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Simple is Chic

I am not a coward [really am not!] and I neither am I afraid of confrontations. But do I look forward to them? Not really! However, what bothers me the most is when I realize that I might have hurt or offended someone unintentionally. The moment that realization dawns upon me, my day becomes long and the night even longer [till I set the record straight, that is]! Until I do not know for sure that I have communicated my true intention to the person-concerned, I cannot sit still. At times, I even wish the earth would split open and I would guzzle right into the oblivion, just like Sita Mata [But I am not a big fan of Mrs. Sita ... but that story for another time. Non Indian readers - She is a mythological character from one of the Hindu Epics - Ramayana]! But that never happens and I have to wait it out till the misunderstanding gets cleared. It's such a torture. And to make it worse I start over-analyzing the situation and wonder if my need to set-the-record straight will be seen as my guilt talking? No matter how hard I try to keep my 'simple' life - simple, it always finds a way to get entangled again. But my quest to keep it simple is always ON! 

This is how I dressed to run errands with my husband :)
High-Bun incidentally same as what Splurgerina featured in her yesterday's post!

Top - Target [10']; Jeans - Miss Sixty [06']
Shoes - Tory Burch [10']

Photography is courtesy my husband
(As some readers had asked me)

Today, I met Tamanna for a short while. It was my first time meeting a friend from this blogosphere. She is as amazing as her posts are. She is reflective, fun and very easy to talk to. 

We talked and shared our views about blogging, men, women, sagittarius sun sign, fashion, Sonam Kapoor [Meh!], Aishwarya Rai [*vicious.eye.roll*], among many other things. It was really great to finally meet [at least] one of the faces behind my Mac screen [*big.grin*].  

With the fun and fabulous Tamanna from Frenchleave


  1. The simple t-shirt with the necklace looks great! And those flashy sunglasses are so cool!

    I totally know what you mean about unintentionally hurting people. Sometimes I say something and then when I reflect back on it later, I realize that it could have been totally perceived the wrong way and then I feel really guilty.

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. like the shoes... thought they were kolhapuris!

  3. True & Pure souls on this planet can never be patient when the air around them is not clear, I can totally relate to what you said. I hope you clear the air soon....& yes you look gr8, as usual :-)

  4. i adore simple outfits like these :)
    and i always tend to over analyze every situation no matter what as well.

  5. I liked the bun idea... im definitely gonna try it onn tomo :)

  6. Love the high bun, I am always pulling my hair in one given the humidity and heat! Love your errands look! And ditto on Sonam Kapoor (meh meh meh) a friend recently worked with her and told me such horror stories! Ditto on Ash- a total bitch she is apparently! Ooooh I have to ask- is that LV bag??? Love the shoes!

  7. Simple is chic and the best form of living. And those shoes are awesome!
    And how nice you guys met. It's fun to meet girls from 'reel' to real na. I was very excited too, when we met Karishma and Koshy :)
    To girl power!!

  8. I am exactly the same if I ever feel that I've offender someone. I get really stressed and anxious, until it's sorted.

    That is such a perfect errand outfit. I'm loving the jeans.


  9. How cool that you met Tamanna! I love her blog, but I had no idea you lived in the same vicinity. I love meeting bloggers :)

    I hope you sort out your situation with the person who thinks you have offended him/her!

  10. Simple is more than chic!

    Nice outfit.. <3 ur bag n shoes!

  11. You know what I am going to say right..

    "I LOVE THE SHOES! It's so Happy"

    You kinda nailed it on the roller-coaster ride guilt and overactive brain takes you when a misunderstanding occurs. Let's hope that if we want to keep it simple, the other person/people do the same and make it easier to accomplish that na?

