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Things that turn me off!

10 Things that turn me off!
  1. Unsolicited Advice
  2. Being pushed or guilt-tripped into eating 'more' food
  3. Lack of principles and weak character
  4. Back-biting
  5. People asking me to 'follow' their blogs
  6. Indecisiveness
  7. Unhygienic -> Everything! [Home, people, food, etc.
  8. Anonymous comments!
  9. Unkept/Unwashed/Smelly Hair
  10. People irresponsible towards their health
With soooo many awards and tags floating around, I suddenly got the itch to have one of my own. So this is the list of few things that are 'currently' getting on my nerves. Of course, the list keeps changing and it's in no particular order. 

I have tagged 10 bloggers whose list I would realllly-realllly like to know! Will you PLEASE oblige? 
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P.S. Non-Bloggers are also WELCOME to leave their lists in the comment box. It would be so much fun to read. Don't you think?

Necklace - Flea Market [Ladakh, 09']

Dress - Promod [Delhi, 10']

Shoes - Spring [10']
Also, wore this dress here and here

Happy Monday, ya'll!


  1. Taaannss!

    Love the look here...your neck piece is really pretty!

    Also, liked that red top that Anita gifted you...very nice. looked good on you.

    Hmmm....among the things getting to me presently-

    1. Delhi heat (at its peak righ now)
    2. Shopping in the Delhi heat (its bad even in the evenings) :)
    3. Insensitive/ Cold people (God...really wish ppl had more regard for other ppl's feelins)
    4. Hypocrites
    5. Ppl who smell [as in for some reason, dont use a deo or something (eeeuuuu!)]
    6. Overly oily/ fried food
    7. Being pushed to have alcohol (I honestly dont need it to have fun)
    8. Hard hard deadlines :)
    9. Not to forget, Monday Mornins at work (like right now)
    10. The Crap they sometimes sell in the name of reality TV in India my 10 right there! :)

    Lotsa love Tans!


  2. I also really don't like when people beg for followers. If your blog has substance, they will come in time, so let it be.

    Something I do like though is your dress! I love the way the image is printed straight on top of the ruffles! That's so cool! It kind of makes me want to try something like that, but I have so many other projects that need to be finished up right now...

    Ce qui m'inspire

  3. I saw the previous two times you have worn that dress and you have totally transformed the look every time. Wow. Now that is something very appreciable. I am not so good with mixing and matching. (wish I was). So I buy something (skirt top, jeans shirt etc) and every time end up wearing it just the same. I want to be as innovative as you. Learnt something new from your blog.

    Ok things that put me off....

    Let me put them on my blog.

  4. Ha ha!! It is quite an interesting dislikes ..well I do have some of the few one being the hygiene and second the anonymous comments..

    Pretty dress as usual.:)

  5. i love this tag!! Thank you. Will go right away and post...Monday Morning shall get the list out of me rapidly :D

  6. Ooh thanks for tagging me! I think our lists are scarily similar. Here is mine... (oh and I love your ruffles!)

    1. Bad grammar
    2. Being forced to eat when you really don't want to! (This must be a South Asian thing)
    3. People not pronouncing things correctly (for example, someone will ask me how to say my name. I will say "Lay-ah" and they will continue to call me "Lee-ya". Grr! Why ask if you're not going to listen?)
    4. Blog pet peeve: People obviously copying and pasting the same comment into multiple blogs
    5. Lack of personal hygiene
    6. Smelly hair. Or grown out roots.
    7. People who are visibly overweight with multiple health problems who continue to eat badly and refuse to exercise. Even more so when it's a family member. It's so upsetting.
    8. People who *really* don't care about how they look. Being comfy/casual is one thing, but leaving the house in ill-fitting clothes without brushing your hair (or your teeth! ughh) - when you have the MEANS to take care of yourself - is just gross. You owe it to society to make a BIT of effort!
    9. Ridiculously freezing rooms when it's boiling outside. In the summer I walk around in my house with a cardigan! haha
    10. People who don't have any respect for privacy/personal space.

    P.S. Please follow my blog. LOLOLOL!

  7. I love, love, love this dress!! I liked Promod when I went to delhi last year. very cool store - similar to Express.. and I cant believe u have been to Ladakh. Every time I visit India, I try and plan a trip but it has never materialized. How did u land up there?

    right about the movie, u need content too.. I am in denial that Mani made a bad movie:(

  8. forget to add:I follow, u follow?? :-))

  9. I love your dress Tanvi... you are so sexy and gorgeous in that ensemble.

    I was thinking of things that turn me off but I can't think of anything at the moment. Ask me again when I'm in a very foul mood and I will give you not only 10 but a hundred. Hahaha!

    Have a great week ahead. xoxo

  10. hey! so sorry for this late reply..i was in seattle over the weekend & it was super hectic..Thanks for tagging me..i definitely have a huge list of things that put me off. Will share soon...your dress is so super sexy that it reminds me that I NEED TO LOOSE WEIGHT & start exercising that neck-piece too.LOVELY!!!

  11. Funky dress!

    In the spirit of "Turn-Offs'

    1. Invasion of Privacy

    2. Questions- repetitive, intrusive, '20 questions format', all types

    3. Book that sounds really good on the cover, but is not captivating

    4. Black Lies to make someone else look inferior and yourself superior.

    5. Extreme temperatures- eyucky too hot and brrrrr too cold

    6. Not finding my size-especially in shoes

    7. People who are not courteous and throw their weight and attitude around. ie. Bad service in a restaurant

    8. Smelly room. (especially of food) I love spa-like smells, aroma oils and freshners are the way to go.

    9. People 'not recognizing' you and having to be reintroduced endlessly (and for the rest of the introduction night acts like goood friends, till the next time..cycle continues..)

