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Introspection Zone

Realizing that you are confused is the beginning of clarity. - Mahesh Bhatt

I have been in an introspective zone again, lately [I am not complaining, that's my favorite zone]. I have very few supporters of my 'honesty'. Well, actually just one - Dusk [Thank You! :)]. Since the time I can remember, I have always been asked to 'tone-it-down' or 'practice diplomacy'. Though back-in-the-day I was a rebel and didn't pay heed to such advices but with time and circumstances I have learnt to keep my thoughts/views/opinions to myself [couldn't be diplomatic so did the next best thing!]. 

Something I learnt early on was that everyone is made of 'good' and 'evil' and it is just a matter of keeping your 'evil' in control and bringing the 'good' out as much as possible. But how is that possible unless you are ready to accept and acknowledge the 'evil' in you? So while I am in constant battle with myself in keeping the 'evil' in control, I do not mind just sharing it in this space. And for once really being-who-I-am which includes the good & evil, both.  

Also, since I keep my mouth shut so much in my real-life lately, I really find blogging to be super-therapy, where I can say what-ever-the-heck I want. And everyone has a choice to read or not. Win-Win, I would say! :) 

Top - Urban Outfitters [09']; Shorts - Lucky Brand [08']; 
Shoes - Steve Madden [10']; Necklace - Gift [Mom, 10']
Belt - Thrifted [10']; Bracelet - Gift [10']; Ring - ?!?! [New Orleans, 10']



  1. I love the first pic - ur hubby's experiment with photoshop is working!! ur shoes are gorgeous - the color is very unusual- grey?? cant see ur bag clearly but do like its color too..and, haven't seen any evil in u yet:p

    And, surprise, surprise, I liked the red shoes on Bipasha!!

  2. Yh, I find that I have to control my mouth a lot, espeicially with my aunts!

    I love your outfit. The shoes and ring are both fabulous.

  3. The Chinese believe in Yin and Yang, I hope you are familiar with that, to be truly whole you have to accept the black and the white, so kudos to you for finding that truth, I find that you are so wise beyond your years, and I admire you for just being true and honest, you are a great role model and inspirational, sending you LOVE HUGS and KISSES :)), J, xoxo

    PS: LOVE your outfit in this post, and oh! your ring is amazing!!! take care babe, Love always, jemina, xoxo

  4. You're lucky that, you don't have to have a dual life. I feel like I am one person at home, and another person (almost forced either by me or someone else) at work...and that is conflicting considering I have a half a day home/half a day work schedule...But even so, I think being diplomatic is just not me, and I stand by what I say, for better or worse! And I think I value honesty as a trait far more than, getting high up there by faking I'd say atta girl, keep at it! :)
    And I LOVE these shoes!!

  5. I know where you're coming from with this post... I give a good rant on my blog from time to time too, bloody good therapy eh?

    I always try to focus on the positive and the good stuff, keeps me in check & super happy!

  6. Hey!! I liked the look..share a closeup of the necklace please :-)

    It's good you have discovered your medium! Still searching mine (till then YOUUUU have to bear with it!!):-p

  7. You look fantastic...I love the booties and the shorts.
    And personally, I dont think you, or anyone, should have to 'tone it down'... like you said, everyone is both good and bad, and no one is perfect and no one should expect anyone else to be or act perfectly either.

  8. I feel like I'm missing something here. I've been reading your blog for a while and I never feel that you are so honest to the point that it's blunt or offensive! Yes, you're honest which is always good (in my opinion), but I think you always say things in a way that would avoid them from hurting other people! :)

    Anyway, I love your outfit... beautiful pops of turquoise and those shoes are to DIE for!


  9. I love everything about this post the outfit, the bracelets all of it.
    As for the content I am all for honesty and that is the biggest reason why I love your blog(there are tons of others), I also have a tendency to say what I think, I feel like a fake person if I pay false compliments or do not reply honestly to anything someone asks me, it has landed me in trouble countless times but what to do, thats who I am.
    I don't think there is any such thing as evil it's all relative but ya you need to acknowledge who you are faults and all.
    In short you are fab and nope no evil in you acc to me.

  10. Hey!! Haven't been online lately.. so missed commenting on previous blogs..

    I soo agree with ur Review of Aisha.. Only that I felt Abhay could have been given more screen time.. and his acting prowess more content! :) nevertheless, I saw it twice.. :)

    Luhve Your shoes..!! and the belt looks sooo different from the last time u wore

    n ur mom is the besht!!! :D

  11. i have these phases..where in either accept that diplomacy is not my cup of tea and live in with the consequences (ayn ran effect) or where i am in constantly split to ways..and i for one haven't been able to find a solution..not till now.

  12. Awww I luke this outfit ...u luk greatttt...:)

  13. love seeing you wear that polka dot belt in another outfit. as always you look so well put together and you put so much thought into your outfit.
    happy monday,

  14. Oh, Tanvi, I feel you honey. How many times have I been told I need to tone it down, I'm too much, I intimidate people. I am also quite rebellious and spirited, but not for the sake of it. That's just the way I am. You know, like you, all I can say is: THIS IS ME! I'm not mean to people unprovoked, and I can't help if me standing in a room intimidates them.

    I've also found so much solace in blogging, and I agree: read if you like, or not. We can't change who we are, you know?!

    ♥ V

    So good for

  15. I've been wondering why my traffic stats are going through the roof!!! WOW hon... you get a lot of visitors!! As you should. Your personality is magnetic therefore your blog is.

    ...and I am not the only [blogger friend] one who adores your straight shooting personality... I know Tamanna does and Sonali... and really, all of your regular readers and followers!

