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Yaa! I know, what you are thinking - "She is already back from her blogging break?" Alright, so it looks like I just needed a day off. However, I am back with a dilemma. Here goes...

Few from my Non-Blogger readership has flagged issues about - "Why do you have to tell them, where you shop?" I have tried to explain them, that "that's how 'Fashion Blogging' works!" But then I was like, "Woah! Wait a sec! Who said that, that's how Fashion Blogging works?" I simply followed the bandwagon without actually giving it a second thought, up until today. 

So here I am asking you all to solve this dilemma for me. Please answer my short poll below and help me put-a-cork-in-it, once and for all. You can choose more than one option and if you have something more to add please do so in the comment section. Appreciate it! :) 

How do you perceive the bloggers when they state the brand of the item they wore?

  • Unnecessary
  • Helpful [incase you would like to buy it too]
  • Secretly judge them by what/where they shop
  • Simply entertaining
  • Show-ing off!



  1. that bad eh? They are going all out promoting this one... i was intrigued by it...

  2. I think that writing where you got something from is really helpful. I think it's showing off when you write "Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, Marc Jacobs...." And I like to know in case someone has a whole wardrobe that I really like and then it seems like a lot of the clothes are from the same place. That way I know that I should check out that store!

    Maybe people would like it better if you just threw that stuff down at the bottom of the post? Rather than underneath one of the photos? I think that's a fairly effective way of doing it and it may be easier for the non fashion bloggers to deal with.

    Too bad you didn't like the movie you went to. Course, if I saw a poster for that movie, I wouldn't expect much due to their creative spelling of the word "stories". Oh well, maybe you learned something from it? Like what not to do if you ever want to make a movie?

    Ce qui m'inspire

  3. Of course it works for you.
    Look at you hottie.
    I love the colours on your top.
    Also, try adding a wee bit of sweet onion sauce to your subway.
    It is the awesomeness!



  4. dont think I'll see it...I was half in half out with the promos itself

  5. Whaaat? No cheese, no mayo, no artery clogging stuff!! Thats not food:-)

    cute top..bell sleeves?

  6. Hmm. It is a dilemma indeed. The reason I write down where everything is from is because if I don't, people ask! So it's just better to say, in my opinion. Maybe you could just *not* write down where things are from for a while and see what the response is!

    That movie sounds awful. I hadn't even heard of it but I am certainly not going to see it!

  7. You always spoils my enthu if i am waiting for any movie...:((

    but it any way helps also ..atleast it did in Raavan and saved my money..but my tickets are book so got to watch it today:(

    I am a subway lover too..can hog and hog .My fav bread is honey oat only.:)

  8. I'm so happy your back and i think it's very helpful so keep telling us where u get ur great buys from :)

  9. Keep mentioning where you buy stuff from.......Its useful and people who wanna judge you otherwise will anyway do no matter what you do !!!

  10. First up thank you thank you thank you for saving me some money (500 bucks a pop) on I Hate Luv Storys, nothing good comes out of a movie with bad spellings. Thank you!

    Ah as for the poll, see I find it quite frustrating when people don't give the name of the place they bought it from, simply because if I like something I might very well like to go pick it up. Sure Fashion Blogging or sharing your personal style is about showing how you mix and match and create your own look, that is great but why not tell people where its from. The reason I mention the store in the post itself is so that I don't have to answer related questions in the comments section. Because people ask these things and I don't think they ask it out of malice or to judge you.

    But you know what I find terribly tacky? People who mention how much things cost!!! Or ask how much things cost. Really people heard of manners??? I don't mind people mentioning the cost of a thrifted thing or something off the streets because its a steal and you can't believe you got it so cheap. But otherwise mentioning money is in poor taste. These are my two cents :)

    Acha and listen don't take a break from blogging, yesterday I kept wondering why you hadn't blogged??!!! I am so used to waking up and seeing a new post from you :)

  11. Love the poll idea! Have a Happy 4th of July weekend!

  12. hey.Check out the sodium levels in subway sandwich before having them..they are too much for a sandwich

  13. I LOVE sun chips - I could eat them by the truck load.

    I think telling them is fine! If my favorite magzines never gave clothing credits, I'm pretty sure I'd be calling to ask every other day haha.


  14. Helpful helpful helpful for sure! I voted :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie xoxo

  15. Hi Tanvi, i'v been reading ur blog for the past couple of weeks.and im really glad to have stumbled upon ur blog!! ur doing a great job girl, i just love everything about blog. u have a great fashion sense & style. please keep up the good work. writing about where u shop from really helps if someone else likes it a lot and want to get something similar. as for me i always love beautiful things and ask people about where they got it from!!!:)
    PS. i was thinking of emailing you in just few days but after seeing today's post i thought of writing right away!!!
    have a great July 4th weekend!

