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10 Days Later ...

... and I am still in Scotland, in my mind at least [*sad.face*]
 Mom all wrapped up!
 Looking for food on a cold-cold evening
 Caught un-guarded!
 Couldn't get enough of the highlands...
 *hmmm* I hope I was wearing Sun Block
 ... When time stood still
 ... Does it look like she was having fun?
 Reminded me of Namrata & Anita
 Travel Partners!
 When women ruled the world [When was that?!?!]
 At the Art Museum
 ... If Mom went to school, this is how she would look = CUTE!
The Last Supper Day  ... and until we meet again ... *sob*

I love traveling. I really do. Mostly because it takes me away from the mundane routine of daily life. I enjoy meeting new people, learning about new cultures and shopping at local shops [of course!] ... So I guess nothing new, right? Everyone likes to travel for the same reasons, isn't it? But I am not a lazy traveler. It is not a matter of leisure for me. I like to wake up early and savor the delicious spread of breakfast which definitely has more options than my own 'home-cooked' one. Spend the day site-seeing [walking tour hopefully] which would give me an opportunity to click lots of pictures. Then stop by a local cafĂ© and sip on Hot Chocolate [that's my holiday beverage!] and indulge in a little people watching. Visit some galleries, palaces, or a local market and retire for the day in a plush comfortable hotel bed, after a satisfying dinner [of course!]. That's one of my, many ideas for a good holiday. 

Other ideas include, being a bum at a beach, sipping mojitos and getting pampered at spas. But this is not the season for the beach [at least in this part of the world, so we are sticking with my first idea till the Summer of 2011]. 

What's your idea of a good holiday?
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  1. absolutely what you describe is my idea of a holiday as well...preferably with people who don't fuss too much! Because I think a place should be discovered for what it is, as opposed to what you'd want it to be!

  2. For me holidays are about spending quality time with the loved ones away from the hussle-bussle of daily life....A cup of coffee, beautiful scenic views, a beach,or anything where the heart gets locked :)...You and Your mom look great in those pictures, I guess the ladies had a gala time!! Cheers :)

  3. In my mind holiday means; lots of rest, long walks in nature, either beach, mountains or sea, shared laughter with family and friends, lots of good books to read, visiting local markets. Your mama looks Divine! Have a sweet weekend;-)

  4. Enjoyed all the photos-very nice. That greenery is awesome!! Last pic is my fav! Aunty looks too cute!

    Travelling is relaxation...disconnecting from reality..sightseeing..lazing on the beach (thank god for the FAR EAST that allows all-year beach option)..massages..food drinks...reading by the pool...shopping..exploring coffee shops..amusement parks if any...clicking LOTS OF PICTURES!! Oh how I need a holiday NOW.


  5. Fantastic! Feels like i could use another holiday again!
    I love both city escapes and also long beach getaways or the kind where you do lots of trekking... dreaming of South America!!!

  6. I am enjoying very much your journey..
    ps.. I love a big chunk scarf and you have some great selection


  7. Love the photos, Tanvi! Your mum is adorable, she looks so young.
    My idea of a good holiday is like yours, getting up early to make the most of each day, sightseeing, meeting the locals, trying new food and chilling out in-between.xxx

  8. 2 beautiful ladies!!
    pretty pretty pretty!!!


  9. Oh, so sweet! your mom looked like she had the best of time holiday-ing with you!

    Though I just had my holiday about 3 months ago in Greece, I feel like goin on another one already:P


  10. I love this post!! Cz I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove my mommy who I still cuddle with!!!!
    :D :D

    My kinda holiday?

    Some place like this. Good food. Room service. Local shopping. Museums. :)

    You look so adorable! :*

  11. Your idea of fun sounds like--fun! :)

    I don't get the point of lazing on a holiday either---its more fun to shop till you drop! :D

  12. Love all the beautiful photos! I know you had fun on your trip but the time spent with your mom is what's really priceless. Memories forever in your heart! I love tropical vacations in the winter;).

  13. i love travelling, visiting new places, off the beaten path destinations !! and i like to do a lot of activities while am at a new plc, but ( a big BUT!!)the husband is a total total beach bum kinda traveller, he just likes to relax and let go under the sun in front of a beach...so i after marriage, my trekking holidays have gone for a spin and im more into "leisure" holidays...but not given up though....have come across some good women only travel agencies!!!...will go trekking soooooooooon!!!!!

  14. love all ur pics with ur mom. ur mom's smile is so warm!!

    anything that gives me a break from my daily routine is a good vacation!!

