress - Promod [Delhi 10']; Blazer & Belt - UO [09' - 10']
Shoes - Aldo [10']
Necklace - Wish [Austin, 07']

P.S. I got a haircut today, did you notice? 
No? tch.tch. Such poor observation! :P
My last haircut was on July 16th 2010


  1. What an interesting touch with the belt. Love the look. The haircut is subtle yet so refreshing :O

  2. I am loving this ensemble...gray being one of my fave colors, and the delish pops of yellow!

    I am in such dire need of a hair cut, hoping to next week. I love your hair!

  3. Cute! Will have to check out those movies. I like how you tied your belt...

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  4. Love the textured dress :)) The pops of yellow though are the best part. I really want to watch Devil good to know Shyamalan is finally back on track :)

  5. hey D YELLOW adds life in grey outfit...I remember u wearn yellow slipons with grey romper way back..i hv become a great fan of yellow this year....well waiting for LIFE AS WE KNOW IT to come to delhi soon... hv a great weekend..xoxo

  6. yup I noticed the bangs :) looking good, I always like yellow and grey combo

  7. Devil sounds like such a great movie!!
    And love your outfit. The yellow looks so cute and the blazer is amazing.

    And your hair looks so beautiful. The cut really suits you.

  8. Love the new hair and your ruffled skirt!

    And such a coincidence that I just saw the previews to both shows you watched:)


  9. Love the new haircut, I noticed it immediately. You look very sophisticated, my dear! xxx

  10. Yup, that's what we used to do too, before the baby that is...our last two-fer was the night before I went into labor!!


    Now we go and watch kiddy movies as a family. BTW, if you haven't seen "up" I would highly recommend it!

  11. oh i forgot....can i steal that entire outfit please?

  12. I was just going to say that I really really like your new hairstyle. :)

    Also love the touches of yellow in the outfit and that skirt is so unique. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  13. Nice pics! And the haircut was very much noticeable. Its suiting you a lot :)

  14. I love the surprise element of the backside of the skirt! The yellow is also a surprise combo. Finally, the haircut is also a surprise!! Very cute look! Nice reviews. Have a ball.
    Meetu D

  15. Your bangs look AWESOME! Sexy! I love your haircut. It really suits you. And I also love how you put a jacket over this simple little dress. The flats are perfect with it.

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  16. I did notice Tanvi!! I looked at the pic and thought to myself that her hair looks really good and different. Love the hint of sunshine in the outfit!

  17. You indeed are a movie buff :), and you are right Shyamalan got it right after a
    You hair-cut looks nice and the yellow footwears are eye-catching. Have a nice weekend, Enjoy!!

  18. I love your new haircut! I have never seen any M Night Shyamalan movies so maybe I should check that one out :)


  19. You look so good. SO good! The photos are just looking amazing now... poor Mr R... yes his skills are fab (photographic and pose tip wise) but he must sweat a little taking these photos... you're looking DAMN sexy sugar!!
    ...that 'over the shoulder' pose? Classic bombshell pose!

    'devil' huh? Havane't even heard of it! and hahahaha! to this;
    "Oh Lord! M Night Shyamalan finally gets it right with Devil, after what is it? ... a decade?"!!

    So true... although I loved 'Unbreakable'.

  20. I love that the back of the dress is different!
    When I was in High School I made a skirt out of the same pattern on material, just different colors. One side was orange with pink flowers, the other was green with yellow flowers. It was so bright. I'd wear it all the time. My boy at the time loved it! lol

  21. Love the second shot the most hon...and I already told you I love the new hairdo. Bangs suit you much more than no bangs :) And grey/black and white and yellow is my favourite combo...You look fabulous!

    Haven't watched any movie after TSN but liked it so much that I don't mind going again! :)

  22. You look beautiful!!!! I love everything you have on and I love you hair! Thanks for all the positive energy I get when I visit your blog! Keep up the good work.

  23. Cute outfit!Love the Yellow touch :)
    Visit me: :)

  24. Love your hair! So swingy and shiny! Thanks for the review, I totally trust your opinion, Tanvi! XX!

  25. i LOVE your bangs!!! great cut :) also, your eye makeup looks fantastic, too! :)

  26. Loving your new haircut to bits girly! And I absolutely love how who remix this dress every single time, its a beautiful versatile dress, something that I will be keeping my eye out for. :)

  27. Gorgeous outfit! And I love the new haircut.

  28. Your hair looks great! And did you do a little something more dramatic with your eye makeup? It looks good!

  29. I haven't seen either of those movies.. not sure they're even come out here yet but thanks for the reviews!

    Your haircut looks great (and your hair is so nice and shiny), and sweet outfit hun x

  30. did notice the hair-loooks lovely. This grey yellow together looks stunning! :(

  31. Hi Tanvi,
    The look here is absolutely fab...
    I refrain from commenting when u look as cute or sexy as u always do...
    But when u look like this...uber chic n classy...
    It needs to be declared:-)
    I love the amalgam of grey with a dash of yellow...
    Super cool...
    N the new hair cut...ah...i likey likey loads...
    Somethings just get better with every passing day...
    Er...did i say ‘things’...what a poor sense of wording;-)

    N u got me all excited about Devil...I love that genre of films anyways!

  32. I love your haircut, sweetie! It looks great! Now why doesn't my hair look that good after a cut? :)

    Thanks for the reviews. I've been wanting to see Life As We Know It and now I definitely will. xoxo

  33. I really want to see Life As We Know it! So predictable, Ash.

    Your skirt is so pretty, and I like how you belted your blazer instead of just buttoning it. Sometimes it's all in the details!

    xoxo, Ashley

  34. Your haircut is FAB!

    I liked devil...not sooo scary but very good concept..the highlight of my weekend!

  35. I love the pop of yellow among the greys!

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