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Why did I start Blogging?

Lately I have been haunted with the question - Why did I start Blogging? Well, I know why I did it. But 'reaaallllly' in a broader spectrum of life - Why? Everyone knows the factual history of this blog but lately I have realized there is an emotional [deeper] level to it all, as well. 

When I got married and moved to U.S., I had no friends [None.Nil.Nada.Zilch.Zero!] and no family either [I have two cousins who are more than 3 hour-flight-away!]. I had to look for ways to keep myself busy and productive [Can't work due to stupid immigration laws! Agrh!

And just like that, one day I started blogging. I didn't have any expectations or any agenda from this activity. It was simply my way of venting out my thoughts [And man! Do I have too many thoughts or Do I have too many thoughts?]. I am an [over] expressive person. I need to say what is on my mind. I am not one those silent-surffering-sorta-woman. If I have something to say, someone within 100 yards radius will have to hear it [I do talk to strangers too!].

Mostly, my husband was my punching bag [not literally!] It's just a metaphor ... Duhh! [Don't believe him if he tells you otherwise!] but then I decided to stop torturing him [Hence, the blog!]. 'Coz let's face it how much can he go on hearing? Poor scientist, he works 10 hours a day and then get's bombarded with my stories as soon as he steps in [Imagine if my mouth is 'shut' for 10 hours how I might be rambling on at the first sight of any prey?]

Anyhooooo, the blog helped me a lot. First I had a simple template and only 5 people who used to read it daily - Mom, Brother, Husband, Meetu D [Cousin] and Anita [BFF]. Slowly the readers grew [word of mouth I guess!]. I didn't have any widgets, no google friend connect, nothing! After an year of 'fitness-marriage-life-etc.-related-blogging' I discovered Fashion Blogs via Amy B.S. @ tastes like red. She was the only blogging-friend I had for the whole year. I never bothered surfing any other blog except her's and Shobha De's. Then one day I discovered What I Wore which opened up a whole new world for me. I started clicking pictures of my outfits every now and then and posted them once a month all in one post. Then my cousin, Meetu D suggested that I do an outfit-of-the-day as she really appreciated my dressing-sense. And I thought to myself, "Hmmm! Why not? This could be fun!" 

Since then there has been no looking back. I have been posting pictures quite frequently and have added all these 'fundu' widgets and signed up in all the fashion communities and came across some out-of-this-world-fabulous blogs and even more fabulous bloggers [some of whom have now become my friends outside the blogging world! Yay!!] Initially I only had 7 followers on google connect and now? ... last I checked it said 61! All out-of-no-where. I didn't ask anyone to follow my blog. Didn't ask anyone to come check out my blog. Neither did I run any giveaways. Not that there is anything wrong with doing any of those things [I am only trying to make a point here. Have patience, I am getting to it *impatient.eye.roll*].

The idea of this blog was always to express myself. Be myself. Be honest and voice my opinions. While doing that I may have made a connection with few, or offended a few. But hey! I am not weathered by either of those reactions. I cannot let people decide for me what I will blog about. You will just have to trust me and go with my rhythm. 

However, I do want to stay away from the herd mentality of gaining followers, or having numerous comments, etc. Every blog has an aim and reason for it's existence. Mine just happens to be for personal satisfaction & personal expression. If you like what you see and decide to follow me or leave a comment - You really really make my day and bring a big monkey-grin on my face! But if you do not like my blog, then move-on-buddy there is definitely a blog out-there-some-where that you will like! Bon chance! 

This is how I had dressed for a random evening sometime last week!
Belt - Target [09']; Scarf - Express [10']
Top - Banana Republic [10']; Skirt - French Connection [06'] 
Shoes - Flea Market [London, 09']

This is the exact same outfit as worn here, only with a different color shoes & accessories! 


  1. If you have the patience and the passion then nothing is better than blogging..


    I liked your shoes and the tatooo...Really hot;)

  2. Well said!
    I'm glad to have found ur blog... i enjoy reading it everyday.

  3. It's neat to hear the story behind how you got into blogging, and how your blog has evolved over it's life. It's good you found something you really enjoy doing to keep yourself occupied!

    I absolutely love your booties! The ruffle is so cute! They're really fabulous!

    Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the purse post that I need to do, I just feel like I've got so many other things I want to post, that I'm going to hold off on it for a little while longer!!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  4. Tanvi, what got you into such an introspective mood? :) last 2 posts were in that flavour...

    oh and how much did you have to dish out for these darling booties? are they comfy?

