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After The Vampire Incident

And this is on demand of Ms. Tamanna of Frenchleave
The head is missing due to the Vampire incidentremember?
Top - Old Navy [09']
Skirt - Zara [10']
Ring - ASOS [10']
Bangles - Local Boutique [09'/10']

Thank you everyone who did my tag yesterday. 
It was great fun reading your responses. 
For those you missed it, 
can catch the reader's response here!



  1. loved the ring...
    n d way u hve combined 2 different patterns,its jus amazin!!!
    u r gorgeous tanvi as usual!!
    tempts me to make 1 mre illustration:)

  2. Ooo, off to check out your guest post now.
    I love your skirt (I think I've said that before about the skirt...but it is amazing.)

  3. That henna is amazing! And you have sure been getting a lot of guest posts and features lately! Cool!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  4. read the guest post, did not know so many things about the toe ring except that married women wear it

  5. Going to check out your guest post now :)


  6. I did the read the post at Jemina :) nice Tanvi your all over the web haha :)
    Owww loving the skirt pretty pretty :)

  7. Love the polka heavy look, that ring is soooo cute!

  8. Love the 2 patterns! I wanted to e-mail you. Was wondering if you felt like guest posting with me some time :)

  9. Thanks for fulfilling Tamanna's request. This is my favorite outfit of you till date. Especially because I know I will wear it everyday. The belt is hot! The bangles and ring are super cute girl!!

  10. Polka dot ring! You know I love polka dots.

  11. LOVE!!!!!!!!! Love. LOVE. I love this mix of patterns!

    I read that post and learned a lot!! Had no idea of the significance.

  12. Off to check out your post. And I just love that ring and how you mixed prints :)

  13. Likey like the outfit!! What an interesting guest post I might as well add :)


  14. I just read your post, had no clue of its significance until now :) thanks tanvi, you're really the star of blogosphere <3
    ..loving the ring!

  15. Loving everything here! The vintage-y leather belt pulls everything together brilliantly and that ring is spectacular.
    Off to check out your guest

  16. I like your mixing of prints...very nice!!

  17. Cute polka dot skirt. Checking your guest post out now...

  18. Wow.. Your outfit is so cute! Loving the dots all the way..
    I adore your attention in details.. Lovely ring!

  19. well aren't you spotty today. I love that skirt! And, you just reminded me that I have not been giving my polka dot skirt enough love this year!

  20. You know I love the Indian culture so I'll go check it out!!!!

  21. I also read A Thousand Splendid Suns and thought about it for days. It's an amazing book.

    Stopping by for the first time!


  22. Hi Tanvi...
    Awwww...we miss the head!
    But all that’s down below is so super stylish that it’s kinda hard to take the eyes off!
    Amazingly well co-ordinated stuff....from polka with stripes to black n white n grey n a hint of brown n beige...
    The jewellery which is making the whole look so dymanic...
    Now how wrong can the head go..I am wondering BIG time!:-)

  23. Super interesting!

    For me it was always a fun thing in school..but since started wearing more mary janes and peep toes it became that u reminded me ill try slipping on one right after a nice pedicure.

    Clear and interesting writing girl. U rock!

  24. i saw that post...very well done hunny... i love that asos ring..i must have it!!! ordering now!!

  25. i love th way u have the abilty to team up all the patterns unders 1 dress.... the dots, the stripes and the solid brown.... great

  26. Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy I'm SOOOOOOO happy!!! :) Thank you sooooooooo mcuh my love! I've been so busy yaar that I bnever got the time to comment but I know you'll understand :)

    LOve this ensemble the most. It is such perfection in simplicty! Love it!! Succhhaa sexy figure huh! :)


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