    YES YES YES!!! Your 2nd paragraph... absolutely! You cannot know your true goodness nor extent of it until you can face your potential 'evil'. Then you know your morals, ethics, thought process, philosophies, etc. Of course there are greater arguments to that but we're simplifying it. It's nature, it's yin yang.

    ...gosh I ADORE you. This post is just another example why.

    And no, not because you mentioned my name again!!!!

  16. And you look wonderful!! I must say I am surprised to see you wearing a thrifted item as I recall you're not into thrift shopping, mainly mega sale and bargains! BUT... it's a gorgeous belt and I love the outfit colour scheme and that ring! and your shoes! and your legs!

  17. I love your style and your blog!


  18. Cute outfit Tanvi-LOVE the bag, and yes I agree with you completely, blogging is a great outlet, and you can say almost anything you want, without over analyzing it!

    Thanks for the Aisha review, I'm going to wait and watch it on DVD now, only interested in seeing the wardrobe!

  19. am loving your outfit!!......its fab!!

  20. hunny...its a choice u make most of the times... i am always of the effect that be yourself... if the blog is ur outlet, dont let it be hampered by faking niceness... ppl will or will not like u for who u are, but do u really want the ppl who dont like u for who u r to be a part of ur life?

    say ull lose a few followers...big deal!!... ppl have to respect ur choices and the person u r.. if they dont, its ok.. u will have others who like u just the way u r... this is the reason y i always ask ppl to follow my blog if they like what they see..not as a favor, i follow u so will u follow me types... i do follow a lot of blogs that i dont necessarily have on my follow list..shud that count? i still read them regularly...i dont know..anyway..ill stop rambling..u get the point right?


    much love

  21. Hi from Bali dear! Isn't blogging the BEST therapy? I'm not super open, but can be about the cool things and random thoughts my other friends probably wouldn't care for!

  22. what a great ring! also cool boots. almost... space - ish . :)

    <33 [v] hobovogue

  23. Tanvi I've been going through it with the evil gossiping devils about my blog, so evil people that show who they are with no remorse is frustrating me right now. I can never see you as being evil. I can't accept the evil in me well maybe when I want to retaliate then change my mind and listen to the good side.
    Anyways you look super cute and I see you are wearing your fav color.:)

  24. I feel your pain, Tanvi. I've been told to "tone it down" since I was a kid. My dear late mother used to call me as "subtle as a brick" as I'm incapable of being tactful and always say what I think.
    I tried thinking before I spoke for a while but the real me was getting lost so I'm back to being loud and "evil".
    Say what you think, we love you for how you are (and I must say you look fabulous in the shorts and killer boots combo). xxx

  25. I find the opposite with blogging. I find that seeing my words written out, and reading them before sending them out to the world actually tempers my honesty. I often find myself rewording things to sound less harsh.

  26. Hi doll, it's been a while but I'm back. I see you are delving into great topics as usj. Light and dark always at battle.
    p.s. that little frog ring is just too cute for words! hugs

  27. Blogging is definitely like therapy! You just say what you want!

  28. I am quite diplomatic in real life cuz sometimes you really have to deal with jerks...don't want to dwell on that.

    When it comes to blogging I am quite transparent. I really appreciate people who are honest and can speak their mind.

  29. Really great post, love it!

  30. That is the best thing about haveing a blog, you can write whatever you like!

    Love the combination of your shoes and shorts.

  31. you are always very creative with belts!!! love the look^__^

  32. Hi tanvi..
    Looking super hot...i like the new style of putting up the shots too!
    Very chic!
    And hey...great to see you in the introspection mode!
    I always believe that you can’t please best way out is to quit trying....
    Do your bit n pretty soon the people would get used to it!

    Did anyone tell you that shots look best on your frame?:-)

  33. I'm baack! For a little while anyway- I'm in between holidays. And I really want these boots! So Kate Moss.
    I totally hear you on the good/evil thing. You need to balance both and have an awareness of both. People who deny one or the other always come unstuck in the end. And there is such a double standard for outspoken women. A man would be considered authoritative whereas a woman is a bitch don't you think?

  34. Those shoes is what i'am going to be dreaming about when i hit the pillow in a while :)
    The belt is so retro 70's /80's so pretty , The hint of green in the tee is nice also loving the jewelery your wearing :) hotness :)

  35. I love what you did with your photos here! It looks so different!

    And I know what you mean about there being "good" and "evil" in everyone. You just have to accept the "evil" part for what it is, and hope that the "good" part outweighs it!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  36. I really love your outfit! Very chic and stylish. Perfectly accessorized!

    Embracing Style

  37. those shoes! And I like your outfit as well.
    You look great and style yourself pretty nicely.
    Great blog

  38. I completely agree with what you said about how everyone is made up of both good and evil. To me, they are two sides of the same kind, and the type of life we lead is determined by the choices that we make, not because of whether we are inherently 'good' or 'evil'.

    Sometimes, I wonder if being good is just another way of saying you're not evil.

    This was a post that definitely made me think!

    Also, loveeee your shoes in that outfit<3

  39. i love ya, truly, tanvi, dear! this post, seriously, could be about me as well. this issue of having shades of all sorts makes us human and built with multiple levels of thinking capabilities. i know in real life i have points in time when i'm come across as real bitchy when i have a lot to say on a topic i feel strongly about. usually it's those individuals i'm closest to who gets to hear the full, super lengthy discourse.
    i used to mind it initially, but have learned that suppressing my voice was suppressing me. i can't live with that. i have to be true to myself or otherwise i'd be constantly anxious which would eat away at me.

    there's a marilyn monroe quote i've said out loud numerous times to a list of people in my life which is more than applicable, 'if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
    *big hug*


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