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Bowling Weekend

My husband has the craziest sense of humor. The only time he is 'genuinely' serious is probably when he is in la la land! Life is a one big comedy series with him. It can be a little testing sometimes but there is definitely not a single dull moment in my life. 

He is as filmy as me, so to my any 'real' question there is always a funny or 'filmy' retort. I really should record it one day [just for proof!]. No one would believe he is a scientist if they met him. 

I can't believe I ever thought that serious men were sexy! Mysterious, may be but how long can you enjoy the 'serious-ness'? I guess in hindsight I realize how naive and unreasonable I were. Having my own version and belief about things which clearly I had no experience about. Everyday living with him I learn to smile about the stupid mistakes I make [instances where you go - O.o!], reducing the tension by smiling and joking about it and always living and enjoying in the moment

We went Bowling this weekend with some friends! This is how I dressed ...
Top - French Connection [09']; Cargos - ASOS [10']; Shoes - Steve Madden [09']
Belt - Husband's ; Necklace - Gift [Mother-in-Law 10']; Earrings - Gift [Mom 10']
Husband to Me - "Laugh like you have stomach ache"
Me *wondering.while.laughying* Who laughs when they are having a stomach ache?!?! 
Husband - Mine since 07' [haha!]

Me to Husband - We need to stop eating so many carbs. My kamar is becoming kamara [Translation - My waist is becoming the size of this room!]

Husband to Me - Does that mean you won't be baking any more breads?


  1. You look great, I love the bold print top! Love bowling too, it's so much fun!

  2. Lol, your husband sounds hilarious. I'm not a fan of serious guys either.

    I love your top. It's so bright and colourful.

  3. the husband's taken up to pictures too! I like all posing an all ;) and I think we all do this, we associate images to all professions...glad that growing up changes all these notions :)

  4. Ha ha you are lucky to have a life partner like that.
    My husband is the same but his sense of humor is one of the things that made me fall for him in the first place.
    Also,it requires serious intelligence to have a good sense of humor :)
    I love the colors of the top

  5. Yep, you're eight. A man can have the looks and body of Brad Pitt but if he can't make a girl laugh then he's not worth knowing.
    You and hubby are just fabulous, love your poses and can just envisage the pair of you kidding each other. xxx

  6. HEY dee.... I was smiling while looking at your pictures.... U look so so happy in the pictures (touchwood)..never thought Jiju would be so hilarious..i just knew him being complete charmer (jiju no1)
    N actually who laughs when they have stomache( actually too much laughn gives u stomache :P)
    stay blessed...xoxo

  7. Awww this was such a romantic post/ tribute to ur hubby..A great sense of humour does go a long way in making a happy life doesn't it?!
    God Bless dear and yes you'll both make a hadnsome couple since '07;)..CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D

  8. I love it when you talk about your husband :) it is so sweet, and puts a huge smile on my face! I too like it when men make you laugh and smile! (I don't laugh when I have a stomach ache... but sometimes when laughing too much I GET a stomach ache...!)

    Your outfit is perfect for bowling and I definitely don't think your waist is the size of any kamra, it is tiny. And I love that you included a picture of your hubbie, you two make such a cute couple :)


  9. Love this post, the husband posing in the end is especially cute! Love the colour burst of your top, very fun and bright!

  10. cute!
    Happy couples make me happy! They make me hopeful about the future! ;)

  11. Ashish is the best! I am so glad u married him :-p

    I absolutely love his new hairdo!!

    Totally Dabangg (it may not be in context but i just love the sound of it!)

  12. you look very cute with your hair pulled back like that....:)

  13. great pics..first time in your blog...sounds really interesting..i write on lifestyle products available all over check..

  14. Absolutely love your outfit Tanvi..its very sheek.

    I've managed to read all your posts until Sep 2009 and you are now my first fitness guru :) I find your posts very inspiring.

    Without further taking up a lot of your time I would like to say that the past 5 days of no or low oil cooking and switching to healthy foods and moderate exercise (to begin with) has made me feel much lighter. I'm determined to stick to this routine from now on.


