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Some thoughts and then something sporty!

So here's what's on my mind today... 
[Gear up, people! We are in for another mind twister here ;)]

You know how every time you declare that you are not happy or content with the current situations in your life, someone or the other is bound to share their 'two cents' saying, "But imagine what people in Africa (or another poverty stricken country) have to go through? You are much better off!" I have never been able to come on board with this philosophy. Just because someone has it worse than me doesn't mean that I do not have the right to want better or aim higher [and eventually complain 'coz I didn't reach there!]. Again, it is not about being ungrateful for what I have. It is about everyone taking the liberty to compare an 'x.y.z' situation to someone else's 'l.m.n.o' situation, while we have already established that 'everyone is different and thus it is not fair to compare one's life to another

Even as a child when I refused to eat or finish my food, someone would always say, "There are children, who are dying of hunger, so eat your food!" and my immediate-smart-retort would be, "Then please take this food and give it to them! Thank You very much" I guess the point I am trying to make is that I do not think it is fair or even justified to compare two situations where the variable do not even match. 

To me, it sounds more like people are playing with my guilt and conscious rather than showing me logic! It is natural and more so ... even important to want better from yourself and from your life. And if at all it is said as a consolation to someone's misery then, one just needs to find a better line (statement) 'coz this one has really been beaten down to death!

Enjoy what you have today but aim for a better tomorrow, no?

Was out shopping for some new workout-gear! Hence, dressed for the part too!
Necklace - [Ladakh, 09']; Bangle - French Connection [10']
Leggings - Puma [10']
Shoes - Puma Ballets [10']

Cheeky! ;)

P.S. Who likes, my new template? Raise your hand!


  1. Love the sportswear, you look cooler than most of the Bollywood stars.
    As a terribly picky eater I used to reply to Mum in the same way. xxx

  2. Hmmm and eek... I guess I'm one of those horrible people.

    However I do understand and know that it is all relative. I don't make comparisons.
    If someone is feeling miserable I do not, will not imply something as insensitive as "your feelings are worth nothing"...but I am also a bit intolerant of how readily people give in to the troughs of emotions.

    ...I do agree with you re the making people feel guilty for feeling less than UP... I don't like that and I try very very hard not to do that, I do fail sometimes.

    eg. with my kids if they're feeling down about something I feel and deem to be entirely superficial... I will then show them what a child in pakistan is doing right now.

    I am very old school. Please note that does not mean I lack empathy. I just don't bother with sympathy.

  3. Oooo, the new layout looks really good.
    Also love your sporty outfit. The top looks great.

  4. I LOOOOOOVE your new template! It looks absolutely fabulous! And I love that flowered tank too!

    I definitely understand what you're saying here. The situations really aren't comparable, but I still think that you should be grateful for what you have because no matter how bad it may seem, it could always be worse!

  5. Love the new template, much more cleaner and neat and fuss free. You know I really get what you are saying, just because someone else has huge problems doesn't make my problems any smaller or any less important. And thinking about people worse off is no solace. Though I never, ever, ever waste food...the hungry kids in Africa worked its magic on me!

  6. Thank God you are back 2 your cheerfull mood.Dressing up and shopping always enlightens life n mood:))

  7. firstly my personal opinion.... i like the earlier template much better it was more lik fun and life.... this one is a lil dull and boring .... :(

    i agree wit ur point on comparisons, which is "everyone is different and thus it is not fair to compare one's life to another".. but i feel when we are told that think of the ppl who dnt get food.. so respect ur food etc... i think its justified.. but if you are taking abt ur aims of deserving better from yourself and from your life then the comparisons dont hold valid.....cos in the later case ur comparing urself with your own set AIMS and STANDARDS...

    im confused at last.... :s :s

  8. 1. I like your new template!
    2. Totally agree that we shouldn't be comparing ourselves to other people. If there are people whose lives need improving and we feel compassion for them, we should help them, but our lives are separate to theirs and we should focus on improving ours in a different way.
    3. I love your outfit! You can wear it all day and keep the same thing on for an evening session of yoga or treadmill :)


  9. Yeap, I think you've hit the nail on the head - it's a way of making you feel guilty about your complaints. Everyone is allowed to their own misery!
    Great new workout gear, Tanvi - and new blog layout!

