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What's in your bag?

Everyone knows that I advocate 'Light Travel' i.e. least amount of luggage with maximum number of wardrobe changes. But I am incapable of carrying a 'Light Handbag'. Often [more than I care for] people have asked me, "What's in your bag? Why is it so big & heavy?" I have always responded saying, "I carry my home with me." But now everyone will know exactly what's in it, so please stop asking? [Hope it's doesn't alert the "OMG Police" for my bag probably has the whole world in it]. 

What all do you see here?
1. Blue Bag
2. Black Wallet
3. White Coupon Holder
4. Brown Pouch
5. Note Pad
6. Cheque books
7. Facial Wipes
8. Small Camera
9. Keys

That small pouch holds all the following:
Compact Mirror
Nail Cutter/Filler
Lip Balm
Lip Gloss
Stain Remover
Fashion Tape
Hand Creme
Hand Sanitizer
Small Perfume
Memory Card Reader
Pen Drive

Everything does manage to fit just-right-in!

Coupon Holder
I carry all sorts of membership cards, reward cards, discount coupons!
Like every where in the world, now there is a club/membership for everything. 
If you become a member eventually you shall qualify to receive discounts 
[or even free stuff every once in a while!
Clearly I am a member of sooo many that i need a separate holder of it :P

That's my Bag with everything placed nicely [diagonally] in side!

And here I am ... carrying it ...in all its glory [and weight!]

P.S. You will notice that I do not keep my mobile phone and sunglasses in the bag, 'coz I always have the phone in my hands and the shades are either in my car or I pickup the one I fancy from my closet!


  1. Thats's indeed a lot of stuff...what's amazing is its all vital and seems very well and neatly put in your bag :)

    I love the look in this one...the striped dress with the green beads...v feminine and simple...my kind!

    And WOW...you carried off that previous look on the wild side very very well! Only few can carry it off!

    Hope alls well


  2. You don't need to display your personal stuff inside the bag.
    Is'nt it very private?
    *(My personal advise for personal stuff)*.
    Take care.Good day.

  3. Now I know what ladies carry in there huge bags...Anyway, i used to say- they carry a whole Bazaar :)

  4. YAY! :) And Tanvi, you will never hear the whole 'OMG! What do you carry in your bag?!!!' from us! :) Clearly, we carry as much stuff *sigh* I love the idea of a coupon pouch! My wallet is bulging with membership cards too! :) Shall begin hunt for a suitable one ASAP!

  5. I like to have a lot of things on hand but don't like to carry a heavy bag so I'm always trying to empty things out! But it looks like you're very well-prepared :)

  6. Hi Tanvii...
    I restarted following your blog, though i read all of them but dnt leave any comments,
    but i think commenting is a gud way of contributing to the blogs.
    as u kno im really a fan of the way u dress up... so here also i love ur dress and the bag....
    and yes i think whatever u carry in ur purse are actually the necessity things...
    tcre and keep blogging.. its lik luking frwrd to another day to read ur blogs....

    PS: Reading ur blogs is geting an addiction on me.... but i love to be addicted :)

  7. Thanks for the tag! I'll try to get around to posting some photos and a detailed description of my bag this weekend!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  8. man, u do lug a whole lot of stuff around!! And boy, are you in trouble with ur mom:-)

  9. :o))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Loved it !!!!!!

  10. And here I thought I carrried a LOT of stuff and my bag was the heaviest...your tiny pouch is stuffed with all things necessary for a fashion emergency also...seriously like WOW! I went through a cleansing process of emptying my small pouch to see what I would miss and wouldn't. Till now there isn't anything that I miss..so it's working and my bag feels slightly lighter!

    Love the coupon holder and the bag is awesome!

  11. I'm so never doing this! My bag has this much stuff but it also has scrunched up old shopping lists and ATM receipts and (whisper it) old gum wrappers with bits of gum inside. Are you disgusted and unable to be my friend anymore?

  12. Thanks for the tag! I can't wait to do it. I love being nosey and seeing what's in oter people bags. Its so much fun.

