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Shredded Spinach Salad & Me

Shredded Spinach Salad
Like it? Wanna know how to make it?
Here goes ... ;)
Julienne cut the following:
2 Cups of Spinach Leaves
1/2 Red Onions
1 Large Tomato
1/2 Cucumber
Few crushed walnuts
1 Dollop of Fat Free Cottage Cheese
Black Pepper
White Wine Vinegar
Dash of Lemon Juice

It's the simplest & the healthiest-thing-ever to whip up, when in a hurry!

Just mix it all up. 
I save the tomatoes for the last,
'coz they always have access juice dripping-out
which makes the salad mushy if not eaten immediately!
Sprinkle few crushed walnuts.
Add a dollop of cottage cheese. 
Then sprinkle a little black pepper, 
and finish it with a dash of lemon juice.
Now, munch on it! 

This is how I dressed for a little pampering-day-out yesterday!
Shorts - Miss Sixty [09']; Top - Uni Style [06']; 
Belt - UO [10']; Shoes - Dolce Vita -10']; 
Necklace - Francesca's [09']; Bangle - Old Navy [08']

P.S. Shredded Spinach Salad - Sounds like a tongue twister to me, doesn't it?


  1. Mmmmmm...does sound yummy :)

    You sure are quite a wonder in the culinary department Tanvii...quite innovative!


  2. hey Tanvi, love the shoes and I liked your previous post but how about doing one about your five favorite outfits??? and why they are your favorite.(in case you have favorites)

  3. i m so making this salad today evening... sound yummy!!

  4. I am surely trying this salad! Very doable- you def made it sound so :) and I LOVE this look...esp the shoes!

  5. That looks so yummy and Tanvi I am SURE you have lost weight, your waist looks tiny!!


  6. wonderful,great short and sunglasses. the food,yum yum made me hungry ;0

  7. That salad looks so good, and you've shredded the veggies so evenly-very jealous of your knife skills!

    Love the shoes Tanvii and same pinch on the belt..that belt is the bomb adds a bit of edge to any look:)

  8. The outfit is really smart and with the highwaist shorts are so perfect. Nice look all in all.

    Veggies look tempting and photos are nice :-)

  9. Dayam... cannot decide which is more delicious! The dish, the legs or the shoes??? All of it!!

    This is super hot babe!

    ....and yes to the comment about the way you've cut the vegetables... one son is an apprentice chef and he doesn't do as good a job!!

    One talent after the other...

  10. Will forward this recipe to hubby. He can enjoy it and he might make some for me too :-)

    What did you do on your "pampering day"? I thought you were pampered every day!! ;-))

  11. it looks delicious babe!!! thanks for sharing, and WOW, I LOVE your high waist denim shorts and those shoes!!!! Oh My!!!!!!!
    Ah Maaaa Ziiinnnnggggg!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend


    J, xoxo

  12. Argh! Dusk stole my words! I was going to say that I wasn't sure which was the tastiest, you or the salad, too but I'll just go ahead and say it anyway.
    That looks phenomenal and I adore the high-waisted sorts and killer heels.
    You're super hot!!!! xxx

  13. I am going to try this recipe over the weekend.I love spinach and havent tried it with cottage cheese..I love ur necklace - its looks delicate and pretty!! I like ur shoes too:-) u really look awesome in shorts!!

  14. salad looks great but not a cottage cheese fan for some I would top it off with goat cheese :)
    and you look great! so lucky to have a day of pampering! jealous....

  15. The shoes are hot!!! You seem to be living in shorts na, loving them on you. They suit you so well :)

  16. oh yummy! fab outfit too x

    Designer sunglasses giveaway!!

  17. Hmmmm yummm....healthy food...Is that the secret of your fit body?

  18. Those shoes are s frigging hawttt! Tanvi, take mi to shopping with you, like puhleees do :) ..
    I love those shades too! Pretty you look, as always <3

  19. Delicious! I love spinach so much! Great outfit, love the high-waisted shorts! XO!

  20. Those shorts are awesome!! And I love your hair in a ponytail..looks really cute on you!!!

  21. YOUR SHOES! I die, they are too fabulous!! great outfit dear xx

  22. So when are you going to try out for the next food network star? glamour and cooking! My two favorite things!

  23. Beauty brains and can cook! Total package gal in the building lol. I love it all the food the clothes and the heart. Everything you do comes from the heart!

  24. supa cute! love spinach & your boots!

  25. Wowie, I was going to say, great recipe...till I saw the pix. Whoa, great outfit!

  26. yum - this looks like the kinda salad that I would normally make! and cute outfit x

  27. This outfit is HOT! Killer legs lady!

  28. Those high-waisted shorts are very cute! And the outfit looks great with that necklace!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  29. Hi tanvi
    Don’t know about the salad...but you are all dressed to kill!

  30. Yum, Yum, Yum that salad looks divine:)
    love your shorts and shoes too.

  31. you look hot in them shorts, gurlie! the high waist fits you so well. you had me all drooley over the salad until we go to the cottage cheese part. there a substitute? i LOVE cheese, but cottage cheese has this texture, the liquid bit with teeny chunks...yeah, not a huge fan. sowy. :o(

  32. I love this look and the food looks soooo tasty! If it weren't cos I have spent the entire weekend pigging out I'd try to cook some of that.

    Back to blogging! God this is addictive eh?

  33. Great shoes!

    Also, this recipe sounds amazing. I have been looking for easy recipes to follow once I start fending for myself in college. This recipe of yours goes into my collection. Thank you!(:

  34. wow honey that looks amazing!!! I'm starved and that salad would make me very happy right now. and how gorgeous do u look? those shoes are fab and love the shorts! :)

  35. Hey hun, looking great! n so does the spinach salad...
    Lurve the shorts and the shoes r totally to die for...looks like you just got them??
    Sorry haven't been around, got busy with studies and flying back to dull boring rainy Delhi! What a change as compared to the sun sand sea of Mauritius!tcare, catch ya on twitter.xoxo

  36. hot! you look the shoes.

  37. Made this for dinner yesterday. It was so easy and delicious that it's now going to be a regular feature on my dinner menu. I'd gotten into the horrible habit of ordering takeout on weeknights but that is changing! Pls post more recipes :)



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