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Bow Me Away ...

Love the bow on this top! :)
Top - Some Boutique [London, 08']
Skinny Leggings - TJ Maxx [09'] 
Shoes - Steve Madden [09']

Thank you everyone who took the time to answer my poll last week and leave their opinions in the comments. It gave me data to support my own opinions and reach a conclusion. So here's why I bother to state what I bought from where [and when!]: 

1. I do not buy 'all' brands [It's a royal waste of money!]. I buy what I fancy as long as it is within my 'budget'. Therefore stating the brands [which include Michael Kors and Fendi as much as it does Old Navy, and TJ Maxx] highlights the art of mixin 'n' matchin different pieces to make an outfit. It doesn't take a scientist [with all due respect to my husband *wink*] to 'copy' a look straight off-the-ramp!

2. Stating the year in which the 'clothing' was bought highlights the fact that one can maintain their clothes, and will have to buy a selected few 'good' pieces each season [that will last you a long time] and will be able to invest more in accessories [and shoes!

3. The city is mentioned for purely 'entertainment' purposes [Yaar, thoda masala toh chahiye na? Translation: You need a little spice in life, right!]. I always enjoy reading where someone bought their clothes/accessories/shoes and secretly look forward to going to that particular city and hunting down my own treasures!

4. Instead of listing the items at the bottom of the post, I prefer to list them right under the picture, because that's what I want you to focus-on, in that particular picture! As a lot of times [if its a long post] I get exasperated scrolling up and down to figured out what is what

5. Also, I have discovered so many Online Websites and Thrift Stores just by reading people's shopping list. So personally, I would say it has increased my 'consumer' knowledge. [Which also means that it has given me more venues/options to shop from, but let's not go there ... :P]

6. As most of the readers commented that if the shopping-list is not mentioned then the blogger ends up answering the same question repeatedly to each reader individually. 

7. Lastly, in all humility, if someone finds it's offending or doesn't wish to know where the pieces were bought from simply skip that part. Also, you always have an option to 'unfollow' the blogs you do not enjoy reading! [I am just saying!]

Statistics from the Poll
Total number of people who took the poll - 76

Show-ing off! - 4.56 [6%]
Unnecessary - 5.32 [7%]
Helpful [incase you would like to buy it too] - 58.52 [77%]
Secretly judge them by what/where they shop - 4.62 [7%]
Simply entertaining - 14.44 [19%]


  1. Hi jaanemann!! Sexy lag rahi ho!! Love the all black and the bow is my heart right there!

    The contrast of the cobalt pumps is making it all pumped up!

    Hope we meet tomorrow! :)

  2. I love the bow on that top too! And the shoes are fantastic! I love the colour!

    I'm glad to hear you've sorted things out. It sounds like asking for others' opinions really helped you figure out what is important to you and why it is important! And I'm glad to hear you're going to keep posting where you bought things, because I like to know!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  3. love the colour of your shoes!

  4. am a total shoe crazy person, so the first thing i noticed about the whole outfit were the shoes!!
    they are kewl!!!
    the bow top is nice too!!

  5. Interesting statistics!

    Have to bow down to that bow! Colorfully in this season.

  6. great post..... I love the shoues ur wearinf esp. the color... and i love the top u paired with the neck piece.. the beads totally match ... :)

    u look hot...

  7. Cute top and shoes! I have a similar pair with a snake skin heel.

    Embracing Style

  8. Such a cute top, especially love the bow! Bow details are my favourite! And those blue heels of yours really pop:)


  9. gurl!! the shoes are KILLER!!
    LOVE THEM!!!
    like the way you did your necklace!

  10. I love bows! And I'm glad the 'shopping list' is here to stay. I always enjoy reading it :)

    Leia's Delights

  11. Bang On !!! Loved it . . . . .
    Keep it UP !!!

  12. Fabulous post and pics! Lovely look...
    Love the shoes!

  13. Those shoess!!!!!

    Remind me of this :

    U look so lovely... I think i've never told u but I love ur nose adds so much to ur face.

    I've got my nose pierced twice... it never heals. :(

  14. cuty Top.Like the colors.Shoes... outstanding

  15. I love the top: it's so beautiful.
    And those shoes are incredible.

    I love reading where the clothes are from. If I see something I like, then I know where to go if I want something similar.

  16. Forget them. Now back to your beautiful bow shirt I love it and those shoes are a beautiful blue.:)

  17. love the bow and the color of the shoes..not sure if the shoes really go with the outfit...

  18. Looking fantastic as always.

  19. hey the bow is super love love it..and the shoes are to die for..i was also planning to but same shoes but in a cheaper (less expensive version) but some how never got around ordering them...
    anyways back from LA..and catching up all the blogging stuff that i missed :)

  20. Cuteness! And those pumps :O wow so vibrant!
    And don't cut your hair.
    Pretty pinky please?
    So gorgeous they look!

  21. Very cute outfit! I'm glad most people thought it was helpful!

  22. What I missed the poll last week! Cute top! I love your blog just the way it is! And those shoes! So I ordered a pair of boots from Aldo in that same color, got a great deal, and they never came! Someone jacked them apparently cuz ups said they were delivered. I was so devastated. That's what your shoes reminded me of. The end. xoxo

  23. Cute outfit! Love those shoes and bow... and great photography.. :)

  24. oh tanvi, i am drooling over your shoes!!!! the color is soooooo pretty!

    Kisses from NYC,
    Betina and Mae

  25. Those shoes make the outfit! And the bow, it's happenin! Bows are really in right now! XO!

  26. I have always liked the fact that you post the year you purchased something. I also dig the giant bow. I added bows like that to one of my Five things friday posts a while back. I would definitely have added that top.

  27. Love the shoes..and your eyes eyeliner right? Oh and I love all the Hindi on this blog..makes me feel right at home! :)

  28. I love the bow! I totally appreciate your outfit posts and find the year/brand info helpful. Like you said, if other don't like it, they can just surf along!

  29. that’s my girl Tani...
    Said it all with a pinch of masala n a dash of sarcasm...
    Way to go!
    We read coz we greed for your stuff...
    Those who think it is show-off...go n show it off somewhere else;-)

    P.S. you know I love the bows n u anyways:-)

  30. What a fabulous top! I need to get back to London like YESTERDAY! :)

  31. Hey tanvii.. So officially m one ov ur fans now.. :)
    Luv oll ur pics.. :)


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