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Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook - Part I

You now who hasn't done an outfit post in a long time? ME ;) 

For everyone who asked where I had been in my last post - I was amongst the scenic locales of Scotland! Me & Mom hadn't travelled for over THREE months! Yes. Three. Whole. Months. It might not sound too long to most people but in our eyes it might as well had been three decades. I need to get out of the four walls of Texas every now and then to feel human and in touch with the real world.  

Anyhoo, I will keep my stories short this time and just focus on some of the Fall/Winter looks I was sporting last week. This is not one of the polls but feel free of choose your favorite. I know you cannot resist ;)

5 Fall/Winter Looks

Look 1 - Smart Casual
Ready to face the cold northern winds! 
Simple and Effective. 
I do not think this look ever goes out of fashion!
Look 2 - Casual Day Look
We were lucky enough to have a sunny day! 
Please excuse my messy hair, I wasn't quite ready yet. 
Continued below ...
Look 2 (continued) - Casual Day Look
However sunny the day might be, 
a light jacket is absolutely mandatory, 
for your own well-being!
Look 3 - Super Professional Look
 You have not seen me dressed professionally, in recent times. 
When I dress for work, I like absolutely no-non-sense look. 
I do not want to be bothered about hair/fit/fashion. 
Simple & Comfortable is what I always go for. 
Some of my previous work-outfits are here
Look 4 - Smart Casual (II)
Right after work, I had to meet a friend for dinner. 
I simply changed my skirt and boots, and I was ready! 
Look 5 - Smart Casual (III)
Can you tell I am in love with my tan-leather-boots? 
You will get sick of them soon. 
That's how much I am going to be wearing them!
Also, my tunic looks un-ironed, but it was one of those wrinkled looks. 
Just hasn't been captured well in the pictures. 
Also, excuse my bad-hair-day!
Continued below
Look 5 (continued) - Smart Casual (III)
This is one of my favorite jackets. 
Had bought it from London in 2009. 
It always makes a dull winter day brighter! :) 

Lookbook to be continued in the next post...


  1. I love all the looks! No. Really!!!! i mostly sported looks 1 and 3 when I was in your part of the world in the past month! :) I just don't have any pics!
    And dude, LOVE the tan leather boots!!! I was so tempted to get myself some knee-high boots, but then reality kicked in- where would I wear them in Bombay?! :(

  2. I can't wait to get myself new boots. I've been eagerly waiting to get 'em. I like the first look the best! No mess and looks good as well. It's been such a while I was in scotland, I miss it!

  3. Hello beautiful girl :) I always have a travel bug as well. Three months is the *maximum* amount of time I can stay in one place without going crazy - and that includes short day trips or weekens away somewhere 'local' - but (even though it's bad for the environment) I feel the need to get on a plane every couple of months! I've never been to Scotland though and it looks beautiful.

    Instead of picking a favorite look do you mind if I tell you what I love about each of the looks? :D
    1 - You look so comfy and cosy and the scarf adds a bit of pizzazz
    2 - the print! I have a skirt and a top in a similar print and I just love it. the ruffled jacket is so pretty too.
    3 - leopard print, yeahh! my favorite. you look elegant and serious, perfect for work :)
    4 - leopard printtt! <3
    5 - I really like the wrinkle effect of that dress! and the pink coat, wowww, love it.

    Have a wonderful day Tanvi!


  4. Ah, I wasn't far off, I was thinking Wales!
    Hope you had a great trip.
    I'm not sure which look I like best because, Tanvi honey, you always look amazing. I do however rather love look no. 1 as you look so darn snuggly and cute. xxx
    PS Great to have you back in blogland x

  5. oooh i think i wanna raid your wardrobe now lady! im loving your crinkly tunic, carrot coat, tan boots, striped tunic with flowers on it...practically everything! and oooh is that a fendi bag ur sporting? so cool :))

  6. Ooo, Scotland must have been lovely. It's such a beautiful country. I love all these outfits. Number one and Number 2 cont are my faves. I love the Number 2 dress, and completely in love with the leopard print top.

  7. Wow Tanvi..you style yourself so snazzily! Loved all the outfits!

    And you look fab :)

  8. Loving the professional and smart casual links - the pop of a pattern is always unexpected and nice

  9. love all of them leaning more towards the second one though, the boots are a keeper and I am so tempted to buy boots but as sally rightly pointed out where will I wear them in Mumbai :(
    I also love travelling and scotland wow it's on my list too almost everything is :)
    post more pics from the trip would love to see them

  10. I shall vote for Pic-1 and 3.Very neat,smart & dressy.
    You creat such a suspense and curiocity with your blog.
    Memories of the scenic beauty refresh my day!