  16. Thought provoking post here. I started listing the things I am wearing at the end of the post more so to document them (I also include when and in what city I made the purchase). I really feel like it rounds out the post.

    A couple of times when I didn't list things, people ended up asking anyway. :)

    But honestly, I don't list the brand of everything I am wearing on my blog - sometimes it's not necessary.

  17. That is such an interesting question. I hardly ever Looked beyond appreciating your style. But if somebody does throw a lot of big brand names at me I would think they are showing off. I remember that somewhere you had mentioned you bought something from TJMaxx and I really appreciated that you could not only share your less glamorous buys but still look fab. That makes me think you are really creative when it comes to dressing. I mean doesn't one's style look more intelligent when one is more concerned about the style than the brand?

  18. just found your blog & love it

    Anna Katrina

  19. Hey Tanvii,

    Firstly, thanks for dropping by my blog. Second, I have ditto sandals you are wearing. Got it from Pretty feet or is it fit??at the Mercato mall here in Dubai. I love them. Thirdly, I am disappointed I hate luv storys is bad cos i admire imran khan and was looking fwd to it. :(


  20. I definitely agree with going against the norm here if you feel like it..it's your blog! So, I Hate Luv Storys was bad huh? Sigh.. I was really looking forward to that one!

  21. Ha! Exactly same sandwich that I order at Subway every single time!

  22. Well it tremendously helps people in your city but not much value to others , its a 50 50 situation.But its nice to know which brand has what since keeping track otherwise wouldn't always be easy :)
    Loving all the colors in the top . I was supposed to watch i hate luv stories as an assignment , for all the "supposedly Fabulous" clothes .Ok now i'm dreading :-)

  23. The promos looked crap yet I thought I wud give it a chance. Now, I opt out..

  24. You forgot to tell us how was Sonam looking in the movie?


  25. Hi,there..coming here via Sush's blog...and,glad I did,too..the post gave me the smile of the day, right from the 'how fashion blogging works' query,to the poll(Yep,I did it), to the food/diet part..believe it or not, that's my lunch,too, at least twice a week..a 6" subway filled with veggies...it's either the honey one or the wheat bread.
    And, the review of 'I hate luv storys'...good lord, just at the right time-was planning to see it today.Now I'm having second thoughts.

  26. ohh i love your top! the print is very cute :)

  27. my first time here and i see you have put in a lot of effort in your blog from taking pains to clicking photographs to keeping it organized and maintaining a clean look. Love your blog and following it

  28. thanks fr the movie comments they are really helpful, secondly i lik ur top, 3rdly ur idea of writing where u bought ur clothes and stuff from is s great and a helpful idea...

  29. Just wanted to tell you that you're gorgeous!!! ;)


  30. Ah beautiful, love that top so much! And you're simply stunning! such a great idea to include that poll, the results were very interesting to see!

    Sorry about that awful movie!

  31. Hello! This is the first time that I visit your blog and I see is very nice!!
    I love your style, very elegant and modern!
    Good photos!!
    Kisses from http://sweetsyte.blogspot.com/

  32. Oho...the movie was THAAAAAAAT bad...
    One more happy movie weekend plan gone down the drain:-(

    And mention the shop names yaar...it is not mandatory for readers to read that!
    You don’t like it...skip it...
    But if you really like something and want to know where Tanvii bought it from...it saves the hassle of them asking n you replying again n again...
    So chill...and keep posting...

    Btw...looking hot in those black pants...as usual!:-)

  33. Hmmm... okay, whereas I do not judge others for doing so because it's only being helpful and unselfish, seeing as people take inspiration from what others wear... I don't list labels, unless they're vintage or a designer label bought at a MEGA bargain price, eg, 99% off!!

    I do list items I'm wearing because that's gives an idea or inspiration not mimicry, you know?
    ...not that I care about that... hmm... what I mean is, I believe that people should be inspired not aspire to photocopy!

    Now I just sound like a selfish snob!

    I do confess though, when I read some blogs that just list designer name after designer name, I am a bit astounded that so much money is spent mindlessly. It puts me off and immediately I have no 'respect' for their fashion sense. It becomes about the labels not them.

    I don't actually ever read the labels of what anyone is wearing really! I just admire the whole look and then the details. Couldn't care less where anything is from, it's how the person wears it that 'matters' to me.

    ...like what you're wearing... I LOVE the top hon! Love the pairing with a waistcoat and those shoes!

  34. Now that I saw the movie..I can comment! :-p

    IHLS = I Had Lotsa Sleep.
    Well maybe that's a little exaggeration..but I almost got there.

    First half was like "okay, timepass hai..not as bad as I have heard"...second half was like "you are making fun of cliches but are still using it and what's with it being so sllloowwwwwwwww" I hate it when I don't end up liking a movie as much as I thought I would like it... Does Bollywood require no expectation?

    Anyways...I am glad that the bloggging hasn't stopped...coffee time is still fun :-)


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