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A wise man says : Good writing is just the evidence of a intensely lived life. 
If your life is burning well, writing is just the ash.

I do not like when people claim that they have figured me out. I know everyone enjoys an element of mystery within them but that's not what I am talking about here. 

When someone says, 'This is so Tanvi-style!' while it might be a compliment [and I do appreciate it!...but] I truly do not believe I have a set-style. [Disclaimer:This doesn't apply to the fabulous gift Sakshi sent me, as mentioned in yesterday's post. This is purely about my dressing style! Just clarifying before she gets mad at me and stops sending me presents ;)] The only constant factor in my dressing is 'comfort & fit'. Everything else is variable. I love experimenting, trying new looks, new combinations - and I will wear anything as long as it looks good on me & is venue appropriate! Just thought will set the record straight, use one of the benefits of having my own blog ;) ...

And this is how I had dressed for a soiree out with my husband
Top - Gift [Megha 05']; Pants - Fetched by Smrithi [10']
Necklace - Gift [Mom 10']
Bangles - Local Store  [09']; Slip ons - Pretty Fit [Dubai, 07']

N.B. If you wish to know more about me and have a little time to spare please check out my interview on Ce Qui M'inspire with Charlotte. I had stumbled upon her blog earlier this year and have been in love with her earring collection, ever since. She is a very sweet girl, living in the neighboring country [Canada!] who always drops by and leaves a comment on all my posts. [Very supportive!]

Also, you might want to check out this latest post by Dusk from the The Dusk Zonehere.


  1. oooh all the colors look so pretty on you :-)

  2. Love the nail paint.
    Such bright colors make your mood to go out!

  3. Hey! When I said, it so defines u.. i meant ur sense of style.. and didn't mean we've figured u out.. what i meant.. was the style statement in that picture was similar to urs.. classy suave and awesome! and in ur own words.. comfort n fit! :)

    sorry if u didn't like it! :((

    Love the pants.. its very cool.. the colors the prints and the way it makes u look is real fab... :)

  4. Arghhhhhh! I had those pants and left them in Goa as I couldn't fit anything else in my luggage. You look fantastic in your, they are so comfy yet elegant, aren't they?
    I loved Dusk's little homage to you, she's such an inspiration as indeed are you. xxx

  5. You look very cute! I really the multiple necklaces and the bright colors in your skirt.
    I like the idea of not having a set style. I see so many things I like, but then think "o thats not my style" :( Like right now I want a hairband, but I keep thinking it won't fit my wardrobe.

  6. Cute outfit - and I totally relate to the "this is so your style" thing.

  7. Well, I would never attempt to say I had 'figured you out' because every person is so complex! And in terms of style, I think you are very 'eclectic' - I could never say that you always wear dresses, or shorts, or one certain color, or one specific style. Every time I come here I see something completely different, and I love it! :D


  8. Funky pants. look fun!

    Read both their posts- very sweet and really lived the questions in the interview (by Charlotte).

    Limited yourself to a certain trait removes the 'unpredictability' and boxes us under labels. Now who likes labels? :-p (unless we are talking abt LV, Miu Miu, Chanel and the likes :-p)

  9. Comfort and fit are a great style philosophy dear!

    Love your honesty as always. I only show a tiny bit of myself on my blog (because mostly I'm highlighting other cool things) and it's a different vibe, but once in a while that epic honest post comes out, ;)

  10. Tanvi, I COMPLETELY agree with you. Fashion is supposed to be fun and not taken seriously and we should all experiment and just try different looks. I think some of my friends get surprised when I wear something "out of character" for me. But, it's just clothes right? have fun with it. you look darling in that outfit and love all the color.

  11. initially i thought that you're wearing a skirt! such coool pants... <3

  12. Those are really cool pants~

    And I think not having a defined style is best, that way you can try out any looks without being uncomfortable:)


  13. Love the way you've put this look together, the details on the top are very pretty and go very well the comfy (harem?) pants you've got on!
    I don't know if I'd put your style in a "Tanvii category", you take lots of risks and mix it up quite a bit-that's why it's fun to always check see what you're wearing..keeps it interesting!

