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Feeling Retro

For some reason this song (and movie) is bringing out the Retro in me!

On Friday we visited San Antonio Art Festival. It was a beautiful day with some amazing art. If I didn't have budget constraints I would have returned with many paintings, a few portraits, and definitely few artistic furniture pieces. Oh! Well. Next time. 
Ready to strut my way through
Shirt - Husband's
Leggings - BDG [10']
One of the artists' at the Art Festival said I looked like a fricking "Movie Star"!
... Clearly I am Happy to play the part! :)
No matter what the topic, I am always expressing it 'this' passionately! 

Just like designing, I believe styling is a form of ART. I strongly believe that 'art' cannot be defined as everyone has their own version of it ... Also, because for every rule there is an exception. Just because one prefers Monet over Picasso doesn't make either of their art any 'less or more'. And I doubt that they would have painted any differently even if they knew the opinions of their 'disapprovers' [...would they?].  

As bloggers ... at least as fashion bloggers, we give [and receive] many compliments and much adulation. However, once in a while when some's style is not appealing to my sensibilities I restrain myself from criticizing and comment purely on the basis of whether the person wearing the clothes is doing justice to them or not. Also, I strongly believe that fashion bloggers are not blogging to get approval from their readers but are only showcasing their 'art' [unless they mention otherwise!]. As long as one wears their clothes with panache and confidence [Lady Gaga!] and everything that requires covering is covered who am I to give any advice?  

Any thoughts?

P.S. On popular demand, I have added more pictures from my Scotland trip on my Facebook Page


  1. I agree, I think everything is subjective in art, and how it resonates with you. Which is also why it's a joy to find someone with similar sensibilities! :) I love that shirt. I think I love shirts in general. Very sexy.

  2. Hey Tanvi, thanks so much for the well wishes! You are right, a break will probably be really good right now. Catch up on lots of rest!

    Take care

  3. So true. Styling is a form of art, indeed.
    Love the over-sized with those shoes so much :)

  4. husband's shirt looks good with those leggings, i love the last picture :)

    i agree with your bit on fashion blogs

  5. I have hearing the song and the video so does it justice...(by the way the copied my dance move! :-p)!!

    Well I completely agree with fashion being an ART, just like painting you put on the right combination of colors, elements, shapes, sizes, material and ta-dah you create a HARMONIOUS art piece! (And your blog has double art- dear A's amazing photography skills!) :-)

    Really like the look..i'm not the person to appreciate colored tights so easily..but the look is something that doesn't require convincing. NICE! :-)

  6. love your shoes darling!! off to check out your scotland pics now...i lived and studied there for 2 yrs...so i have tons of fond memories from there :)

  7. I love the passionate Tanvi pose! Checking out your FB page now to see more pictures :)


  8. Frick.... movie star... Well, there is a career choice still open, Tanvi!
    Yes, I do agree, style blogging is really about working on your art, and just this morning I thought it also takes a lot of discipline.

  9. The Artist is right, you DO look like a moviestar :)), and as for comments, I refrain from negative commenting, if there's nothing good to say, then I shan't leave any comment at all, but this is just me. Once, I received a negative comment, and I decided to publish it because I feel that we do not have to have the same thoughts as others, it's freedom of speech afterall :)), wishing you a lovely day, XOXO, J

  10. Art of any form is a reflection of the artist. An outlet to the artist's emotion. Artists do art purely for "themselves" and not on the basis of whether the viewers will like it or not. When viewership comes into question, artists automatically become 'performers'.
    Loved the shirt by the way. looks great on you :)

  11. Hey movie star!!! I completely agree with you about what you said. I didn't ask for your opinion! Haven't they ever heard if you don't have soMething nice to say don't say it at all!! You look HoOT by the way;).
    P.s please email me if there is something that really looks funny on me lol...

  12. H.A.W.T. well, i believe a woman who can carry her hubby's shirt is one whose hubby wears her heart on his sleeve :*

  13. Styling is absolutely a form of art and it is subjective to the viewer. I really appreciate art in all forms and commend fashion bloggers for putting themselves out there for critique cause that is absolutely what is happening. Of course people get praise but I'm sure there is some criticism in there somewhere.

    Hope u have a wonderful day, sweetie! xoxo

  14. I love going through my hubs' closet for oversized shirts! You look awesome!

  15. yes - agreed...i feel like this is our "art" and not looking for approval (at least i'm not!). i definitely don't like what everyone wears, but we all have different tastes and bodies, as long as the blogger feels comfortable and confident in what they're wearing, i think that's what is most important! :)

  16. very nice post. I think fashion is a form of art as well. I love those shoes! lol and that shirt. I'd totally wear it if it was my hubby's.
    That was a nice compliment. movi\e star

  17. Totally agree dear that many fashion bloggers do it to express themselves (though I do think a few are just showy).

    I also restrain if it's not my style - what's the point in bashing?

    Cute leggings and love the color combo!

