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Can't make up my mind!

Shirt Dress - Giovani [Delhi, 2007]
Belt - Coach, Thrifted for $10.00 [10']

Shoes - Dolce Vita [10']
Bangles - Local Boutique [09']

I do not have any wise words to share or anything to whine about either. What I cannot make up mind about however is whether I am ready for the fall yet, or not? Lately, every second blog I check is addressing this subject and I am just not sure! 

While I am dying to wear my boots, leggings, and jackets I also quite like the simple shirt-dress and shorts right now on my shelves. Hmmmm. It's a good thing I live in Texas, 'coz the sun is most likely to lurk around up until late October here, which gives me enough time to make up my mind ;)

What I AM sure about is, that it's FRIDAY, BABY! [Yeah, I am shouting it at the highest pitch possible] Do we have any special plans for the weekend?


  1. Dayummmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE this safari queen look!
    ...and it seems a shame... some would say... a sin!... to cover those legs... :D...xo

  2. Great transition outfit!! Loving those shoes girlfriend! I think this is my favorite look on you (I'm such a sucker for neutrals).

    xx rk

  3. I love your shoes! Lovely outfit(:

    What are some of your recommended fall pieces?

  4. :) time's a luxury, when taken!
    I am travelling this weekend to meet my granma *exciteddd* :)

  5. Haha, this looks like an outfit I just saw a blog post about! And I believe you left a comment on that blog post about shirtdresses.... Did it perhaps inspire this outfit? I like it!

    I know what you mean about missing boots. That's what I'm looking forward to the most about cooler weather, I've been missing my boots!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  6. love how you pull off such an elegance fall look, happy weekend, YAP^__^ xoxo from california

  7. oh always look your long hair too

  8. Your Dolce Vita shoes - DIVINE!

    Not much going on this weekend, but I'll have Thai food tonight! Yum!

  9. That's a dilemma... shorts and summer clothes are so super comfy... it's hard to shelve them away..

    if you get tired of the fall there, you can always come here and be in summer mode 365 days of the year :-p

    Like the look

  10. Ah I love our look babe, the shirt dress is so effortlessly chic and you look lovely! I especially love the neon pink toes peek-a-booing :) The sunnies are super cute. As for winter it can't get here soon enough. Bombay is hot and humid all year round but in winter for once its almost sort of pleasant!

  11. I really like this simple outfit, it's sweet. Mm.. I am planning on spending much of the time relaxing and finally catching up on blogs!

  12. OMG: Your shoes!!!! I love them soooo much!
    I loev te shirt dress on you. Its so nice for summer.

    Unfortunately, summer seems to have ended in London, so I have no choice but to embrace Autumn.

  13. Love your outfit! But I hate cold weather, so I hope I won't be getting much of it this year :P

    I might be going on a road trip to somewhere outside London tomorrow, and will be meeting a blogger friend at some point as well; those are my weekend plans!


  14. Wow, the booties and your shades are absolutely fabulous! You looked like a million bucks, missy:)


  15. Yay for Friday!

    I love this look...and the sunnies are divine on you!

    ♥ V

    PS: Will run your post next week!

  16. oh I love this shirt dress! And you picked it up in Delhi? Great find. And yes you have a couple of months left of summer in Texas!!! Lucky you,

  17. Verrrry chic footwear!
    Meetu D

  18. u put the clothes perfectly and u know, i think everyone likes brown, it always looks chic to me! :)

    and i loooove the sunshine! :)

    CLIFF from

  19. Yay for Friday! You look stunning in that outfit and love those boots. I hopped over here from Copious Couture. xo

  20. But it's always fun to practise... and you are looking GOOD in this lovely shirt dress, high-heeled boots and LV bag! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Tanvi!

  21. You're right, gold can be tricky, and it has to be done tastefully.
    Hey, I think I've been on your blog before and really liked it, but never found it again. Going to follow you now so that doesn't happen again.

  22. Love what you are wearing, those heels are hot!

  23. I'm also itching for a little bit of brisk weather so i can wear all my booties and light weight jackets! I LOVE your Dolce Vitas! YUMMY!

  24. Chic to the max! I love your shirt-dress, your Coach belt, your LV bag. The shoes are spunky but a tad too puffy for me. Overall, you look sooo sharp, hon! :)

    I'm toh desperately waiting for Fall!!

  25. This is SOOOOO beautiful! You're stunning! I love the entire outfit. That dress is fantastic. Especially, with those shoes and the belt. It's amazing.


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  26. I understand what you mean.... I cannot make up my mind either... and I have just a month... maximum 2 months to prepare for fall ...


    hahaha these are great!! Especially the one about your dream vacation :) I am now learning how to use polyvore :)


  27. Don't know what to say about fall, Bombay we dont really have much of an option :P But I do love that dress, that shade of nude is my current favourite :)

  28. It's the perfect transition wear as said by Connie yesterday :) You look gorgeous as always, sweetie.

    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  29. I read what you had to say but that's not important right now cause your are HOTTTT,SEXY,FLY.....what more can I say.

  30. Well, when you are rocking great outfits like that it's no surprise you aren't ready for Fall yet! :)

    Love this look. Those types of shoes always scare me when I see them on display, but they look great on you.

    Happy Friday!

  31. Ive loved those glares in the other post too and here with the shirt dress, they look even more KEWl..:D
    Yeah! Though I dont have ur kinda great figure to sport an apple cut shirt dress like that, I agree that I'm not ready to get all covered either! :P
    Some sun on Goan beaches maybe next weekend..Not this one though! :(

  32. OH my I love the chic! I am ready for fall, love summer but the heat is killing. The temps today have cooled down a bit here today, so life is good!

    Yay for Friday!

  33. Love this look soo hot!! You've accessorized the shirt dress so well..I think this has to be my favorite outfit on you as well!!

  34. Fabulous outfit, regardless of the season! Great LV purse, too.

  35. WOWZAAAAA! Happy friday for your hubby for this outfit haha.

  36. I am so not ready for Autumn. I don't want the sun to go away!!!
    Saying that I'm off on hols Next Friday so it better be warm or I won't be amused!

    I love the dress you look stunning!

  37. Hi!
    Great blog, I really enjoyed.

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  38. do i need to say dat u r lukin gorgeous!!!
    head to toe jus purfct!!!

  39. Those boots are friggin' fabulous! I want a pair. "green with envy" LOL

    Have a superb weekend!

  40. Hi sweetheart, I love your outfit! thanks for your comment on my blog, stuff like that is what keeps me blogging :) xx

    <3 Anika

  41. Like the sun glasses,and here in bomaby its summer all year round I actually crave for Delhi winters, have a great weekend.

  42. Oooh, I think this is one of my favs. So classic and sophis.

  43. them booties (the shoes, silly) are all sorts of hot! speakin of...i can't wait for the cool temps. don't shoot me but i prefer 5 degree temps to 105. boooooo! hissss! whatevs

  44. loving those shoes hunny..and the glasses

  45. the shirt dress is so nice girl!!!!
    rock it =)

    if you get a chance, visit me at and let me know what you think


  46. Love ur dress..u look fab!!


    Can u please, please ask Fall to come back later??


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