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"Rocking" Life?

I have been thinking about this for quite sometime and then 'introspected' on this last night with husband as well -> To achieve anything in life, you first need to have the fire in your belly. You need to want it reallllly bad. If one makes peace with their 'uncomfortable' situation or accepts their rather 'unfavorable circumstances' they have already lost the battle. The key to success lies in 'never giving up', right? Always stepping out of your comfort zone and giving that extra 'something' even when you feel you haven't got any more life in you to give 'anything' anymore. There is no specific time or age for success. It just happens! But you ought to be ready when it happens, else it will pass you right by! This is what me thinks!

And since I am a crazy-list-making person, I need to right it down my plan for success ['coz I need to see it to believe in it!]
  1. Do I know what do I want? [I most often do!]
  2. Can I visualizing what I want? [Being an imaginative person helps!]
  3. Do I have what it takes? [Yay baby! I always do ;)]
  4. Researching, all the resources I have got! [Gives me confidence]
  5. Making Contingency Plans [Helps me overcome fear/be prepared for failure!]
  6. Staying positive! [Always say 'Yes!' to life!]
  7. Accept criticism [Most difficult one for me. But apparently everyone has an advice whether you asked for it or not!]
This is how I dressed for a random shopping day ;)
Pants - BCBG [10'] Also worn here
Shoes - Nine West [09']
Tank - Target [10']
Necklace - Gift [Mom, 10']
Ready 'to rock'? ;)


  1. Love that necklace! It's so cool!

    I totally agree that you need that fire in your belly. Whenever I stick my mind to something and decide that that's what I really want to do I always get it done. Without that fire and determination, I never seem to be able to finish what I start. It's hard to find that fire, but once you do, it's hard to put it out!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. Hey Tanvi,

    You don't know how much this post brought smile to my face because I am feeling quiet low:(

    I loved your necklace and I have some what similar kind in blue which I got from aaka Janpath in Canaught Place Delhi..

  3. Hi, well said...as soon as we are comfortable that means we are good to be with what we have..so as you mentioned we need that fire in the belly

  4. Award me for being the 1st one to comment! Hurre!!
    Stylish pants,Classy belt and Neck piece Totally awwwsom.
    Self analyses is so important.luv u

  5. Tanvi.. i have made a high bun tday as said in the eatlier post and i love ur pants and the necklace quite a lot.... :)

  6. Those pants are gorgeous! I love that pink necklace too!

  7. I try to live my life to that mantra, too :)

    You look amazing. I love the way you jazz up a simple outfit with fun and bright accessories!

    Leia's Delights

  8. Love Love Love this look ... it is Rocking indeed.. I love when you play edgy. Not one thing i'd change about it!!

  9. Wow! Love this look. Your neck-piece, especially.

    I adore your zest for life. Good going! :)

  10. totally digging those pants!

  11. I agree completely with your list! I could use a little more fire in my belly right now lol.

    PS - loving the colorful necklace!


  12. Love the pants and boots combo - you can totally pull that off! And I agree, you have to reeealllly want something to be truly successful! XO!

  13. Always been a lover of monochrome!! Love this outfit! Would have gone without the necklace htough...but that's just me...simple, no jewelry person...sometimes I wonder main kaisi ladki hu yarr! :)

  14. Love your random shopping day outfit. Great bag and trousers.:)SarahD

  15. yup, u need fire in ur belly to achieve anything and then u need to act on it..I am sure u will succeed in whatever u try..

    cute pants..I am a little iffy on the necklace and shoe worn together..

  16. Great post, I make lists too!
    Which reminds me I need to make one for..lol
    Love the necklace it's so bright, it would go perfect with my post today! hugs

  17. loving the outfit hunny!!! perfection!!

  18. I love making lists too. Love the whole look you're rocking!

  19. I have the kind of same necklace but it's in silver...and i am totally loving those pants..i also make lists when i have things piled up and i have to prioritize ..mine are about "things to do" always...you go into some deep thinking stuff in your lists :)

  20. go rockstar! n like in the alchemist, if you really want something, all of universe conspires to get it for you:) btw, the pants and the bag are ow so fabulous! love:)

  21. @ No. 7 -- positive criticism that is..some people are just there to bring you down deliberately which is not at all acceptable! Love your pants..you look very chic!

  22. You are way too organized.... and by that I mean way more organized than me.

    Great look as usual. The pink necklace is perfect with the black and white.

  23. I did the post on what's in your bag just for you.:)

  24. Love your outfit! great necklace!

    I always try to take notice of constructive criticism, although sometimes it can be difficult. If it is not constructive I see no benefit of paying attention to it.

  25. Love the pants and the belt! Sexy look! Thank you for visiting by the way... ;-)

  26. hey!
    big shout out to you on my blog...
    love this post
    go check it out...

  27. Great look...trousers still catch my attention the most.

    Hair looks nice girl...it's good your resisting that haircut.

    Keep the fire raging and burning hot!

  28. love your trousers!
    loving the blog
    great posts
    stop by some time! xx

  29. amazing post! i make a list of pros and cons of the decision i would i am going to make.
    you look fabulous, by the way ;)

  30. LOVE the necklace!! and the whole outfit

  31. And what we achieve via those "struggles" feels more valuable than what comes easy!

  32. Gorgeous Tanvi! Just beautiful. Love that necklace your Mom got you. And you have such a talent for styling :)

    Happy weekend honey!

  33. A tag awaits you on my blog. Do come and see it

  34. I love the necklace! And I am so inspired by your commitment to action. You go girlie! Have a great weekend.

  35. I love your purse! I'm a list maker too, life is just easier when it's looked at it bullet form.

    xoxo, Ashley

  36. Even without the introspection...you would be rocking Tani...
    Some people have it inbuilt...
    By default...:-)

    So while many others spend sleepless nights n planning for it...others go with the flow and attain it effortlessly...
    That’s your case too!
    Stay rocking!

  37. I'm a crazy list making person too!!!
    ...and I second what Suruchi says...

    Of course success needs to planned for and every plan needs a list, a key, in order to see the steps to success... otherwise it's... stuckcess!!
    My mantra is VISUALISE. ACTUALIZE.

    Now on to other matters... like how much of a rockstar you are!!! Love this look hon, love the pants and damn look at those biceps!

    You are feeeeyurce. xo

  38. This outfit is soooo cool! I love the trousers! but above all, i love how you see life!


    PS: Just posted an NYC Dating survival kit... but I guess it applies everywhere. :) tell us what you think?

  39. Thanks for your wise words. This is definitely a reminder for me.

    Loving your pants!

  40. these such a gorgeous outfit.love the necklace

  41. i'm going to keep this handy for a reference! How true! :)

  42. Haylo!

    I have been very much okay and completely around and have definitely been reading you...just that, your blog is one that doesnt just put up fashionable pics - which would have been easier to comment on, your posts are real, cognitive discussions and they make me think.

    If you look back the last couple your posts have been very introspective, and I am always at a loss of words when I read stuff like that...so have been shying away from commenting. :(

    Will make my presence felt henceforth. :)

  43. i think this is a very aisha look!! i love it!


  44. This is a very cute outfit!
    Eat, Sleep, Denim <3

  45. In love with the pink thing in your neck...!!
    Its a totally 'i want it' stuff


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