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Streets of Beacon Hill

Skirt worn as Top - Zara [10']
Boston Roads
At Beacon Hill
What a cute house! Isn't it?
Belt - J.Crew [10']; Jorts [10'] - From Miss Sixty Jeans [06']
Taking a break
 Shoes - Børn [10']
Second time at this Restaurant [A must visit]
Refreshing Sangria
Best Pizza EVER!


  1. Tanvi, I can't keep up with you. I love this orange with the mix of polka dots. I'll be out of town soon so hopefully I don't miss to much while I'm gone. Love everything!!!

  2. Love your flats! And, that pizza looks INCREDIBLE!!

  3. Mmmm that pizza looks delish. Don't tempt me with food please! I'm attempting to cut out all fatty things from my diet!!

    Love the polka dots. And the accents of orange in your outfit :)

    Leia's Delights

  4. It looks like your having a great time! Good food, and nice architecture to look at!

    I love the skirt as a top. A great, versatile piece to have in your closet. And your whole outfit looks so perfectly summery!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  5. love the skirt worn as a top :)

    i love sangria~

  6. Love these shots and you are totally making me miss pizza!

    p.s. You are gorgeous in all your wedding recaps! Lenghas are so awesome and I wish I had gotten one instead of a sari because there is too much wrapping involved! Love that you wore blue and your jewelry was over the top chic!

  7. Boston looks really nice. I need to visit it for sure now. And you look so cute. I love the top.

  8. I wanna visit!!

    Cute outfit! I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Orange!

    Nice photos :-)

  9. I love versatile clothes but couldn't have ever made out that it's a skirt, the pop of color in the outfit is a great touch

  10. Super cute! I like :)

  11. the pizza luks really sinfull...
    i jus wana eat it.. i think it ben 2 whole months i havnt had it...
    but none the less.. il eat it soon...

    ur top cum skirt is lukin really gud..and the orange luks jus outstanding in the whole outfit... like it...

  12. Love how you've turned the skirt into the top...I might have to try that sometime:)
    Recently came across your blog, and I have to say all of your posts on fitness are crazy motivational! I ran 2 marathons over the course of the past 2 years and I'd gotten to that point wherein I'd completely stopped working out because I'd felt like I'd accomplished something..your posts reinforced healthy living which is something I've always striven for, considering I fall off the wagon waay too much. You actually made me get back to running, and I was thinking, and this is a direct quote.."run fat girl run"!!

    Ps: Sorry for the long rant....but I just had to leave a comment!

  13. LOVE these pics. You look great!It was so nice to meet you in Boston. Hope you have a safe journey home.

  14. I love your blog. x

  15. heart the matching belt n flats... the colors emit subtle kinda joy:) n u r basking on it!

  16. everything abt this post is attractive :)

  17. I can soo use a couple sangrias right now!! Love all the pics..esp the "taking a break" one!! Hope you're having a great anniversary weekend :)

  18. Wow!! Smartly used the skirrt babeh! :) The pizza looks delish. Love your orange ballet flats! Very cute!! :)

  19. Happy Anniversary to you and your Mr. Right......
    What an innovative idea....Skirt worn as Top!!!!

    Is the pizza from Pizza Antica?????that’s my fav. tooooooooooo

  20. see it really pays to have beautiful stylish people like you around..i have exactly the same skirt (h&M) and this skirt top style of yours is totally fab and i am definitely copying looks delicious too :)

  21. Amazing sweetie! Love how you wore the skirt as the top. You are so creative :)


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