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Hello, Fellow-Bookworms!

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How cool is this? Color coding your own mini book collection? I am so inspired by this image right now that I feel like dropping everything I have lined up for the day and instead start tweaking my tiny book cabinet. *Wonder if I have enough books to color code them?* We wouldn't know unless we find out, now would we? Hmmm! 
Sent to me by my BFF [Anita!]
If I wasn't straight [and/or married] I would totally marry her! ;)
I have the sweetest and the best-est [I know its not a word! but you know what I mean, don't you?] friends in the whole wide world. First this, and now this...

One random afternoon, Anita [Who is Anita? Read hereasks me if I had received the parcel she had sent? I start wondering ... "Hmmm, why is she sending me a parcel?". My Birthday is not until February next year [take note everyone! I accept cash and gift cards ;)], my anniversary just went by in July, I also checked if it was Friendship Day somewhere in the world I wasn't aware of ... Nope! Nothing. Then is struck me 'Dang!', "She must have sent me the new Shopaholic book!" and I was right (which is the most important part of this story, by the way ... hehe]! You see, she had told me that it had come out in Dubai in early-September but when I checked at my nearby Borders [book store] it was not coming out until October in U.S.A. So naturally, she didn't want me to be left out and hence she sent it to me pronto ... which was last month... [How sweet right?! ... I know!

Back in the day we used to read the same books at the same time and call each other in between and discuss, "What the 'F' is going on with 'XYZ' character in the book?!?!" ... "How can he cheat one her!?! Noooo!" and the classic while reading Eat Pray Love "We, too, need to run away and find our identity!" and we both had 'just' got married [to our respective husbands, of course!in 2007 when the book had come out! We were so silly ... and still are! We still have plans to move to a remote beach somewhere, open up a beach-side bar and spend our lives [away from technology, shoes and bags] sipping mojitos, sun bathing and working only when we ran out of money ... and then go back to sipping mojitos ... again! It is a fabulous plan, if you ask me!

Coming back to the Mini Shopaholic, ... I was gonna do a book review since I haven't done that in ages now but now I couldn't be bothered. The book is not worth it ... This is the third consecutive book by Sophie Kinsella in last three years that I haven't liked much and worse this was supposed to be one from her 'Shopaholic' series and after a longgggg time! Total waste of my time! Bummer

However, on the bright side I have been reading again, ferociously! On Monday 23rd August I had confessed about not having read a single book since March 2010. Ever since the confession, the guilt was eating me alive. How can I possibly not read for that long? Less T.V., Less online shopping [*cough.cough*] and more reading! 

This is what I have read since August 23rd 2010 :
Man Woman and Child by Erich Segal
Someone Special by Sheila O'Flanagan
Bitches on a Budget by Rosalyn Hoffman
Life of Pi by Yann Martel 
and last
Mini Shopaholic by Shophie Kinsella

Yay! for more reading! 
... and may be ... a little less blogging!?!? ;)


  1. That's so sweet how she sent you that. I used to read books with my friends all the time but I haven't done that in years. Bummer to hear that the book wasn't good. I was going to buy it but I was in no rush to read it because I didn't like the previous two either.

    Have a fabulous Thursday, sweetie! xoxo

  2. reading this post made me smile - i'm so happy you enjoyed my bookworm post and the rainbow library photo :) us bookish blog girls must stick together! LOVED "life of pi" and am currently finishing up "let the great world spin."

    sylvie of silver lining

  3. Love this post and of course the pics. I used to read so much more before i became mommy...I do love to get lost in a new book too. xx

  4. that is so very sweet of your friend :) I have been reading a lot less lately too, i guess, atleast that is what my automated message from the library says..I owe them a good 10$..:) btw..No 'less blogging' please..love reading ur posts everyday :)

  5. i have been reading diary of anne frank...started in march 2010 and have finished almost half of it...now its laying on my bedside table, unfinished....i guess im in hibernating mode as far as reading goes!!

  6. I just love your way of life:to work to sipping mojitos at some beach around world and when the bucks run away, work more to buy more mojitos, hahah...about your how-to-get-more-time-to-read drama, you've tried to read Dear John? I read it in two nights ( and after was almost fired for sleep in my desk, hahaha).
    This was the first time I read you. I liked, especially your sense of humor!! :)

  7. Reading is good for the soul! And i love the shopaholic series for some light entertainment!

    I think I need to color code my books too in the future, it looks freaking amazing:)


  8. I loved the Life Of Pi! Such a fab book and I've actually got a friend called Richard Parker, but he aint't no tiger.
    Love the sound of Bitches on a Budget, could be my life story. xxx

  9. I have to read bitche on a budget. That was so sweet of her. Hope you have a gret day beautiful!

  10. I can't go to sleep at night until I have read at least a few lines of whichever book am reading right then......n I sooooo identify with the shopaholic series!!! (Sigh! that's us!) I can live without blogging, shopping (I guess!), surfing the net, facebooking, TV etc..etc......but NOT without reading!!