  10. Nice outfit! Reminds me that I never work out. :(
    And I'm raising my hand. Though the previous one did have it's own charm. :)

  11. You look stunning like have a lovely figure

  12. loving your top..
    great smile on those photos

  13. Wow.....this template is such a contrast to the earlier one!!! I guess both are pretty in their own ways! :)

    I like the top & the usual.....perfect!!! :))

  14. Love your new template and love your casual outfit! And, this post is so timely bc last night ariyana wouldn't eat and I told her she is lucky to eat bc some kids don't have money and they can't buy food and eat. She said " do you they pretend?" I guess you had to be there but it is so sweet how kids use their imaginations and come up with solutions!

  15. Love your new template and love your casual outfit! And, this post is so timely bc last night ariyana wouldn't eat and I told her she is lucky to eat bc some kids don't have money and they can't buy food and eat. She said " do you they pretend?" I guess you had to be there but it is so sweet how kids use their imaginations and come up with solutions!

  16. the new template is adorable! just like you :)

  17. I also don't see the point in comparing people's situations. Everyone is unique and is allowed to have one's own desires or feelings about their own lives. No point in comparing.

    And love the shopping outfit. Did u score any new workout gear?

  18. Superb poses and Gorgeous gal and Matching dress and costumes...Wow
    check my blog

  19. Tanvi, I so agree with you! I can't stand when people say oh there are worse situations people are in. WTF???? who wants to hear that seriously!! one of my big pet peeves..:P

    I've never seen anyone look cuter in work out gear! love the top..

    P.S. really liking the new layout..clean and professional

  20. Couldn't agree more! Someone always hasn't worse, but that doesn't mean you can't want to make the best out of what you have!

    Loving the new template btw :)

  21. U look spiffy!!

    Yes, its every important to better urself but not by comparing with someone else..There will always be someone in the room who is more beautiful or younger or smarter or richer or taller than you:-)

    Tp be very honest, I do feel people tend to complain a lot becoz everyone wants instant gratification ( including me)..So whenever I am discontent, I do count my blessings and then try to figure a way out..I only use the Africa card with my kids:-)

  22. Soooo sporty and cute on your work out day!
    The colors are so pretty on you!
    I love the way you think Tanvi.
    Missed ya!

  23. Hey, your template is nice...
    And your shoes are really beautiful, i was staring at them... ha ha..
    Thanks for going through my poems and appreciating :)
    I have recently started a new blog check that out -
    hope you like reading that…
    and yes i do go with you, there is no harm in aiming higher...

  24. Heylo wassup? Sorry, I was a bit lost for a while but I'm back here :)..Well the things have changed here and obviously they are looking you!! You look great and especially your fist(y) pose..CHEERS!!

  25. hello my friend tanvi, I felt good after seeing ur post on my blog and thought of saying hi again...I felt lazy tanvi...and it went on and i could nt continue...but i have the zeal so will update soon...
    u look fresh and radiant...

    tcre love

  26. I do like the new template. Love the sporty/party wear as well

  27. Love the workout gear. You'll set heads turning in the gym. I always have to slap myself sometimes when I complain about silly things. Thanks for reminding me again about the less fortunate.


  28. thats a really good sporty look. probably one of the best i have seen. the top is gorgeous. love the print on it. and so are the shoes and the nice touch of turqoise.

  29. Like pictures and new template. I could find FOLLOW in the old one.

  30. Missy you have the BEST figure. wow.


  31. Did you end up finding new gear?

    Nice photographs...Sports + Flower Fashion = Fun!!

  32. I think it's a nicer way of people saying, be humble! lol ') xoxo


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