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Blue & Bright

While I am all ready with my boots and 'jeggings' to welcome 'Autumn/Fall', the sun is still shining bright and strong, here in Texas. Barring a few storms and showers every now and then, the weather is still warm and humid. You cannot even think of wearing layers or anything remotely 'warm' or fall-ish! 
Hence, the dress!
Dress - Urban Outfitters [09'] (Also worn here)
Bangles - Delhi [08']; 
Cuff - Won via a Giveaway on Tanya's Blog [10']

About two weeks back on my post about the Bangles, I had received a comment from the wonderful Daisybabie asking why all Indian traditions were either symbolic of 'marriage' or of 'husband/fiance'. It is true. All our customs and rituals tend to revolve around marriage, husband, children, or wealth! I do not really have any answer or explanation for this, I can only present my point of view in this regard. However, before I do that, I would like to say that I am not religious. I do not follow the Hindu rites and rituals very devotedly, unless I am in India or around family [I kinda have to then!]. 

So while most of the 'Hindu' customs are directly related to the happiness/growth/well-being of men in any Indian woman's life, I do not see these rituals as 'men-centric' as none of them would be possible without the woman [as cheesy as it sounds!]. So while the men keep changing in these traditions [from father, brother, husband, son] the woman remain constant. Women, are paid back in respect, love and gifts on all these occasions. I am afraid I might not sound very 'forward-thinking' in my thoughts here but there are a lot of other psychological and social deductions and reasons I can give for these traditions. However, I cannot possible explain all of them here [May be one day, when I visit you ;)]. Though, I know I haven't answered your question exactly, these are my thoughts [two cents] to make up for the lack of an appropriate 'answer'!   

P.S. About the Red Lipstick post, Thank you for your feedback, first of all. Almost 80% of your said Yes! versus the few who didn't quite like the shade or how I wore it or ... etc. etc. etc. I think this might be the very first lipstick in the whole wide world that I might actually like! So I will be buying it, soon! :)


  1. i've never thought about why they're centred so...however, I think it's also cos there are four defined ashrams (student life, domestic life etc.) and I think most things relate to one of those...besides, everyone wants to have a happy family and be happy...all these point to that I am sure :) I'm sure I said it before. I like you in blue!

  2. Its getting cold here in California...but then we hardly even a summer this year.
    You look adorable!

  3. I love this dress, urban outfitters always has the best designs.

    The necklace is precious as well!

    I completely understand what you mean. I want to wear my autumn clothes but it's still melting in Spain as well.

  4. Hi, chanced upon ur blog yesterday and I must say u came across very ispirational, happy person . your journey from fat to fit and fab did leave an impression and kudos to u for what u r, I ve yet to read ur posts bt this is my first impression of u and I will honestly comment on what I think. Take care.

  5. tanvi,oh that such a beautiful dress,love the way you smile
    pretty girl :)

  6. I'm stuck wearing coats and jeans these days. So definitely jealous of you wearing dresses. Love the colour of the dress. The blue looks great.

  7. Love the bangle! Everything looks so blue :) Its adorable!

    -Gayle from

  8. hey tanvi , sorry have been caught up with a bunch of stuff lately :) but i check all your posts regularly on my google reader subscriptions , Exactly why my posts have also become sporadic , but i love you loads and i have been reading all your posts and ogling at the gorgeous/ever increasing shoe collection :-))

  9. tanvi,
    i love the jeggings and the boots thought and like the blue necklace which luks very lovely on u .....

  10. wow, you look all summery and bright
    I like your explanation how the rituals are actually woman-centric
    I always thought so too, after all we are the ones who get to wear beautiful clothes and jewels, get pampered and fussed over and ya do not forget the gifts :)
    Also, there is always the choice of doing things your own way right???
    do buy the lipstick

  11. I love all the aqua in this outfit and how this looks on you :) Very very nice.

  12. Great summer dress!

    Re: the importance of growth and happiness for men, it's also true that it's not possible without the women as the daughter, mother, sister, etc. It makes sense as long as there is a balance and their roles are acknowledged too.

  13. Love this dress Tanvi, the shade totally suits you. And please buy the lipstick ya. It looks great :)

  14. Tanvi-LOVE that bracelet! You lucky girl for winning that.

  15. In the last line of second paragraph (first paragraph of after picture, you say

    "I do follow the Hindu rites and rituals very devotedly"

    Did you miss the word 'not' there?