  15. very cute Tanvi! and love all the color in your outfit. You definitely love wearing bold and vibrant colors and they look great on you.

  16. Love the laughing picture! My husband is a jokester too and we have a great time laughing at and with each other!

  17. I stooped eating carbs too.
    Great photos by the way.. you both look great..
    ps. i like his cargo shorts

  18. Ha ha ha! The caption underneath your hunk of a husband's picture is priceless. Very mastercard. :P

  19. How sweet! So glad that you have such a wonderful mate. You guys look adorable. Love your shirt and how u used his belt!

    Hope you have a wonderful Monday, sweetie! xoxo

  20. Love your top and you and your husband make a great looking couple. Sooo Lovely!
    P.S I can't tell you gained a pound that's me over

  21. Ha! Love this sweet to get a little glimpse of what goes on "behind the lens" and in your day-to-day life. My hubs and I joke the saying goes, laughter is the BEST medicine! xo Cat

  22. two seem like a lot of fun to hang with!

    I like how you mixed the man belt with your outfit ;)

  23. I love how ur husband is all serious in his pic!! both of u look good...

    ur waist looks tiny as ever:-)

    I havent watched Dabangg - maybe next week..

    Hey, i did apply ur mask this sat. Had to double the amount and kept in for around 25 mins. And my hair is so silky and soft to touch!! Thanks for such a simple and effective recipe!!!

  24. You guys sound perfectly matched(: Also, love the colours on that top!


  25. I agree, a sense of humor is key! You look gorgeous, what are you talking about? However, I cut out carbs about 2 months ago and feel better than I ever have in my life! XX!

  26. LOl! Your husband sounds funny. My husband is funny because he's just so goofy and silly! Nobody believes me either because he looks so cool and reserved around people.

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  27. awww, so sweet and funny! BTW, borrow his current black belt too :-)
    Meetu D

  28. i love ashish's hair cut!!! he looks like a soccer player ;) you are so lucky and blessed and what's even more amazing is that you know it.

  29. i love ashish's hair cut!!! he looks like a soccer player ;) you are so lucky and blessed and what's even more amazing is that you know it.

  30. You are so funny and i enjoyed reading this post! Yes, humor is key:-). You both look great and complement each other beautifully. xx

  31. i hope youre joking - your waist is tiny and you look adorable! :)

  32. I LOVE your top darling, such vibrant colours and ur hubby is cute. You two make a cute couple me thinks :)). Enjoy your day babe, xoxoxoxoxoxo, J

  33. lovely outfit to go bowling in - looks chic yet easy to manouvere in! x

  34. Nothing like a man who makes you laugh! You look lovely, Tanvii, and your waist certainly isn't kamera!

  35. awww... U guys look so adorable.. U shud probably put a pic with both of u!! :) :)

    and sooo cute - the caption under ur husband..!! Its like a breath of fresh air... looking at you..!! :)

    *missed u*

  36. loving the bold print top mixed with a casual belt!!


  37. I agree with you about funny men. I love people who can make me laugh. His posing attempt is so funny/adorable.

  38. Actually Scientists, Engineers, Doctors and Researchers have pretty good sense of humor and typically they know how to keep spouse happy...let us put it this way..they know more than others..if that is enough or not...that depends....but you seem to be happy .that matters most.

    You should be proud of your husband...

    Nice pictures.

  39. You two are seriously sexy together!!
    ...and a man who can make you laugh...swoon... A brilliant man who is witty and humble... oh GAWD!!! so sexy!!! My husband is incredibly witty and we are always laughing! Sometimes so hard that my stomach aches!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Love the exchange between you and your man, I LOVE your relationship and I love that Mr R is very VERY aware what a treasure he has been gifted...

    You look wonderful, he looks great as well and he knows what he's talking about!! The 'laughing-stomach ache' pose is a classic modeling pose, as is the 'sexy headache' and the 'surprised-earache'!!!!

    (15 years as a model, 30 years a dancer, 20 years a singer has left me with a wonderful repertoire of posing knowledge! A tripod is merely a tool :)


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