  11. Scotland is very pretty at this time of year, and you look fabulous. I adore your creative side and I love the way you play and flirt with fashion;-)

  12. These are cool! So love the super prof chic -leopard!!!!
    You look so lovely and warm in the scarf and coat in first pic! Perfect for braving the Scottish highlands!

  13. My personal favourite is the professional look with the leopard print top. The makeup and hairdo match the theme perfectly. So nice to see you blogging. You aptly deserve the title of the "Blogger who never rests" once again.

  14. Leopard print--- winner. Absolutely sexy and dapper.

    The tan boots are to die for! :)

    m glad you you get to travel with your mom every now and then...

  15. Scotland - wow. I wish I could go there. I could not understand 3 months. Do you seriously fly from Texas to Scotland every three months?

    Awesome pictures :)

  16. Ach lassie...yer lewkin' bonnie n tasty... :)

    How is one supposed to choose?? huh??? That's like saying [to me] here... choose between dark chilli chocolate and dark sea salt chocolate and dark mint chocolate and salt and vinegar crisps.

    Impossible. ALL delicious.

    really REALLY nice to 'see' you again though.

  17. whoa!! I love ALL the looks...yup..can't pick ....love love love :)

  18. these are great looks!! and i was just hanging out with some scottish people last night :)

  19. I LOVE look 2 very much, my favourite :))

  20. I think you look lovely in all of them! And Scotland! I would gladly trade places with you anyday:)


  21. I like the smart casual look 3 the best. :)
    I also am very jealous you travel. Someday I will travel, but for now, none of that.
    My parents are going to Scotland for the first time sometime this up coming year. They are pretty excited.

  22. Love all of the looks. And I have such a weakness for leopard so I'm dying over those two looks the most.

    and Scotland! How lovely! I've always wanted to visit. I know what u mean about 3 months without travel feeling like an eternity. I'm the same exact way! :)

  23. Looks like you guys had a great time lucky gal...
    I love the last look with or without the coat. I also love those boots. I'll dream about them tonight. Came back with a bang!

  24. scotland - wow!! and that too with mom - how cool is that?

    so understand ur wanderlust.I love travel and every-time u take a trip, its like a fresh, new breath of life:-)

    I love Looks 1 and 3!! you look smart..

  25. Loving your boots. And that scarf in your first look is so chic!


  26. They are all great, but I especially like the leopard look - I'm just hooked on the cat's spots.

    I've never been to Scotland and I live on the Island. Weird.

  27. look #4 is my absolute fav!!! love the short skirt/leopard top!!! :)

  28. loved all your looks - esp those black pants with the big pockets...i need me some of those! i've been MIA too, but glad to see you're back.

  29. Love the boots and love that leopard blouse! Just fiercely gorgeous! Thank you so much for stopping by last week. Your kind words definitely made the recovery process much sweeter.. Sending loads of love your way sweet blogger and I hope you're having a wonderful week!
    love xo tash

  30. Babe, I received your chictopia invite but I haven't done anything to it yet, and I may have forgotten my password there, please be patient while I sort this thing out :))

  31. Ok, hot mama! You're burning up the page-sizzle:-). I love them all, especially number two! I love messy hair and that outfit is hot!!

  32. I sure missed your posts but you more than made up for via this post.

    Nothing can beat a mom-daughter vacation!!!

  33. love the floral print top/dress the best!!! welcome to check out our dresses giveaway for this week!!! http://5amjetaime.com/blog


  34. Wow!!! This is so great. I couldn't even pick a favorite one. I'm really inspired now. I had no idea how to dress for this season. I've just been wearing jeans and ankle boots everyday.

    But now I have a little shopping trip scheduled ...

    Thanks so much for this!



  35. the 1st one is my absolute fav. it's simple yet so stylish, i love it!

  36. Wow Scotland its one place i dont mind going again and again , any holidays i long ot go there.. just been there myself a few weeks back..

    It is so beautiful the highlands and all and postcard views

    @A:- come to uk will take u to scotland :) pakka


  37. I love them all, but the leopard Super Professional and then with the Smart Casual are my faves, just gorgeous! XX!

  38. oh i love all da looks...tanvi ur luking v pretty must say...my fav one is da 2nd look...vertical stips on floral prints luk so elegant n sweet

  39. I like look1 and look 3. The leopard day look is just amazing. x

  40. love, love, love. all of them. always. of course. perfection as always.

  41. ha ha this is like a weeks worth of posts all in one! my absolute favorite looks are the last two-the professional outfit turned dinner outfit and the last tunic is awesome! have a great weekend!naina

  42. Oh wait and Scotland? how fun. I have been and love it there. Your pictures were amazing!

  43. it's hard to pick a favorite. they are all great looks and so different...i understand your obsession with the boots. i just got a pair which i love and have worn it everyday for the past week :)


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