  5. I think venting out is very very imprtant, and i guess blogging was the best way cos I have started loving your vents if these are ur vents.... :)

    i love the concept of the outfit of the day.. actually i look frwrd to them in these blogs...

    Another sugesstion is if u cld also add the recepie of the day.. it wd b great wit the pics of course.. since i am becuming a fan of that also it will be double fun....

  6. hmmm..."personal satisfaction & personal expression" thnk gawddd finally some1 said that! the reason y i startd blogging is the same...plus i cant keep writing on papers n keep losing em!

  7. Have the same scarf:) love ur ruffle shoes..and u have a tatoo!! what does it say? U need to write a post on how and when u got that done:-)

    Its always very interesting to read how people start blogging. I enjoy ur blog and hope u blog forever:-)

  8. Love love the shoes and the scarf is awesome too!

  9. I enjoy reading your thoughts and adore the picture here. So happy to hear the history of why you began writing in blog land;-)
    Those shoes are so sexy, too and I love the scarf. Have I also mentioned that your FACE is the most beautiful here?;-)

  10. Blog on your tattoo sounds like a fun read to me too :o) Love your Blog Tans :o))))))))))))))))))))))

  11. I will never tire of telling you how much I adore your honesty and matter-of-factness. And you are so funny!!!!
    ...interesting question and true for everyone... one I've been asking myself...

    LOVE the shoes and of course, as always, your legs slay me! I have noticed your tattoo... as Sonali says, tell us what and why?? [

  12. It's great to have expression and a platform to say what you want to...few people can express well, so I'd say you're gifted :)
    Also, I'm mighty impressed with your patience- one to stay alone for such long periods and still remain so cheerful & bright...and secondly, quite a love story I say to stay home for the romantic hero of yours so far from everyone you knew! :)

  13. Well, I'm glad you did start bloging, because seeing your outfits every day and your big smile puts a big smile on MY face! By the way I'm in LOVE with those shoes :)

  14. Great post ;)
    Love your shoes!

  15. I love blogging. I think we all have our reasons for doing it. You've got a cool blog here. Great photos. You look fantastic.

  16. Thats such a fascinating story behind the blog. I'm glad you started blogging, otherwise, I'd never have discovered you.

  17. Love your blog and your style!
    Following you now from Kingston ON Canada.
    Those booties are gorgeous...

  18. You have awaken my sleepy and still weak spirit this morning... I LOVE this post.

    And I love your effortlessly chic outfit. Have a great week ahead! xoxo

  19. Hi. just came across your blog and enjoyed the post on why you started blogging. I just started a blog recently and I get that question all the time. For me, I just needed out outlet to be creative and also wanted to get better with photography and share my passion for fashion via photos. Anyway, will follow you on Bloglovin!

  20. Great post. I always like to hear people's blogging journeys. Glad you continue to do it because you bring so much happiness & inspiration to us all :)

    Great outfit as usual, love. Those shoes rock! Great find! xoxo

  21. So well narated.I have always liked the way you express,though you never enjoyed writing for public.
    Now that you have found ppl who are like you and enjoy reading your blog,keep them entertained,motivated and share your happiness.
    God bless you always!

  22. I am glad you started blogging because even though we may not have long catch-up0sessions everyday, I still feel like I am a part of your life and I KNOW what you are upto..so the whole time difference and distance thing is FINE now..maybe it's coz of your blogging, I stopped whining to Ashish :-p

    Keep up the expressive nature!

    Love the scarf!

  23. its always great to hear the story behind a beautiful blog..i guess more than not a blog gives me a sense of accomplishment..even i started when i was all lonely and bored and was doing nothing substantial, nothing productive..oh1 i have started my own story here..never mind..just to tell you that your blog inspires me so much..i went for my run yesterday..though it was only 20 mins but i started ..did you go? lets please keep a tab on each other..because i know you can still manage but i will go off track pretty soon..so keep a check on me please..love the tattoo you have..super cool and the skirt too ::)

    Have a great week

  24. wow those shoes are really amazing!
    I want to have them :)

  25. Great post! I also started thinking why I started blogging and where it is now..It's definitely a great way to express your self. People do get carried away by followers and comments, which really doesn't matter at the end of the day.

    BTW, great outfit and killer heels!

  26. You seem so real, and like a lovely personality. Must admit, I kinda live in the same situation - I can work - but it's hard to find persons with the same interests. I'm trying all the time to find things to do, keep me busy... Fleas, libraries, movies, coffee. I am positive even if I go to those places with myself only, but of course it's lovely to talk to someone. As soon as my mother comes home (who works late sometimes) I instantly start to talk, just like you to your husband :D

  27. this is so straight from the heart:)love your optimism and zest for life

    you are blessed to have this positive attitude:)

    good luck for everything that you do!!

