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I cannot/do not

Kiran @ Fitnesolution recently tagged me where she has asked me to make a list of a few things I cannot/do not do. Before I do that I would like to tell everyone a little something about Kiran. She is a wonderful human being whom I look up to for many reasons. During the 1.5 years I spent in India [before I got married], she was my fitness trainer for the 6 months before marriage. She is multi-talented and a successful entrepreneur. I remember thinking to myself that when I get married I would too, be as independent and self reliant, as Kiran. She is a wonderful mother, from what I have known and seen. She is also a patient listener and was witness to my many naive beliefs and theories, which I used to discuss with her while our workouts. I am glad we have stayed in touch over the years, 'coz she continues to motivate me to follow my passions and 'stay fit!'

So, now over to the tag. I, in fact, spent the whole weekend thinking about it but haven't been able to come up with many things. Inherently, I am an adaptable and positive person. Also, over the years my views and habits have changed [for better, I would hope!] and now I believe nothing is really constant. So my list is more on the lines of principles [or strong beliefs] than mere habits!

1. I do not eat meat or egg 
2. I cannot live without working out
3. I do not behave unprofessionally
4. I cannot be irresponsible
5. I cannot sing false praise
6. I do not get influenced [by things or people]
7. I cannot go on for more than 24 hours without washing my hair [even if it means with cold water]
8. I cannot live or work in dirty/messy/disorganized environment
9. I cannot stand any pets around me [I am scared! not a Animal Hater]
10. I do not say things that I don't mean!

That's all I could come up with. 

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And now this is how I dressed in a rush to go shopping [Yes! Again!] :P
Tee - Zara [08']; Shorts - Giovanni [Delhi, 07']; 
Slip ons - Diesel [10']; Belt - Target [08']

It was a hot summer afternoon and had to leave the house in 5 minutes. So I just put on whatever my eyes laid on first and left. P.S. These roll-on shorts are one of the first items my husband [fiancĂ© then!] has bought for me. They have become really loose and baggy now but I refuse to part with them. I am still able to mix-match and wear it differently many times. 


  1. That's really cool that you've found someone who you can draw so much inspiration from!

    And that's so cute that you still love wearing those shorts even if they don't fit you the way they're supposed to anymore. I definitely have clothes like that. They're much too sentimental to get rid of! And I love the funky hat-wearing skull on your shirt! It's surprisingly cute!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. Can totally relate to no.8..it's like my mind stops functioning if things aren't organized! Fun tag..will do it for sure!love how you saved the shorts btw! Doesn't it feel so good when your clothes become too big for you?!? love the feeling :P

  3. Oh we have many similar qualities. I too (Sonu) cant sing false praise and can't stand pets!!! But I can without working out :P

    And the shorts are awesome, don't part with them. Baggy looks cool :)

  4. hi tanvi...i had missed ur blog yday.. and now im happy after reading ur blog.. it jus lifts my day ... jus like i open my mails simeltaneously i open ur blog... :)

    i loved ur eye shades, and like the casual look ... and many a times fr me as well., there are clothes that my hubby had bouht me b4 marriage that i cnt get rid off cos of semtimental issues... same goes fr anything else as well apart frm clothes....

  5. Tannnviiiiiii!

    I am back *drum rolls pls* ha ha

    Missed this.

    Your post here got me thinking of the things I cannot/ do not do...even I cant think of many at the spur of the moment :) but I shall make my list too...just to put down in paper what actually are those things!

    (Now a lil flashback pls...I ll make it short and crisp)

    I definitely definitely have to try your cooking...I agree that you are indeed a loving cook :) everything looks yummmm!

    And like I told ya, you do have what it takes. I admire people who are positive and enthusiastic, and manage to infect others with it :) You do that well! Also, agree with Dusk’s mantra – Visualize. Actualize.

    Absolutely LOVE your look in Simple is Chic…one of my favs!!

    The bracelet you “won” is in fact gorgeous! Loved your outfit…the white and the turquoise…preeetyyyy!

    And glad you found your freedom to be in the US of A :) Cheers to that!


    Lotsa Love!

  6. I love ur skull t-shirt!!My latest obsession is graffiti t-shirts and nautical stripes:-)

    So how was ur shopping trip? do we get to see it in the next post?