  12. I can relate to wat u meant.
    When m misunderstood for no reason/intention,get upset.
    Classy bun looks good.

  13. Hey Tanvii,

    This is the first time i am leaving a comment on your blog, and i want to say you have great style.
    and i want to say that i feel the same way about misunderstandings, i stay up all night thinking about it and harassing my hubby by talking about it again and again so good to know other people also think like this

  14. Dude... yes I just referred to you... u look so cool the bun, the aviators, torn jeans... I love how u mixing it up! Awesome!I

  15. Your dress code 'Keeping it simple' definitely works, Tanvi. You're looking great!
    I do know the worries about inintentionally having offended someone - it's a nagging feeling and often becomes much bigger in our heads than it was actually received. xoxo

  16. The hair looks adorable on you!and also loving the shoes!! They have got a very Indian touch to them.

  17. Oh, loving those ripped jeans on you!!

    Ahh, I tend to avoid confrontations, they can get pretty ugly!

  18. Oh I'm the same way! I can't stand knowing I accidently made someone mad at me...but I do love the jeans and t-shirt look :)

  19. what a cute outfit. those sandals are fun and bright!

  20. oh! you met tamanna...i can imagine all the fun you must had..wish i could have joined you guys..loving the chappals..i used to wear these kinds in India so much..don't have them here though :)
    loving the shades too :)
    have fun!!!

  21. he he chappals was for the fun part..but point taken madame :))..and i agree they look super cool and sexy :)

  22. This is the first time ur hair is all tied up, right? Ur shoes are cute and they remind me of Kohlapuri chappals:-) and love the color of ur bag..

    just curious how do u realize u may have hurt someone - does ur hubby point out? does that person say something which makes u think? what I am trying to get is what makes u introspect in a particular situation or do u introspect every stuff:-)

  23. adorable shoes! especially paired with such a simple shirt

  24. Hi Tanvii,

    Love thos gorgeous versatile, can be worn with ethnic/western wear both not to mention my sarees too. Would love to own one like those.

    BTW, my son's name is Yohaan Philip John. Yohaan, means 'God has blessed/given'. He was born here in Dubai and is 19 months old now. And a total brat. As well as ma ka laadla. :)



  25. Another one of those things where you remind me of me!
    It sucks when someone is miffed with me for this has happened at such rare occasions that I can actually count them on my fingers accounting for my lifetime!

    But try as you may...this becomes a basic intrinsic nature Tani...
    We won’t change n thankfully not many get miffed in our paths;-)

    U n Tamanna both look gorgeous...
    And yiyee yiyee I know both of u*grins like a monkey-phrase stolen from u*
    Stay cool both of u awesome women:-)

    P.S. I wrote a mail some time back in reply to urs...did u get that?

  26. I know exactly what you mean...I can't stand still either till things are cleared up. I love those ripped jeans and heels. Very cool you and Tamanna met :)

  27. I am the same way. I will not sleep if something is bothering me. I love those sandals. The colors ae amazing. Simple fit the the shoes make it POP!

  28. your shoes are to die for. i cant beleieve they are tory burch. how long ago did u buy them? too cool. i need a pair.

  29. Oh you look so fab! Very chilled out and I love your jeans :)


  30. sometimes i feel u r my twin sister...seriously!
    its strange that since yesterday similar things hv been playing my mind....and am feeling so restless!!!

  31. I love those shoes. What an interesting hybrid of traditional and modern.
    Hey, I've seen Tamanna's blog. How cool of you guys to meet! Do you live close by?

  32. looking mad chill... very hip! simply chic:) yes yes, less is more and simple is chic. agree 100%

  33. That's awesome that you got to have a little blogger meet up. I wish I had some blogger friends in real life! I feel like my friends get sick of hearing about the blog!! As for the outfit, I love the shoes!! They give a bright pop to your errand running outfit!

  34. I love that simple for you includes heels. <3

  35. i totally totally love your shoes...actually d whole look!!!...

  36. this is so cool...Tammy is sucha sweetheart isn't she....awww i'd have loved to be there...xo.

  37. You guys met :O
    I'm so jealous!
    *double vicious eye roll for Ash*

  38. omg, i just bought those tory burch's from century 21!!! damn!! same taste yo!! hehehe...

  39. How fabulous that you guys got to meet each other! I love it when blogging buddies can meet in person. I've done it a few times and it's so enriching :)

  40. There are millions of reasons I adore you. Your honesty humbles me.

    Love that you and Tamanna met!! So cool!! Hey come on! what's wrong with Aish??? I love her! but I'm with you on Sonam :)


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