  13. Oh I love this! I'm such a voyeur! LOL. Looks a lot like mine. I think I need that coupon holder though! :)

  14. You can fit so much! Wow...I think I need to rethink what I'm putting in my purse...I feel so unprepared now lol.


  15. the small pouch in the bigger bag is GENIUS.

    whenever i have a new favorite bag, i try to keep it only wallet, phone, sunglasses, and keys... but obviously slowly other things start accumulating. i may start carrying a small pouch too!

  16. Great bag! You fit it all in there very well! That wild side outfit is awesome, great look! Love your little world, happy to be your newest follower! XO!

  17. You have a girly girl bag! My bag is relatively empty compared to yours. I mean I only carry a compact cum hair brush thingie, wallet, keys and lip blam. Thats it!!

  18. Wow!! First of, thanks for tagging me! :) And second of all, my bag is a replica of yours (content-wise) because I too carry the world inside it! :P Will do a post soon after exams!! :)

  19. boy! u carry quiet a weight on your shoulders...love the bag!!! coming back to stuff in it..i usually dont carry this much in my bag...i change bags very often and find it too much work to transfer the stuff..:))


  20. Oh thank you! I really appreciate the tag, but I have already done something like this.


    I don't want to subject my readers to a repeat... and I don't want to clean all the receipts out of my purse again. :)

    Thanks doll. You are the best.

  21. If Hippie Holly & Sally hadn't already tagged you, I would have definitely tagged you!
    ...knew you'd have a practical and big bag too!

    I did read this post last night before I posted mine and had to smile at the similarities! eg. we carry pen stain removers and have many pouches!

    [hahaha! I was a bit "hmmm" about doing this... in reference to your mum's comment!]

  22. It's always fun to see what is in bags! I'm so much like you, my bag is always heavy and I carry so much around all the time! I like to keep my favourite items close. :)


  23. First of all - I love your bag! One glimpse of that Chloe lock and I fell in L. I'm impressed by the amount of useful things you have in your bag, I ten to haul a lot of stuff around too, but your little pouch is quite the keep-all!

    xoxo, Ashley

  24. Love the blue bag! I'm with you - I have an entire mini-clutch of membership cards, keytags and random coupons when I'm back home (it's even called coupon clutch) :)

  25. Interesting! That bag doesn't look as accommodating as it really is and
    I love the color :)

  26. loving the inspiration
    you've got a great blog, i'll be back for sure!
    if you've got three seconds and like cute clothes, head to http://sway.com/acree and sign up - it's free and easy, a company launching their collection in the fall and i need 1,000 people to sign up so i can win an ipad! it would mean the world, thanks so much!
    keep up your wonderful blog.


  27. Hey Tanvi..great blog! Apart from all the fab pictures, I also got distracted with feeding the fish..lol! Anyway..I can't believe you were able to stuff so much in that tiny little pouch!!:O And love your shoes!!

    Will be back for more posts and thanks again for stopping by my blog:)

  28. ah!!! the world in our bags, as u had aptly mentioned in my post!!!
    and ur coupon holder reminds me that i must get something similar for myself, my wallet is struggling to hold all the various membership cards, they have gotten too many to fit in my wallet!!

  29. OMG, I need to do this on Tuesday. I'm not around but I promise I'll do it. Love that make-up bag need that now...

  30. I do carry a lot of stuff people! But what do to ... just need to be prepared for EVERYTHING! and this is not a new thing. Have been like this since childhood. Carried almost all of this to school as well!

    Mom - Sorry! Shall keep in mind, in future ;)

  31. hahah , clever post!I loved it,my bag is always more like a suitcase..


  32. Whoa!
    Carrying the world in that sexy bag n not a complaint from those sexy shoulders?;-)
    Only you my dear dear Tani could achieve that!

    I too hoard up on memberships all these stores have to offer...based on the idea that someday they would make something cheaper by some amount for me*queens of wishful thinking;-)*
    I added some of the items from your own list here into my already oversized bag!

    Now I feel armed for any action...er..just about ANY;-)


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