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Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook - Part II

5 Fall/Winter Looks
Look 6 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (I)
I love this sleeveless sweater. Got is last season. 
It has a zipper at the back see here
Continued below
Look 6 (continued) - Smart Casual Travel Wear (II)
However, a Coat was mandatory for the weather. 
Finished the look with a Pashmina scarf. 
Look 7 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (III)
The best thing about being a tourist is that you can be insanely colorful. 
I love the fall colors but every once in a while I need my bright colors back. 
Interesting fact - I am wearing this dress inside out. 
Took out the brand tag, and washing instructions meticulously. 
No one came to know. 
Look 7 (continued) - Smart Casual Travel Wear (VII)
For those you do not like wearing sporty shoes and are about to critic me ... 
let me stop you right there ... When you are traveling,
nothing is more important than comfort. Nothing!
Again, the weather demanded I wear my coat. 
And that's a bright pink pashmina again!
Look 8 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (IV)
Okay! So now we had a relatively sunny day. 
Hence, I brought my mini skirt out 
but wore is with checkered stocking and high knee socks. 
And do not forget the boots. 
These are the most comfortable boots in the world!
Look 9 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (V)
This is my favorite sweater. Has such a Covent School touch to it. 
I have been wearing it for over 3 years now. Not giving up on it anytime soon. 
My favorite sweater, favorite jacket and favorite boots! 
Good day, indeed! :)
Look 10 - Smart Casual Travel Wear (VI)
Last but not the least. I was dressed for a little touristy bus tour 
followed by a whole day of air travel! 
Btw, this is the "real" side of the dress I wore in Look 7!
Which side do you prefer?

-- X--

... and to finish off my Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook, here are some:

Basic tips to dress for Fall/Winter:
1. Get yourself a pair of boot. They will make any outfit pop!
2. Save the heels for special occasions and night outs. 
3. Use scarfs and belts to give your look an edge. 
4. Add a variation to your look with printed leggings/stockings and pattern-socks! 
5. Last but not the least, make sure you look as put together with your Jacket on as you might without it. That I believe is the trickiest part. In a way you are wearing two versions of an outfit daily in this season. 

Feel free to contribute your Fall/Winter dressing tips


  1. am feeling so bad i live in bombay after looking at your pics...wanne go back to delhi and dress all winter...loooking great...keep it stylish...xoxoxo

  2. loved all the outfits and great tips
    I also prefer the inside out look,love my colors :)

  3. Wow so many looks - you're very experimental with your choices (I feel) and it really works for you! x


  4. I lurvee all the looks T dee.....personally my fav look 7 with+without coat... Its pretty lively to see bright colors in cold weather. since evryone stick to black brown blue grey... quite experimental U R.... U glowing in each look....:))))

  5. I dont know which one to pick.. you look fabulous in all of them
    ok.. maybe the 6,7.. i love colours

  6. Lovely looks girl! I personally prefer Look 6 & Look 8.....but all of them are fab! Wish I could get 2 do so much layering of winterwear in India!! AND am absolutely in luv with your tan boots now.......they r so versatile & look so comfy!!!

  7. It's a crime to choose any one style here! I love all the looks!! My abs favourite winter thing is bright scarves. Rafal as well as Pashmeena...I think they jazz up any outfit!

  8. Trust you to carry everything!

    I love the Pink pashmina and the coral jacket!I am all for colours.

  9. I think I remember you saying that you don't like cold weather (and I whole-heartedly agreed) but... Tanvi you look sooo cute bundled up in your scarves and jackets and coats! I love the way that dress looks completely different inside and out - they should have marketed it as a reversible dress :) And about the shoes, I totally agree that when you are exploring a city you MUST have comfortable shoes. Besides, yours don't really look like sneakers and they are made more 'fun' with the blue tights and pink socks.

    As for your f/w fashion tips, I completely agree. Boots are sometimes the only way to keep your feet warm! I lived in my black over the knee boots last winter. And you absolutely must have jackets/coats that you adore because if you are going to be outdoors you are wearing the outerwear most of the time!


