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Unsolicited Fashion Advice


Fashion is supposed to be fun and not taken seriously. It's just clothes, right? 
- Naina, from style'n

I completely agree with Naina, here. Back in February I had started making the list of Unsolicited Fashion Advice which I thought I would continue here as I had few more pointers floating in my head [and also 'coz people didn't seem to have learnt anything from the first lecture! ;)]. And like I said the last time, I do not really have any business telling anyone what to do, this is just for my own benefit 'I-did-my-part'-kinda-philosphy! Feel free to disagree, all I ask is keep it civil :o) So let's begin?
  1. Don't follow trends. Sarah Jessica Parker once said, "Don't wear clothes because others are wearing them." I happen to agree. Wear clothes which makes you look & feel good. Fashion-trends can take a hike! It's good to be trendy but only when it makes you look good! 
  2. Take Risks...but. Know your body type and dress accordingly. Fashion is for everyone, you just have to find your version of it. Do not copy someone else's style/wardrobe. Its not you or your body. 
  3. The right underwear matters. While putting your outfit together please pay attention to the undergarment first. Match the color, the fit, and then check the neck, back etc. Unless you are a teen sporting the "lace bra trend", I am guessing you would wanna wear something more appropriate under a 'deep-armhole tank' or a sheer top, no?
  4. Don't forget your paunch! Really! how many of us have a perfect-flat-stomachs? And yet, we are determined to wear body-fitted dresses [a size too small] circling our paunch almost, as if with a compass! It's even more tragic when such disasters are recorded on camera everyday and posted by friends/family on facebook for everyone to witness! Really tragic ... My condolences!
  5. Watch your make-up ladies. I do not know why, but most (if not all) Asian/Indian women are on a mission you look fairer. If the fairness cremes don't seem work, they trade-in for a foundation one-shade-lighter than their skin-tone. Unfortunately, it only makes their face look white washed almost like a geisha. Personal tip - Click a picture before leaving home. If you look like a freak there, you are most likely to look like one, when you step out in public too, no?! 
  6. Break the rules. Where does it say that night-outs mean dresses and day-wear means Jeans and/or shorts? Well, personally I love to mix-n-match. I would wear Jeans in the evening with a nice top, when I know everyone else will be wearing their 'paunch-hugging' dresses. Simple and effective way to stand-out and sit comfortably! ;)
  7. Styling Rut? While some people like to experiment, others like to stick with what works for them. Either way comfort and venue-appropriate clothing is the key here. I do not think it matter if someone dresses 'similarly' everyday as long as they dress smart and chic. It's their personal choice to experiment or not. 
  8. Random Shopping. We all have conveniently decided to solve all our problems through Retail Therapy. [I do it all the time!] Which is fine, as long as you have a plan. Picking up random pieces [from Sales especially] is not going to do much for your wardrobe now, is it? Unless you can picture yourself wearing a 'garment' at least on 5 different occasions, are you sure you want to pick yet another clothing item and still stand in front of your wardrobe every morning and wonder, "I have no clothes!?"
  9. Feet are as important as rest of the body! Once you have got the underwear and the dress right, it's time to get the footwear right too. Most of the women screw up here [except the bloggers! Most of us are fabulous with your Shoe choices ;)]. Shoes make the outfit, ladies. There is again no 'one' magic-mantra for it. Wear it, twirl around in it and see if it works. Also, in today's world we have God - 'Google' to solve all our problems. Just check what footwear others [preferably non-celebrity 'coz clearly common man doesn't have the shoe-budget they have!] might have worn with something similar to you. 
  10. Keep it simple. Either work the clothes or use the accessories. Don't do both, ever! You only end up looking like a circus. Even while accessorizing, choose smartly - bunch of bangles/bracelets or bunch of necklaces/chains or one of each! Never ALL!
That was quite-a-mouthful, wasn't it? 


  1. very intresting post tanvi..
    i esp loved the last part where u mentioned

    "Now, tune in tomorrow to see how five-fabulous-fashionista-bloggers put these simple mantras in action, in their daily styling! "

  2. That seriously is some great advice. I think I'll be sticking to those rules a lot. I definitely agree with the first one.

  3. i stumbled upon your blog from GB's...very interesting! i completely agree about the fashion rules...up my alley of thinking as well. good stuff...keep it up!

  4. Great advice! I'm kind of working my way out of a style rut right now since I actually have to try to put together a decent outfit in 30 seconds every morning haha. And, I'm thinking about getting on twitter! I have so many random thoughts! haha

  5. I honestly agree with all these tips, especially the don't forget your paunch lol! And I can't wait for the unveiling post tomorrow:)


  6. This post is one of the most awe inspiring post ever and OMG!!! thanks so much for including me babe, i'm so honoured!!! you're amazing!!! xoxo

  7. Dear Fabulous Fashion Guru,
    Your sage advice is all correct but what if I need a one on one tutor???
    Thanks for the tips!

  8. Excellent points, Tanvi! I'm totally with you.

    ♥ V

  9. Completely agree with everything here! Especially about the paunch and the too-fair make-up.

    Also, can't wait to see the fun project you're unveiling tomorrow! Exciting!!


  10. Great tips I agree with you on all. Dressing up is mainly for fun but once you master all your keys your a winner!

  11. thank you for sharing those tips, dear, I'll keep all in mind. :) I hope it's as useful to everybody else as it is to me.

  12. great tips..I so agree with the fairer part:-) and the underwear thing..There is an age to show ur underwear and there is an age to show ur underwear!! Love the collage, waiting for tomorrow's post..In the end fashion is personal and u have to wear comfortable and good to you..