  7. I had no idea that you and Kiran knew each other in real life! How cool is that! And you were lucky to have such an awesome lady as your trainer... wish she could be MY trainer :)

    Love the look... especially that skull tee! It's so sweet that you held on to those shorts that your hubs bought you. My bf works in garments so he is always bringing me bags and bags of clothes, and even though some are not my style/too big for me I can't *bear* to give them away.

    Leia's Delights

  8. Congrats to Kiran for getting you to stick on to the fitness bandwagon and being a part of you looking WOW on your wedding.

    Interesting cans and cannot do. Can you believe it, we all must be using these words throughout the day: "I can, I cannot" but when it comes to writing it down, it actually proves difficult. Because at the end of the day, when we assess some of the things we claimed, we pretty much realize we CAN do it/ or CANNOT and that kinda just alters/reverses the list :-p

    Like the zippy shorts! Look super comfy and easy for shopping changes.

  9. Agree on point Nos 5, 6 & 10

  10. Wow, this list shows what a real and amazing person you are, especially the last one.

    I'm in a pair of black baggy shorts today as well. They're so comfortable and go with so many things. Your outfit is perfect for a shopping trip. It looks so comfortable.

  11. Ah, this attire..is just so my kinda thing!

    And you wash your hair everyday?! I always wanna but end dont being able to.

  12. No.1,3,4,6,8&9 are similer for me too.They show your personality, indeed.
    Love your chappals b'coz i also have them(wink).

  13. I can't sing false praises either. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all right?

  14. Wow! I can see why you admire Kiran, she's fantastic!

    Thank you for tagging me honey, will do my best... I'm already thinking if chocolate is a "cannot" or a "do not"...!!!! I'm just being silly, I too will give this some thought.

    Your list is VERY indicative of your no-nonsense, noble, focused personality.

  15. Love your list honey! I just love getting to learn more about u :)

    And that Zara top is adorbes! Happy Wednesday, lovey!

  16. oh! you have know kiran in person too..that's so great..from all that i have gathered from her blog, i can say that i agree with you completely..:) even i have this tag pending ..will do it pretty soon..and i am totally loving your shades in this one...somehow shades have become the first thing that i seem to notice these days on everybody..new found obsession :)

  17. diva, i will always love you. and you got your own style!!

  18. I love number 5 and 6..I used get influenced easily younger...learned my lesson quick!

    BTW, love the shirt..and i'm so glad you liked my little flower projet..thanks hun :)

  19. Wow Tanvi. I am feeling so happy happy happy after reading what you wrote- Top of the world is more appropriate. I had a super busy day with workout sessions and at the end of the day, when I am super tired, you have given me a reason to smile. Thank You- will not be enough.
    We have so many common points- 1, 2, 3, 4, 8. (50% at least..wink wink).
    I am so looking forward to seeing you. You are stupendo fantabulously fantastic (I hope you saw dance India Dance-Geeta)

  20. I like the roll-up shorts! Fabulous! And that tee is super-cool! I am with you, I do eat meat and eggs, but I try to always be kind and watch my behavior. Good for you!

  21. Your point no 6- not getting influenced. You know in Art Of Living Course, Guruji has laid down this beautiful point- "Don't be a football of others opinion".
    That is what you have also said.
    I would not be influenced. But I can be inspired by some good traits in others.

  22. Love this list! It reminds me of me! haha

  23. It's okay to say you don't like animals around you. I am the same way, and it makes people think you are inherently evil. Forgive me for not wanting something that sheds, bites, scratches, and shows no shame at my knee level.

  24. Love your #5! Great mantra to live by!

  25. That was a good read. I agree with not being able to live in a messy/dirty environment

  26. Hiiiii honeeeyyy!!! HUgs! I am totally totally with you on 8 and 10!! :) Thank you sooooooooo much for tagging me!! Aaah this will let me introspect! :)

    And you're doing the almost-monochrome magic again huh! :) Like how the belt matches withthe pink thing on the top too! :)

  27. Nice list - if more of us had some of those same items on our respective lists, the world would be a much better place to live in!

    I am with you on all but #9 - you should definitely read my post on Zoey :)

  28. Love hearing more about you! I work from home and also cannot work unless everyting is organized and clean!
    And how did the shopping trip go???

  29. Did I say this already? I like this list! It's important to be so sorted and real :)

  30. I just have to say, I love your sunnies:)


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