  10. You look so fantastic in these pictures. I love the sleeveless jumper. It lookos really comfortable.

    And in love with both from look 8! The skirt is lovely and those boots are amazing.

  11. Amazing blog! Love it!
    come follow I will follow back!



  12. I definitely agree on the boots and the scarves - must haves for chic winter looks!

  13. Great tipsa dn lovely photographs, you stylish lady! Look 7 is stealing my heart, totally fabulous! xxx

  14. love the casual travel wear ensemble ....with the chic black trench, of course!
    happy weekend, friend!
    sylvie of silver lining

  15. Gorgeous:)))))



  16. The photographer is amazing. It is not easy to take full length pictures with reasonable details. Great pictures and kudos to the photographer ...to be honest.

  17. These looks are all so fabulous and pretty, I can't choose any favorites!! :P

    And perfect tips for winter dressing! xo

  18. I love your great variety of coats. I usually stick to basic neutral colored coats, but that pink one is just fantastic, and it really gives a pop to your whole outfit!

  19. I LOVE look #7 most, so brilliant & colourful :)

    Wishing you a lovely weekend


  20. I love ur black jacket - The length and fit is just perfect..My favorite is look 8 and look 10..I love boots and ur brown ones are just awesome. we don't have cold weather yet in California but looking at ur boots makes me wanna bring out mine!!

  21. i love look 10! that polka dot sweater is soooo cute. where did you get it from?

  22. I sooooooooooooooooo love all the looks but my fav are the pics next to the railway tracks...
    You are smouldering hot n ah so cool at the same time...

    N u do a great job of assembling all of it together here:-)

  23. thesse are some great tips !
    thanks for sharing them all :)

    happy sunday xx

  24. Hey, Howdy?
    I really liked all the pictures, but Look 7 is awesome- colorful n comfortable, isn't it?
    Take Care!!

  25. You are one stylish girl, sweetie
    Totally love your outfits and the boots, coat and the last sweater dress is adorable
    Kisses and wish you a great Sunday

  26. love your boots!


  27. Love this! I love number 6 the best, and all of the patterned tights! XX!

  28. So many looks here that are so good, Tanvi. I also love the striped dress in the previous post

  29. These are all so overwhelmingly gorgeous-i seriously cannot pick a fave! Beautiful!!!

  30. Just read the feature-loved it and that first look is da bomb;-). XX

  31. wow, i love all your look here.fabulous

  32. Looks 8&10 are awesome! And I love your smile in the very first picture. It is absolutely luminous!

    xoxo, Ashley

  33. i love each and everyone of your outfits. especially the coats. what an amazing collection

  34. I'm craving winter too!! Can't wait for the season to change here.

    Like what you did with the tops- both side looks so different!!

    I can so understand why you can't part with those boots.

    Looks like you had fun dressing up...we sure did have fun looking at photos..keep it coming! :-)

  35. I am all in to polka dots and colored tights you have these two on here. Great looks!!

  36. Love both versions of the dotty dress. & heels only for special occasions... that would be tough for me. Interesting point about the outfit with/without jackets - Gotta work on this!

  37. Great tips Tanvis-as you know from my blog I love posts that provide some good useful tips :) and love your lookbook idea.

  38. I just love ALL of the looks and love how u showed your outerwear options too! I'm a big fan of the over the knee socks with tights. Happy Monday, sweetie! Xoxo

  39. You always have such great tips! Love the sweater vest and checkered stockings!

  40. Love all the looks. Great tips! I want that polka dot dress!

  41. you are gorgeous and I love all your coats! your style is so fun, lovely :)

    If you have some spare time, drop by my blog! :)


  42. i like look 9 maybe because i love brown boots for autmn in general

  43. Great fall outfits, love the first outfit especially!!


  44. I love look 7 and 10! so colorful! I like the idea of a personal lookbook ;) xoxo

  45. Those blue tights add such color to every outfit! I need some ;)

    xx Cristina

  46. We love scarfs! We love your # 3 tip! :)


  47. Love all the outfits! That mini skirt is real cute!


  48. yes, boots are a definite must.



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