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You asked for it!

Thank You, everyone who joined my pity-party yesterday. You will be glad to know it is over and I am back in my element. You would also be glad to know that I got my act together and decided to cook the god-damn Poha [an Indian dish made with flat rice] myself and ate it for breakfast-lunch-and-dinner! 
There. Done and over with!

Anyhooo, moving on, today I decided to address the question which i keep getting in my comments. Mostly I try and answer them all individually, but these are the 'repetitive' ones:

I am from Delhi, as you must have deciphered from yesterday's post. My family, in-laws and most of my childhood friend still live there. Hence, it is home. 

Current Location?
I live in Texas, U.S.A. with my husband. 

Do I cook Non-Vegetarian food, in spite of being a vegetarian myself?
My husband eats everything, leaves and animals alike. I do cook everything as long as it's clean and bloodless, except for fish and omelet as I cannot stand it's smell. 

Why don't I name the brands of my hand-bags/watches/sunglasses?
There are two reasons for it. 
1. My Mom doesn't approve and while I am a grown woman, I choose to obey her, here
2. While, I wish to continue being informative and interesting regarding my fashion choices I need to find a balance where I do not feel I am 'showing-off'. This is my balance! However, if someone really needs to know something specific, I do not mind sharing it with them individually. 

When will I post pictures from my FAT-DAYS!
Soon. I promise. Back when I was FAT I didn't own a digital camera so I do not have a soft copy of many of them. And the few that I did own were lost when my laptop was stolen earlier this year. Like a fool, I didn't have a back up! However, there was this one I had posted several weeks back, here.

This is all I could remember from the couple of previous posts! If you do have any more questions, feel free to ask me and I will try and answer them [ long as I think they are relevant. Fair enough, right? ;) ]


  1. awww dilli... jappi pale...
    haha..i have been in delhi for 10 yrs now and i love it...its all dark and gloomy and grey sky today.. you would have loved it... do tell me when you come here... we must catch up...

  2. Yummy Poha! I love it too!

    If you want pictures, I can send you some :-p

  3. haha! the world famous poha really looks yum, I can relate to eating things for all meals too (i mean stuff I like) glad to hv u back in the element! :)

  4. Hahaha.....My very sweet,obedient,matured,HONEST and sincere daughter.
    Keep growing and be grounded, always.
    Hugs n kisses.

  5. It's goo to hear you're out of your funk! Too bad you didn't get that hunky chef to cook for you though. Oh well, the dish you made looks delicious!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  6. That looks good!!!
    You were fat? You know I don't like that word!
    I never tell the names of my watches either for the same reasons. You are so humble.... Rare woman.

  7. That looks good!!!
    You were fat? You know I don't like that word!
    I never tell the names of my watches either for the same reasons. You are so humble.... Rare woman.

  8. I love poha so muchhhh! I could eat it everyday. I love upma as well. Try that.

    P.S. Style pile is totally preventing me from visiting your blog :P

    P.P.S. The salwar kurta post is fab. Looks pretty awesome on you.


  9. Yay, you made the Poha!!

    And it was great getting to know a bit more about you.

  10. That does look delicious! Not surprised you ate it all day. Glad the mojo's returned and you're a happy Tanvi again.
    Good on you for obeying Mummy! xxx

  11. I'm glad you tackled the homesickness in your usual active spirit - by making the meal yourself! (I didn't even know there is something like 'flat rice'.) Wishing you a wonderful day, Tanvi!

  12. I LOVE poha, made it sometime last week for a no fuss lunch, I like mine with a dash of lemon juice and green chutney! I love that you are a non squeamish vegetarian :)

  13. Your poha looks YUMMY!

    And I am very surprised to hear that you had fat days?!


  14. I don't blame you for having a pity party,I've been in the same boat ever since I signed up to take the CPA exam:( That poha looks soooo good, haven't had some in the longest time, did you top it with some sev and lemon?!
    I think it's very cute that you chose to listen to your mommy about not posting the labels of your bags-awww:))

  15. That Poha looks scrumptious. I've never had that - may have to look up a recipe.

    Nice to find out some more about you. You have also been tagged with some questions over at my blog! ;)

  16. mmm I am craving Poha now! Good for you getting out of the funk!

    Nice to know the tid-bits about you!

  17. Awh glad you're feeling better sweetie! And that looks delish! Loved learning more about u :)

  18. loved knowing more about you :)

  19. Aww loved your mom's cute!! :) Yay for making Poha..looks yum!

  20. You used to be a big girl? No Way Tanvi I don't believe it!

    Prove it!!!

    Is Delhi cool?For some reason I've always wanted to go there. Why don't you do a post about Delhi with picys of you in different places? It'd d be pretty cool, wouldn't it?

  21. Looks yummy! Glad you're feeling much better, Tanvi! XX!

  22. Pohaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Ab mujhe Indian store jaana haaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  23. That's so interesting about not posting brands. I never thought of it that way. You always give me soemthing to think about!

    xoxo, Ashley

  24. It's nice of you to cook non-veggie meals for your husband.

  25. That poha looks yummy. Great rainy day snack too.
    Tanvi, home is NZ for us now, but I'm a Mumbaikar whose parents came from Coorg(that's near Mysore) originally. However I spent a few years in Madras too!

  26. Fat photos...ya rite!
    As if those would convince us;-)
    And that poha looks yummy woman...
    What the heck!
    You look good n cook good!
    Not fair...
    I am glad my hubby does not read this space...though I sometimes show him pics of all u beautiful people:-)

  27. Poha looks yummm! I admire u for your sense of style and wit in your writing.. and now, more so for listening to your mum..Yayyy for that!!! u r a rockstar!

  28. the poha looks yummy, happy that you got to eat it and I never thought like that about posting brand names hmmmmmmm


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