  11. Dear Tanvi, I've just found your blog through Vix at Vintage Vixen. I love colour coded books, it's so much easier on the eye and makes the room calmer somehow. The food on the post below looks wonderful. I'm starving now! xx

  12. Awe I love besties like that! I'm glad to know about this book, I had a hard time getting into one once can't remember the name, but I read like 4 chapters and gave up!

  13. What no pic of you?!!

    That shelf is pretty delish.

  14. aww so sweet of Anita and I love the pic of the color coded book cabinet but of course I have a much tinier room and my cabinet would be 1/6th of this but I am absolutely jealous of the owner of this fab shelf.
    And mini shopoholic was such a drag!!! uff what has happened to sophie kinsella ????
    she has completely lost it, extremely sad about this though :(

  15. u are turning wittier by the day...i know, i know that i need to add sexier there too...but then that would be cliched, wouldn't it?:-)

    now u have given me three more reasons to pine n crib...
    1.wanting more books
    2.wanting a book shelf like that
    3.wanting desperately more time to read:/

  16. Your plans for a beachside bar sound fabulous - I'll certainly come to sip mojitos with you! Reading - yes! Less blogging - please no!

  17. heehee I've been working on a book-y post as well! I tend to read the whole series/all published books by authors I like, some are worth it, but some just bum me out. Sometimes the consecutive books can never measure up to the magic of the first one. :(

    Have you tried Amy Tan?-- read joy luck club and kitchen god's wife. The others lost me!

  18. I am a huge book worm!! I love the colour coded bookshelf!

    And so sweet that Anita sent you the book.

  19. I really liked this post. But I will never show the first picture (color coding book collection) to my wife. I will let you guess why. I really like books and reading but with internet age I read a lot on net these days.

  20. Everyone needs an Anita in their lives! Your post was such a sweet tribute to your friendship. I will visit you at the beach.
    BTW, I am currently reading a book on how to get your kids to love doing their homework....and I am verrrry skeptical!
    Meetu D

  21. I love the idea of color coding! I can't wait to this when I have a new shelving system.

  22. Interesting idea to color cordinate..!! I haven't been reading much maybe this trick will inspire me to read those book:)

  23. wow! all libraries (especially university libraries) need to be inspired by something like that! the books just looks so welcoming... great going on the reads! we also have a count of how much we would read by the end of the year...:)

  24. Love that picture and it's so inspiring...I have a bookshelf that needs some serious attention.
    And how do you find time to read? I am having trouble with that lately. I have a stack of books I really want to read...and magazines :(
    (thanks for the sweet comment and for stopping by today. means a lot!)

  25. Awwww...that's so sweet of Anita...to have sent that book to you!

    This reminds me - I have fallen off my 'trying to read' habit yet again! Your post has inspired me to get back on it asap!

    Have been reading all your posts...saw your pics...you look radiant babes!

    Lotsa love


  26. Wow. I love this! I love seeing what other people read. I love the library, and after a year of living here finally started going. lol

  27. hey!

    I am reading Shopaholic ties the knot. Becky's too funny :) Mini shopaholic ha! They have a baby girl who's also a shopaholic!? lol ! cute

    I totally love the idea of color co-ordinating the library.. might become difficult to find the book you're looking for though..but easier if you remember the cover color ofevery book. Good idea, looks nice at least. That's what matters..

    Anita's your Suze, I guess :)

    and hello! "No" to less blogging :p

  28. reading is always fun! And I never go through to the end of books I don't like...just dont push myself enough :) and I LOVE the bookshelf!

  29. Your blog made my heart melt and obviously the comments also did! I feel all blushy inside..! :-p

    Love love love the bookshelf...NEED A BIGGER HOUSE and more space..even if it cant be so big, atleast one that allows me to have one! Sadly, in my NEW family I am the only reader so no one would understand the need for a bookshelf.

    And thank you lotssss for all the lovin...miss you much!

    Suze ;-)

    Still reading the book...:-)


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