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More Revelations [and Pizza!]

Continuing from my story here, I have realized I many more revelations to make. 

You know how being alone has a side effect called 'loneliness'? I figured that it has many more side effects, one of which is 'empowerment'! Over time you realize that if you have the strength to power through the 'lonliness-alone-phase' and extract productivity [along with creativity and positivity] you are gonna be just fine. If you can motivate yourself to push your boundaries and do everything you ever wanted to, you have pretty-much mastered the art to enjoy your own company. 

The fear 'to be alone' has disappeared. I have found it within me to face all problems and obstacles head on without someone to lead my way or hold my hand and guide. And of course I am not really 'all alone'. I have my supportive loving husband at all times. But even when I feel the lack of any family/friend's support I always look deep within and find enough zeal to enjoy my life and make most of what I have. And I have plenty! 

So, this is not really a memoir of 'see-how-amazingly-amazing-I-am' [which I am! ;)] but just an acknowledgment of strength which I believe everyone can find within if they really try. 

And if ever you don't find that life is treating you fair - Have a Pizza! [Haha!] That's what I do. A healthy thin crust with loads of vegetables [which is home baked] is our [Me & Mr.'s] ultimate comfort food. 

We love Pizza! Anytime. Any day! 
Spinach, Goat Cheese, Red Onions, Multi-colored peppers


  1. The more I read your thoughts the more I what a woman. She is amazingly amazing. :)

    Again, I wholeheartedly agree. Except the Pizza thing! Although I love pizza and my husband makes the best pizzas! A pizza doesn't treat me fairly though!!

    The fear of being alone is [I believe] the fear to look within. Of not being happy with who you are. May sound simplistic and brusque to some but...tough.

    Tanvi... I LOVE your honesty. It's inspiring me blogwise... I've been questioning myself why I started blogging...

  2. Pizza works...but I'd like to replace the goat cheese with Mozzarella please :)

  3. That pizza looks DIVINE. I could have pizza at any time as well (cold pizza is the best breakfast!)

    I'm feeling a little down today... been exercising regularly and trying to eat a balanced diet and I checked myself on the scale today and found out I had put ON weight. So should I go have a slice of pizza to make myself feel better? :P

    Leia's Delights

  4. I'm glad that you have mind power to always eat healthy. Sometimes it's hard for me especially with the kids around but I'm working on it. I would eat that pizza right now. LOOKS GOOD!

  5. Today RR wants to eat this Yummy fm this pic:)Its multicolor+ healthy.
    We need 2 train our mind to be comfortable as per the situation n use the time with some productivity.Self analyses is some wat Art of living.

  6. love this post and I have felt like this a lot of times in my life but I just love my company.

  7. hhi there tanvii
    i am a new blogger well just started and would like your suggetions to keep it going..i started following your blog and i must say its pretty anokhi...hope to be in touch with ya...
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  8. I'm trying to enjoy my alone time more but I really love being with my love more than anything in the world. We've been together for almost 24 years so when we're not together I almost feel like a part of me is missing. I'm getting better at it though. Blogging has helped me in fact. I think it offers sense of empowerment. Definitely gives me a place where I can air my thoughts and it's my creative outlet.

    And I'll take that pizza please! Looks delish :)

  9. Nice post! So last night I sat at the bar with a glass of Alexander Valley Cab, my book (Little Bee), and watched the sunset and read for hours. It was so nice and relaxing. Sometimes it's so nice to be alone. But, somtimes it's nice to have company. in any case, that pizza looks really appetizing! Have a great day.

  10. I love being alone since I need a lot of 'me time' - it energizes me to face my hectic/crazy life. A lot of people draw energy by being around people - I just need myself:-) But I like being with my friends just need to balance it out...For me loneliness is not being physically alone, I can be lonely in a room full of people. After being with my hubby for sooo long (we started dating in undergrad days), I am lonely whenever he is traveling even though I will have friends over..

    I love pizza and I very tempted to go get one for lunch:-)

  11. totally agree..being alone makes you strong and confident.. but sometimes it also makes you vulnerable..i have experienced both the things in different is looking yum but none for me for a few more days..(diet/junk control) :)

  12. Always remember -- bloggers can keep you company, too! ;)

    P.S. That pizza looks amazing! What's your recipe?

  13. hahaha I love this is the ultimate comfort food - that and ice cream :D

  14. Pizza looks DELICIOUS!! Yum!

    Being alone does give you the opportunity to connect with your strengths and rediscover yourself!

  15. Good post- need to think about it. Pizza any time any day for me!

  16. Totally agree with everything (including the pizza:P)..for the longest time I wasn't comfortable with being alone but slowly I'm learning to embrace's important that you learn how to be by yourself and enjoy your company from time to's a great learning experience! Anyway the pizza looks DELICIOUS.. I probably shouldn't be checking your blog out in the middle of the night!

  17. i know this feeling, swear I do and I agree with the feeling of empowerment and independence it brings along! Infact sometimes with family around I crave for the space I used to own, mine...

  18. You are certainly amazingly-amazing and I totally agree: pizza is good for EVERYTHING! (and spells of aloneness good for the soul). xo

  19. So you actually mean it when you say:"Comfort Food". :-p

    Pizza looks yummy and spicy.

    As cliche as it may sound: "We are our own best friends" and we can be comfortable in our own skin, with our ownself and thoughts...then there is no feeling alone. Savor it all! (with more pizza)

  20. If I'm not left alone every once in a while, I'd be a lot more Bitchy..LOL
    The pizza looks Delish!


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