  28. I love blogging too! That scarf is really pretty and the turquoise dress in the other post suits you so well!

  29. awesome shoes!! great post, really enjoyed reading it. xoxolannie.

  30. A lovely explanation to your blogging incentive. My reasons weren't so different. Living in a foreign country in the (beautiful, but perhaps a tiny bit lacking entertainment) countryside I was definitely searching for more like-minded people. Blogging has opened up a whole new world to me. It's so much fun! xoxo

  31. 1st-I love those shoes!!
    2nd-glad I found you ;) xoxo

  32. I loved hearing your story! Very interesting, and how smart to start a blog as something to do since you can't work. I agree, blogging is really confusing at first, it's all so overwhelming and it takes a long time to figure it out. Your blog is awesome, Tanvi, good for you! XO!

  33. I love how honest you are! And I went back to read your history..and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. You are very inspirational and something tells me if I keep reading your blog, I'll go back to working out soon! Thanks a ton for sharing this with all of us :)

  34. Great story! Loved learning your background -- and seeing those fab shoes!

  35. Boy do I feel what you are saying. I made sure I didn't try and make anyone folllow me or do anything special for my giveaway beacuse I wanted to give it to someone special not someone trying to come and leave a comment cause now you see it's a giveaway.

    On another note it's good you get out what you need to say.

    Love that skirt. Happy for you.:)

  36. well, i started my blog due to same reasons, expressing myself..though i wasnt lonely at all..liked ur tattoos a lot, i got two myself (well, technically its 3)..and plan to get soem more done....ahve been thinking and plannign to get them done long time backk, but delayed due to same reason as ur..hubby doesnt like!!...but have managed to somehow overcome after almost 3 years of married life...

  37. The first part reminded me of the movie Mitr-My Friend!!! I know how you must have felt. One of my close friends got married and moved to the US. She is just online at any given point of time!!!

    Office Style - 12

  38. these shoes are so so cute!
    cool blog by the way

  39. Blogging is so amazing isn't it? Actually, your story is kinda similar to my first blog story(I used to have a different blog on wordpress before I became a mommy with a camera!)
    Just to let you know, I love what you write. Your style and your taste is so *you*(I know that even when I don't know you!)
    Keep blogging:)

  40. J'aime beaucoup! Keep it going and I agree you can't please everyone, now, can you??? Let the ones who enjoy keep reading and those who don't 'bye-bye Charlie'! haha xxx

  41. Wow! I liked ur story ..i was in the same situation 2 years back and i totally understand the boredom and lack of friends!

    I really like your style of writing ..very light and humorous! :)

  42. Haha...so glad you decided to blog...
    So glad for anyone who decides to blog...
    There is nothing more privately public than this medium...
    It is amazing how it brings together people from so many walks of life!

    So if I may not know the gory details of your life...I pretty much know what makes you happy n what does not...
    I know what kind of a person you are and how similar in terms of fun you can be:-)
    I for one am super glad you decided to blog!
    Here’s a funny gal who looks good, writes awesomely and feels like a wonderful soul!
    Three cheers for blogosphere and you!

  43. caught u on stylepile... n simply landed up reading ur blogs... loved ur skirt and shoes...!!!

  44. Those shoes are hot!! Another great blogg! :) -YOUR TRAINER-

  45. Tanvii reading you was like reading a true mind ... m a fan ov urs sucha down to earth person i respect u !!!
    me naina kumar read u from styliepile !

  46. I loved reading this. I know you posted it a while ago, but I had already asked myself a similar question after only blogging for a couple of months. It was really interesting reading about your experience, and, as a new follower myself, I think your story is fascinating! Can't wait to read more!

  47. ok so you better have a big monkey grin on your face just now because I love your blog.

    LOVE IT!

  48. I so relate with you on this.Even I've recently started blogging & I'm yet to find my niche. At the moment even I am writing about random things that happen in my daily life. & blogging has really added value to life & its a great way to connect with wonderful people like you. Love your blog & you're doing a fabulous job.Keep it coming! :)

  49. I like your honesty and down to earth spirit. I am very new to blogging. I am not sure what direction I want to go in. For the moment, I am blogging about myself improvement (growth). I like to use my brain a lot and at times it tend to get the best of me. So I use it as a way to express myself. I really enjoy your blog :-)

  50. You have come a long way......
    The difference between these pictures and the ones in your latest blog post.


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