  15. Awesome purple boots....n the click of you & Aunty on the thrones is rocking!! My idea of a perfect holiday is pretty much like your first one.....except for the fact that I'd like my holiday to have no time limit...so that at times, I can even sit & stare & sigh at some beautiful scenery for hours on end (without the nagging I-have-less-time-and-I-have-lots-to-do feeling at the back of my mind)...sigh...that'd be absolute bliss! :)

  16. Scotland is beautiful. Lucky you to have gone. And come visit me too soon.


  17. Scotland is beautiful. Picture are awesome as usual. :)))

    My idea of holiday, I wish I could get good night sleep.

  18. One of the best sites I've seen - but I think I said that some months ago, too. :-) great stuff.

  19. You and your mom look great. Loved the throne pic and the caption.

  20. vacations are always the best!

  21. You and your mother look alike! So sweet, I am so glad you got to have this trip with her! And your idea of travel is my idea, too, I love to just walk and walk, seeing all kinds of things. I love to go off the beaten path! XX! Oh! I am going to try to put your blog up this evening, if not it will be tomorrow morning! XX!

  22. You and your mom are simply lovely!
    It's so nice you traveled with her.
    A good holiday results of any trip where I have fun, eat great food, and learn something new!

  23. hey thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!!!

    you look great in every picture! what a fantastic holiday you have.


    keep in touch

  24. Amazing photos. I would just love to visit Scotland! A good holiday is one spent with my hubs. He's working full time and getting his MBA, so I don't get to see him nearly enough!

  25. Great pictures! Time spent with friends and family makes any holiday a good one.

  26. You just described word for word what is my idea of a perfect holiday. Relaxed fun taking it very easy.

    You ladies are so beautiful.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  27. Oh I wish I could go to the sea and soak up some sun, I desperately need sun to function! your trip looks like loads of fun and you are gorgeous :)

    If you have some spare time, be sure to drop me some love at my blog!


  28. Yes, that and more. Can't wait for my next sojourn!

  29. You and your mum make marvelous Scottish queens, Tanvi. I love travelling, too. Sometimes I find it hard to get going, but when I'm on the road I love it.

  30. Definitely looks like such a fun trip and your mum looks lovely!

    I'm like you when travelling. I wake up early, have a hearty breakfast and spend the day sightseeing. It's so much fun.

  31. The photos are gorgeous! Looks like you had an amazing time. I would be sad to leave too. I've never been to Scotland. One day, for sure :)

    Hope you're having a fabulous weekend! Happy Halloween! xoxo

  32. Great to have an 'intro' to your Mum. That was a fun trip for you two.

  33. your vacation looks so relaxing!!! mother-daughter trips are the best. my idea of a good holiday is relaxing on the beach/by the pool, good food & wine, spa treatments, a bit of shopping...

  34. you and your mom look so much alike!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful triP!

  35. great pics, my idea for holiday is almost the same as yours besides that I would like to add long drives in scenic routes great conversation during the drive and stopping at small cafes in between them sampling the local fare,
    I am also into adventure sports so add it to the above

  36. oh this trip looks amazing. i have never been to scotland. looks like a great place. tons of fun. and your outfits are super cute. love them all

  37. my idea of holiday is SCOTLAND..
    I can go to that place anytime and offcourse when family is with you then nothing can beat it ...


  38. hey ur mom looks super cool and nice pics!

  39. So many fun shots! Quality time with mom is ALWAYS good! Looks like it really was amazing.

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamou

  40. Thanks for sharing some pics of your Scotland holiday darling, one day I MUST go there :)), and you and your Mom make a fabulous pair :)

    Wishing you a lovely day sweetheart


  41. i'D SAY, if beauty runs in de genes, ya both are surely running a full-flegdge marathon! :D

  42. seems like a great holiday..
    anyways mums make better company than anyone else ever can...
    and you seem to prove that right every time:-)

  43. Thanks for sharing this in your blog.I thoroughly enjoyed.
    One of the best scenic beauty,weather and people...is Scotland.
    Lets plan a trip in Jan.2011.(wink)

  44. Hayhay!
    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

    Thanks and love,

  45. Im reading this post now .
    My perfect idea of vacation is combination of seeing places ,activties ,photography ,trekking and rarely relaxation.
    For me seeing places and making sure i have seen each corner of the place is important than relaxing .
    Bcos i think relaxing i can even relax in my house doing nothing :)
    But the fact is my husband is just opp to my thoughts ...he just want to relax and do nothing in the vacation.
    We try to strike a balance but sometimes its hard :)))
    Now you gotta me thinking ...I need vacation badly :)


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