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Shoes - Michael Kors [10']
I am standing in the rain! [Things we do for pictures!]
Skirt - BCBG [09'] Also worn here and here 
Tee - Walmart [10'] For $5.00 [Yay!]

Happy 4th of July to all my American Readers!

I have been living in this country for almost 3 years now, and I have to say I love it here. Of course I love the comforts and the easy lifestyle [not to forget the fabulous shopping!] but above all I appreciate the freedom it has provided me to be myself. Could I not be myself in my own country? I probably could, but not without offending a few [if not all, with the riot that I am!]. 

I am aware that this country has it's shortcomings like any other country, but the 'pros' happen to work in my favor. In spite of living the most parts of the past three years singularly, I still feel satisfied and accomplished in my life [within the possibilities that I was offered and could explore!]. Having lived in 5 countries in my life [so far] I can safely say that it was only possible here in U.S.! 

While growing up the picture painted of U.S.A. was mostly based on its 'forward-culture', 'divorce rates' and 'old age homes'. Yes, all this is true but not necessarily bad. After living here and interacting with many Americans I have found that they are as family oriented, culturally inclined, and warm as us Asians [if not more!]. We are too quick to judge them just because they happen to think differently than us. While, on the contrary, most of them are open to understanding our culture! While they are adopting all the virtues of the east [tea, yoga, spices, cotton] we are still too stubborn to see the positives in them [barring their fashion, (junk) food, and 'so-called-forward-thinking']. Wouldn't it be wonderful if people viewed all cultures and religions with an open mind? And while they are at it also gained the patience to accept that just because something is different doesn't mean it is wrong or that your's is better? Ah! Me and my wishful thinking ...

On an absolutely unrelated topic, I am really 'psyched' about being featured as Deepti's First Psychedelic Superstar here [on 1st of July 2010]. She is too sweet and very kind. Do check out her blog here and you can also read my 'humble' interview here


  1. You're totally right that people need to have more of an open mind about other cultures. And I think that travelling helps so much. It's much easier to understand another culture if you're immersed in it! Even though I haven't done a lot of travelling (yet), I know it's true because I have lived in some dramatically different cultures just here in Canada (eg French vs English communities).

    Your outfit here is super cute! Very patriotic, but much classier than the cliche giant flags all over your body (...I do that). I love the skirt, and the red shoes are fantastic!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. oww thats a to-die-for skirt , i saw a similar one polyvore the other day, hmm good job with that Tanvi :-)

  3. Lovely shoes! :)

    World wud have been a lot different n life a lot easier if everyone started thinking as u do. Open-mindedness, IMO, will Definitely make d world a much better place!

  4. I love USA too :)
    Wish you a very happy 4th July ...

  5. I agree, Indians are rather stuck up about the idea of how relationships should and so bound by silly things like being judged.

    On a side note, love your ensemble as always. Glad you're back from the break :)

  6. love ur skirt and shoes.. I cant believe u actually stood in rain with those shoes - they could have been damaged!!

    read ur interview, congrats!! u totally deserve it..

  7. Like your skirts Tanvi....

    Your pics are really well clicked..Your hubby clicks them?

  8. Well, I've never been to the US so I have no comment on that :) but I'm glad you've found somewhere where you can feel at home!

    Hope you have a nice weekend :)

  9. Happy 4th of July to you and your friends! Celebrate, Eat and Enjoy the weekend.

    I am so glad you wrote this post because I really feel like shouting out: "EXACTLY"!

    Although my dad made sure I studied in an American school because of the education,extra curriculum (and good teachers) they promote, he always was apprehensive about visiting America. Simple reason: "Whoever goes to America doesn't come back". Basically, his friends 'lost' a lot of their children to the American Dream and they didn't return back or changed drastically. That fear stuck with him and he was an extremist about going there. I think over time he's let go of those fears and soon a trip should be planned there. :-) I think judgments towards another culture mostly stems from 'fear of unknown' and more 'fear of change'.

    I HEART USA too and I hope to visit it soon again! I am glad you live there for what it's cultivated you into :-)

    Congrats on your interview! You Rock! :-)

  10. I also sometimes wonder if we have an inner home country - and it sounds like the US is it for you... It's so great to find the place that fits. Wishing you a lovely long weekend! xoxo

  11. i hear you/I agree/ I feel so good to know you because this is exactly how one should think- I think/ I love the skirt :)

  12. Oh, awesome! I am so glad that you're here, great outfit, the shoes totally make it! XO!

  13. yes, live and let live!!...
    however,i think india is very open minded in it own way, its just that there are so many sub cultures and religions, coupled with the history, that it becomes a lot complex, but having travelled the length and breadth of the country(literally!! since my job involves a lot of highway projects) , i can say that india and indian people are very open hearted and nice!!

  14. btw , im really liking the combination of the tee and the vintage luking skirt

  15. "true what u have written....they are much more family oriented than us!! thats y they have 2 / 3 / 4 or even more families....and so many halfs and steps.....bada parivaar....sukhi parivaar....wht say!? ;-)"

  16. Hello! This is the first time that I visit your blog and I see is very nice!!
    I love your style, very elegant and modern!
    Good photos!!
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  17. i love usa as well!!! :D
    wishing you an enjoyable July the 4th!

  18. Happy 4th Tanvi! I love USA too that's why I kept going back and forth from the Philippines to US at least three times a year. Love your skirt and your tee. xoxo

  19. Loving the shoes


    Check out my Blog hope you follow it


  20. Oh I love it! Dressed in the colours of Old Glory!
    ...damn, those shoes are kiler and those legs...sigh...

    Happy 4th of July to you darling Tanvi! As Sabine says, we do all have our 'home' country... home being where the heart is. But also I believe, home is where you can be most like who you are.

    Yes it would be wonderful if the world was truly evolved and accepting of all cultures, beliefs and ways of being. It shocks me that we are not as evolved as we should be...

    I certainly do not look at the world in a segregated manner, I've been brought up globally and although I am Indian through and through, I am also not just Indian, if that makes any sense?

    [I have just deleted the rest of this comment because it became a thesis essay length diatribe!! Yes, I mounted my high horse!]

  21. That's a fabulous interview and write-up hon! Can't leave a comment on Dip-tea's post though, which is a bummer.

  22. Love the skirt. It fits so perfectly. I agree that living outside your own country opens up a wider world, more possibilities and more cultures to experience.

  23. You are beautiful!

    stumbled on your blog -lovely!!

    Cheers, Jesa

  24. Ciao lovely! I adore your skirt, and your headband is the perfect touch to your outfit. You look absolutely GORGEOUS in the 3rd photo! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about America. When I moved to Italy, I learned so much about the culture that I ever could have imagined. You are right, it definitely changes one's perspective to actually live immersed in the people and culture. Great thoughts and I hope you had a spectacular 4th! :):)


  25. Lovely words darling. I truly appreciate the liberties and perspectives I gained from my American upbringing. Hope you ahd a fun weekend!

  26. Well written Tanvi :) YOUR TRAINER

  27. Tumhaare shoesssss...yeh toh mujhe de hi do!! :P And that I love America t-shirt is fantastic!

  28. What a wonderful post sweetie! So glad you're here. The USA loves you too :)

    And I totally love that outfit! Way to rock it on the 4th!

    Hope you had a fabulous week. I'm just getting back to blogging now...I've missed you :)

    Happy weekend, hon!

  29. Wow I didn't realize you lived in so many countries and have only been here for 4 years. Learning more about you.

  30. :) I like the Tee. I will look for something similar for the spirits. Happy 4th of July!


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