  13. I am not sure about the paunch thing..If the person wearing the dress is comfortable with it showing, then does it really matter what other people think? do u dress for urself or others:-) its just clothes, right:-) I think true personal style is where u truly wear what u like and give a damn to others. like u do:-) what do u think?

  14. I am not sure about the paunch thing..If the person wearing the dress is comfortable with it showing, then does it really matter what other people think? do u dress for urself or others:-) its just clothes, right:-) I think true personal style is where u truly wear what u like and give a damn to others. like u do:-) what do u think?

  15. Hi. Thanks for the shout out! I completely agree with everything you said. And with style trends yes it's fun to incorporate them if it is helping and making you looks good. And risks are always fun-so nice to mix things up and change your look. agree on undies and tummy issues! Makeup-less is more! And random shopping-well that rarely happens anymore with a 2 year old..no time! I agree- you have to buy pieces that work with other items in your wardrobe. ok I could go on and on here but I won't. excited for tomorrow's post!

  16. Inspiring post :) and you're so right, I have seen ladies wearing so much foundation as if they have taken a bath with it, they scare me =/
    Keep writing .. <3

  17. I do love this post! Absolutely, you always have to keep in mind what works for you. Be it colour, fit, style, you can't buy something just because you liked it on someone else (your closet would grow too quickly!), you have to make sure that what you buy is something that you love when you wear it.

    I also totally agree with the funky foundation colours. People should just be happy with their natural skin colour - this also goes for those white girls that fake tan until they're orange. I hate seeing people with orange skin, it's so fake and just makes them seem really insecure.

    Random shopping can definitely be hard to avoid. Sometimes I just go to the mall without any money (or maybe just a $5 emergency fund!). I look around and see what all the trends are, figure out what I like. It helps me get inspiration for things I want to sew, but it also gives me ideas about things I already have in my wardrobe. Maybe I just need to wear them a different way for them to have a completely new life! It definitely helps get me out of a rut!

    I think this article had some great advice in it and I'm looking forward to hearing the next part!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  18. Great post, I love the retail therapy part. Girl, the whole reason we are shopping like this is because we are in a state of emotion! Shopping with any sense a goose has during this time goes out the window. That's why I end up with shoes still in the box a year later. But I luuuve them!!!

  19. Haha, great advise. Love the "mind your paunch" (so true)...

  20. i totally go by what u say.
    i have paunch, am chubby...i have fat in real bad places, still i feel stylish and i have few mantras...
    I wear Kurtis, that i design.
    I wear dark colors
    I wear shorts, as i have midriff problem, but my legs are short and nice...he he
    Also i take care of hair,
    Clear my skin,as good hair and bright skin really looks good,
    And always smile to keep myself beautiful...
    I am fat but hey what the hell...i still rock!

    missed u

    visit me...


  21. Really looking forward to tomorrow's post! :-p

  22. I love don't forget your paunch!! SO true.

  23. By god the right underwear is important! It seems so simple, but it is so often ignored.

    Hey, that's me! I'm nervous, but looking forward to tomorrow.

  24. Ooh great post. I agree with the underwear rule. I'd like to add that when wearing lowrise jeans, beware of bending over if you don't have the correct underwear on!!

  25. Sounds like a fun little series is coming up!! looking forward to it!! Totally agree with breaking the rules bit..who are these people who are making the rules any way and why do people think they have to conform to it?!?! As I've said before on my blog as well, I feel that if something looks good, wear it, flaunt it!! :)

  26. Hahaha, you make some very solid points here! Size ain't nothin' but a number! It makes me crazy when people buy things only in a certain size because of insecurity! If it fits, it fits, and that's what matters.

    xoxo, Ashley

  27. Such a great list! Seriously, dress appropriately and don't highlight the paunch! Also don't be to trendy and wearing appropriate shoes and underthings is key/

    Thanks for commenting on my Life guest post - Monica has it up now! My favorite photo is definitely the one with Audrey Hepburn!
    Life magazine guest post

  28. he he the paunch one was funny, I agree to all of it, nice tips.and ya all of us bloggers have fab shoe collection :)
    Sometimes I am out and I look at somebody and exclaim(soundlessly)what was she thinking!!!
    case in point: a normal size girl whose only problem area is her tummy and she HAS to highlight it by wearing a thin white tight t-shirt why oh why???
    also, i know people who buy expensive clothes a size small and then think that they will lose weight for it, plzzzzz never gonna happen.

  29. i really like imagining 5 ways to see urself in it...never thought of it that way, now, will have it in mind everytime I shop :)

  30. this is all such good advice - I definately agree with not following trends! x


  31. Great tips there, Tanvi. The face colour is a particular bugbear of mine, more so white girls coated in so much beige or orange foundation they cease to look human and have a hideous tidemark around their chops to boot.
    I seriously believe that with verve and confidence most rules of dress can be broken. If you feel fabulous it will radiate to your outward appearance.
    I'm a serial random shopping offender, grabbing the most outlandish and colourful items from second-hand shops and being totally befuddled with what to put on each day.
    Great work. xxx

  32. Tanvi... this is magazine worthy.

    I absolutely agree with all your points/tips including the paunch thing... from a core-spinal column point of view.
    I see too many people with relaxed stomachs and this is terrible terrible terrible for posture and their transverse abdominals. A paunch is not the same thing as a roll of fat! It's the result of a weak back!....and needs to be sucked in!!

    You need to put this forth to one of those blogger group sites. This is a brilliant post.

    (and thank you my sweet!!!)

  33. amen sister to the underwear part of your list. more than minding the paunch, ladies need to mind their thongs. ta, luv!

  34. agree totally...I have seen ladies ignoring their "Paunch" and wearing fitted dresses looking like thy are in their 2nd terimester of pregnency..


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