  14. I love all the colours you're wearing. I wish I could pull off wearing really bold colours. You look great. And love the shoes.

  15. hmmm.. I also hope you aren't hinting us :P Just yesterday i wrote that those brogues pumps were "very you."
    Love the pants Tanvi :)

  16. I like your note on venue appropriate clothing. Cute blog!

  17. Couldn't agree with you more! Style is personal and its also ever evolving! Love your skirt!
    xo M

  18. The dress is a little too colorful for me but looks good on u:-) ur shoes reming me of McQueen skull flats that Sonam wore during IHLS promotions...Hey, always wanted to ask, when did u get the nose ring?

  19. I'm loving the accessories especially the toe rings..:)

  20. Love those colors!!! I love orange, be it my wardrobe or home...this is gorgeous! And that necklace goes so well with the entire look/feel. Nice!

  21. I'm so with you honey! Comfort & fit are key. Love the outfit and once again your mother gives you the best gifts! :)

  22. Fabulous top! The color is great on you.

  23. I hear ya..Although I'm into a lot of girly stuff like polka dots, lace, ruffles etc, I am open to fact clothes is one of the few things where I'm not so rigid so I hate it as well when ppl say, "oh that is soo you!"

    love your pants..and yeah your sandals are pretty similar to the Giuseppe Zanotti skull sandal Sonam was wearing!!

  24. I love your toe rings! Too cute! And the pattern on your skirt is way fun :)

  25. ohhhh I love that bangle!

  26. Love your skirt. You look relaxed.Very unexpected.

  27. I hate that too! People are constantly saying things like, "I bought this dress, and it reminds me of something you would wear." Then I see it, and it's ugly. Wha??? Bummer. Just because it is vintage does not mean it is cute. I am on your team there.

    I don't think I know you all that well, and I see what you wear most days. All I know is that you have a great shoe collection, but most days you really do surprise me.

    That was all ranty, but I'm guessing it made some sense. At least I hope. :P

  28. bright colors always pep me up..loving your top also..i know that if i had such pants i would have spent ages in finding the right top and may be even then would not have been the perfect pairing as yours
    (your mom seems to have an amazing taste in jewelry..she really gifts you the bets stuff)

  29. Hi Tani...
    Alrite...point noted...
    We know you a little bit but n always would love to know u more...
    Like they say...the more the merrier!;-)
    And brilliant opening quote....!
    Those pants are lovely...
    Hey beautiful people...please keep showering gifts on dear Tanvi n continue to make her floor us!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Love the colors of your skirt!!

  32. heart the necklace.. and u do look good in orange!

  33. your necklace is very pretty, love the beads. your mom must be a fashionable lady! :o) i get the not preferring to be put in a box of any sort. even if i accidentally/automatically fall into a mold, and someone points it out, i try to step out of it to change things up a bit. meh, there are no rules to fashion and style. just like everything else, we evolve and change right along. :o)

  34. I totally understand the bit about having an ever-evolving style! I can definitely see it in your outfit posts, and that's one of the reasons I love to see your outfits! They are always so different! I think it's good to be able to have a consistent style if that's what works for you, but I much prefer experimenting with different things.

    For me, it's always about the fit and the feel of the clothing (price usually factors in there too! My student budget doesn't allow me to go out and buy $200 jeans!). I'm ok with buying things that aren't particularly well made if it's something really trendy that I don't think I'll wear for much more than one season anyway!

    But since my closet has been getting a little bit out of control lately, I've been giving myself the rule that I really need to love something, and see myself wearing it for a long time if I want to buy it. Sometimes I love thing that are pretty typical for my wardrobe, and sometimes I love things just because they're completely different from anything else I own! That's what makes life interesting!

    Ce qui m'inspire


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