  18. I agree and really do believe styling is art and everyone appreciates it, see's it and even does it a different way. Do you have any big plans for Diwali? naina

  19. i love this look! the shoe choice really draws the colors of our shirt/leggings and puts the whole outfit together!


  20. Yey, we have a movie star amongst us! I can totally see where he was coming from.
    Blogging is a great way of channeling our artistic way of dressing and seeing ourselves through other's eyes.
    My style of dress has definately developed and my shopping talents honed since I started putting it all for all to see. xxx

  21. Yup. Styling is another art form..love ur shoes!!

  22. Love the outfit. The blue looks really good on you.

    I definitely agree with you about fashion bloggers. I'm such an uncreative person, but by putting nice outfits together, I do feel more creative.

  23. Good way of looking at it. We don't expect everyone to like what we wear - naturally, but if you truly don't like things about a blog, the polite way is a good way to go.

  24. You live in San Antonio?! Lucky girl! One of my favorite cities EVER!! :)

    I love that retro shirt you have on. The colors are striking, especially against your gorgeous skin tone.

    I couldn't agree with you more in your commentary. I think every fashion blogger has her (or his) own style and if they wear it with confidence and love how they look, who are we to judge? We can't. I love how the fashion blogosphere is filled with such love and support and encouragement. It's such a positive place! :)

    Which leads me to my wanting to thank you so much for being such a sweet friend! Your comment made me smile and I haven't done that in a while! xoxo

  25. I like your take on compliments! It's quite refreshing. I know what you mean though. I also think that just because you yourself wouldn't wear something it doesn't mean you can't really like it on someone else.

    I like your swagger in these shots! And your shoes are fabuloussss.

    xoxo, Ashley

  26. The last picture is priceless, just like those hot hot shoes!!

  27. your blue colored leggins are very pretty ! and im loving that lace up booties !
    i also agree styling is a form of art :)
    there are alot of styles i see throughout blogs that i really love, but i couldnt see myself wearing it because it's not "me" ..

  28. love this song. is it a copy of another song? because it sounds very familar for some reason...can't wait to watch the movie!

    love the shirt on you. only you could pull it off! i think you should move it from hubby's closet to your closet ;)

  29. Well Put! Nice Blog!

    Just Googled Term "ART" for definition it goes like "the products of human creativity".
    So yes I agree when you say styling is a form of ART.

    Nice Pics.

    Shirts too good! :))


  30. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, and, I agree - I think that the way that you dress is a form of expression, and in essence art. You look sweet darl x


  31. hmmm nice thoughts on art, learnt about it now :) will make sure to think twice now before i comment on ART :)

    waise are all those pics to be art :) i am totally confused now he he he

    Bikram's Blog

  32. fashion is indeed art!!!!
    im liking the shoes!!.....and the tights are luking purfect with the shirt!!

  33. fashion is indeed art!!!!
    im liking the shoes!!.....and the tights are luking purfect with the shirt!!

  34. Checks are doing wonders!
    Loved all the looks.

  35. ...I... comment purely on the basis of whether the person wearing the clothes is doing justice to them or not. ...fashion bloggers are not blogging to get approval from their readers but are only showcasing their 'art'..."

    BRAVO!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone say it better than you?? Absolutely and totally the truth.

    There are many forms of stylish expression that I would not and could not wear but that does not stop me from appreciating their aesthetic value and the individual style of the wearer.

    "Movie star"? well... duh. Artistic Dude merely said what all of us already know. :)
    Love the colours on you (a movie star/super hero hybrid!) and Mr R's shirt looks very snazzy on you!!
    ...love the shoes too and am very impressed that you walked over grass with those heels!!!

    You are so fabulous.

    ps.damn. Aish looks HOT in that video.

  36. I really do think that styling is a form of art...I really love your outfit..especially the top

    Ps: I am hosting a ban.do headband GIVEAWAY today! Please, join in!

    I bet you will love it!

  37. Agree, fashion is art, styling is art. I tell my husband this al the time. It's not just an obsession with clothes etc. it's an expression of creativity within for many of us. Great outfit and i miss SA soo much!

  38. I couldn't agree more, I think that fashion is totally art! And I do think fashion bloggers should only worry about expressing themselves and not what others think (you do this beautifully!). Love the colors, Tanvi! XX!

  39. Art is subjective. I agree with you. Art is kind of abstract too...it is not that you are out to prove a theoram or a mathematical formula. Personal opinion and taste makes a lot of diffrence on what art / fashion / design one likes. The trick here to make something that more people like at least for sometime and then make something new.

  40. I've been looking for shocking blue skinny jeans. I could maybe settle for leggings instead. These are really cute! And, I love how you paired them with the plaid shirt.

  41. Love the shoes doll!!
    check out my new post!
    Amanda xoxo

  42. AGREED! It's very much a creative form of expression. Not to mention, I have total shoe envy right now!!

  43. I so agree with your thoughts! It's definitely a form of art and one's self-expression.

    Kudos to hubby's shirt! Awesome attire you put together! :)

  44. 80's throw back??? LOVE it! Oversized checks rock!
    xo M


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