    10. Things not being where they are supposed to be. The pen holder goes there, the candle goes there..

    This was fun :-p

    Now reminds me of that song we loved: 'turn me on turn me on'

  12. Oh we'll do the tag soonly. Love that dress of yours and you wear it well. Also loving the Ladakh beads.

  13. love that dress and AMEN to number one!

  14. Tanvii,

    Delurking after a long time...came here from The Vintage have a lovely dress sense and hats off to your dedicated efforts towards this blog! Your bubbly personality is reflected in the blog...cheers babe! :)

  15. Maaaaaan, this dress is effing gorgeous!
    The last picture is the best.
    Extreme side fringe looks good on you :)
    Can't wait to rant on about all the things that put me off.


  16. A sexy and classy dress indeed !!
    I liked the list of the turn r a true woman..! I wish I could be as strong as you.

  17. gosh... i love your style!! you look stunning in this outfit.

    came by from Weddings on the Card! following and twitter that is!!


  18. Dayam sugah!! You look ahhmazing! and I love that dress!
    ...I've missed you... it's 1:30am here and I'm just doing a quick visit of my favourites, will need to catch up properly, there's a treasure chest of posts waiting to be read!

    hahahahahaha and oh yes to your list!

    May I add one, okay some?
    I intensely dislike the 'obligatory reciprocal comment' or the non-compliment [eg. "the bag looks nice"] and sometimes this can get my goat; "thanks for commenting on my blog..."
    I'm not sure why but sometimes, this can come across as condescending. I think when it is the 'obligatory reciprocal comment'.

    Big hugs!

  19. LOL I LOVE this list! I was being forced to eat more yesterday at a family party. Didn't give in but I do HATE that! :)

    And that dress is amazing honey. You look gorgeous as usual. Glad u had a great weekend and that the week is off to a great start :) xoxo

  20. Hello beautiful, sorry I haven’t commented in a while. I’ve been a bad friend!
    Oh my gosh! I totally agree with so many of these. The food one especially. If you’re eating crap, don’t try and force me to join you just to ease some of your guilt. I find the same thing with alcohol, people just can’t cope with having someone in the group not drinking.
    This dress is so unbelievable cool. So unique!

  21. Hey Tani...
    The first pic is oozing with attitude n may I say with a hint of sensuality!
    I am glad I do nothing in that ‘turn-off’ list as such...
    Except maybe indecisiveness...or maybe not...or may be...or nevermind;-)

    So please please can I stay?:-)

  22. That is a magical dress !! :)

    Thanks for including me in the list, I have been itching to create a list of stuff that irritates me and burn it or delete it or delete it forever. You know what I mean.

    1. Sweat, thanks dad for the hereditary large pores.
    2. My hair which takes hours to tame.
    3. When strangers question me "Is slum dog millionaire the real India?" I want to smack them on their heads.
    4. When I am told that I speak really good English for an Indian.
    5. When all is planned and it never goes the way I want it to. Its happening a lot lately.
    6. People who complain all the time.
    7. People who don't move on.
    8. Large portions of food and to-go boxes.
    9. Raavan, whats wrong with you Mani?
    10. My anger issues.

    Alls well that ends well. I think.

  23. I love that dress. It's beautiful. I hate when people ask you to follow them and they don't even leave a comment. oh and I have a better one the reders that contact you through e-mail asking questions but never leave a comment...

  24. girl, that dress is hot! not everyone can pull such an outfit off... kudos to you...

  25. girl, that dress is hot! not everyone can pull such an outfit off... kudos to you...

  26. ooohh stunning dress!!! and omg, asking people to follow you in your blog is one of the worst online pet peeves ever!!! aaaarrgghhh!!!

    Animated Confessions

  27. This outfit looks SO pretty on you! I agree so much with Unhygienic....can't stand it!


  28. The face detail on the dress is simply gorgeous :) love the whole ruffle feeling the dress has :)

  29. I can't stand anonymous comments either! What's the point!!

    And thanks for the heads up on the cuff. That sucks it's so big, you never know with online ordering! xoxo

  30. Totally with you on numbers 3 and 7. Also I'm okay with occasional indecisiveness but if I come across people who lack concreteness and decision-making in general, I get major pissed off!! Oh I'd love to make a list of my own but you haven't tagged me :(

    Love your dress.

    Let me settle down and I'm calling you up aaram se. :) And thanks so much for commenting on my more personal and less 'out there' blog! :) So happy!

  31. Great post! We have unsolicited advice, too!

  32. turned off after reading this......

  33. Your dress is so well made. And looks so different from the back. Nice!

  34. Follow my principle" what other people think of me is none of my business"!!

  35. Tanvi, here's some advice about things that turn you off....

    OK, I am pulling your leg :-)

  36. Hi ya!! Have been MIA for a few days and am catching up on my fave blogs!!
    I have posted my list on my blog, check it out!!
    BTW, thanks for tagging me. I should do it more often!!

  37. cute outfit!!

    follow if u like what u see?


  38. This was fun! :o) Thanks for sharing! A lot of things are quite similar ... shows we all don't like non sense ... Haha!


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