    I am not religious either and don't follow any ritual.

  16. You an honest does not count.

  17. You lucky girl that you can still wear summery dresses like this one. It looks great on you and the bright blue jewellery goes perfectly with it (no matter what the underlying stories :-)

  18. Dearest heart, how are u sweetie? you look brilliant and radiant as always, keep in touch and BIG BEARY SQUUZ HUGS for ya darling, Jemina, xoxo

  19. Lovely colours in that dress and I'm more than a little in love with that cuff. xxx

  20. You look fantastic! I love this color on you, I see why it's your favorite color. I LOVE THAT DRESS!

  21. I love the bright blue! And the Texan weather sounds kind of perfect :)

    I'm glad you're going back to buy the lipstick, I loved it!


  22. yes, u are blue and bright:-) love ur necklace..great outfit..

    dont even want to go into rituals being symbolic of marriage!!

  23. oooo When I was out for a walk this evening I was just thinking along the very same lines...
    Its a little too warm here too to wear any of the 'Fall-ish' stuff!!!
    You just spoke my mind girl..
    But i dint wear anything as yummy as ur dress and neither was I looking as ravishing as you...
    So no pix..:(
    That cuff is a prize-win all the way!
    u lucky gal u...hehhehhe..

  24. Too cute! I know what you mean, here in south Georgia, we can't even begin to THINK about fall! XX!

  25. the bright blue and plaid are so unexpected but really pretty! and that cuff is lovely :) xx

  26. love the turquoise on you. so pretty! come back to boston...your jeggings and boots will come to good use :D

  27. Tanvi, I love this outfit, it's actually making me a bit sad that fall is in the air and soon I'll be putting away a lot of my dresses. I've never been very good at bringing some of my summer dresses into the cool weather, I just haven't been able to pull it off so far! Maybe this fall with my involvement in the blog world, I'll get some inspiration/tips?!

  28. Tanvi, is that the anthropologie necklace? I'd been eyeing it for a looks gorgeous!

    :D Re: the rites and rituals. I like what you've left unsaid!!

  29. Gorgeous outfit, sweetie! I wish I could still dress that way. Getting too cold here :) xoxo

  30. Wow! I can't believe you won that cuff at a giveaway! Lucky you! The dress looks beautiful on you too and turquoise is definitely a great color on you. xx

  31. loving the detailed second shot! are the non-blue bangles silver? looks fab...

  32. This is my favorite color for EVERYTHING! I would seriously dye my hair this color if it wouldn't give my boss a heart attack, but I'm happy to stick with jewelry in the mean time :D

  33. Love that statement cuff. You're so lucky having summer around for so long!

  34. Like the blue-ness.

    Interesting point-it's all for the men usually...but it's for us a selfish way...we need these SUPER people in our lives and can't do without them so we pray, fast, etc so that WE CAN BE TOGETHER in the best of health, wealth, peace and happiness.

  35. At times v enjoy following the rituals as we can buy new stuff,dress up and the best is receiving gifts.If women's tasks are acknoledged and awarded its worth following the rites n rituals.
    Like the necklece.
    Hoping 2 c u soon.

  36. I had actually written a long comment on this post. About the whole "men-centric" ritual thing and how that just doesn't sit well with me, despite being Hindu... and how really Hinduism believes and teaches that there is no male without female and that Shakti, which is the cosmic energy and creation and the feminine energy that is the other half of the Trimurti... ie, there is no Vishnu without Lakshmi, No Shiva without Parvati and no Brahma without Saraswati...

    ...but I lost that comment, which was really more an essay and may have bored the bejingies (technical term :) out of you.

    The gist of it was that it is mankind that has made everything to be about the male. Which is true of all religions.

    You are very forward thinking and you are a feminist and you are a woman and you are Indian and you are Hindu and your response, that "women remain constant" is perfect!

    ...and now to the blues... sigh...this look, I love, you are GORGEOUS, another colour that is just sublime on you...but can I just say one teeny tiny thing? I love that necklace, it's gorgeous and I want it!... however, I adore and drool over your totally delectable collarbones and the dress accentuates them but this necklace hides them!

  37. I have finally managed to re-enter the blogosphere, and oh what a lovely outfit! I love that dress and that necklace. Gorgeous(:

  38. Hi Tanvi...
    Love the accessories here just as much as i like the entire girlie look..
    Cute cute...
    And that thing in your neck is enough to entrap unsuspecting souls!;-)


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