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Story of my Tattoo[s]

First Tattoo

The First Tattoo is in Japanese Script Kanji and it says "Wicked" [or at least that's what I was told :P] I got this done in December of 2003. Why? No reason, really. I was visiting Delhi, India after 4 years for a childhood friend's "child" wedding [She was only 21!!!]. I had left India in 1998 and moved to Dubai, back then there were no malls in the city. When I returned in 2000 there was only Ansal Plaza [South Delhi] and the good old street shopping. But when I returned in 2003 there were all these big-crowded-malls around the city. So while strolling through one of these malls in Gurgaon, I came across a Tattoo parlour called 'Funky Monkey'. I entered it and out-of-no-where decided spontaneously to get a tattoo some place where I can't see it everyday. And that's the non-exciting story of my First Tattoo. 

Second Tattoo

The Second Tattoo is an Ambigram which read 'Life' if you read it straight but reads 'Death' if you turn it upside down [or when you read it from where my eyes are! :)] Anita [BFF] was visiting me in Delhi [Sept, 2006] before her wedding [Jan 2007] and wanted to get a tattoo before she got married [Don't ask me, Anita - Tell everyone WHY!?]. But was a little scared to do it alone. I had got my first tattoo without any permission from my parents [You all know my Mother, by now, don't you? What do you think? Did she approve? - You think right! :P] so I was a little skeptical about doing it again! But then I am a rebel-without-a-cause, so the day she was leaving [back for Dubai], just few hours before her flight we decided to get it done. Same tattoo, Same place! 

With Anita at her Youngsters [Dec 2006]
Same Tattoo!!!

The Third Tattoo - Now, after the second tattoo, I thought, "Alright! I will get just one more, but after marriage." With my husband's name or our initials or something cheesy like that! But guess what? My husband doesn't like tattoos [I am sooooooo glad I got the other two before marriage now :P] If, he ever changes his mind, I plan to get one more. Where? That's yet to be decided! 

Anyhoooo, in the meantime, this is how I dressed to beat the Texan heat! 
[Why, hairpin? 'Coz this is the waiting period between hair cuts!]

Dress - Urban Outfitters [09'] 
Necklace & bracelets - Khan Market [Delhi, 07']
Hairpin - From local grocery store [09'] 
Earrings - ASOS [10']

Shoes - Stolen [Mom's 10']



  1. Thanks for sharing your tattoos! I think it's really cool that you and your friend got tattoos as a bonding experience! It's something you will always have to remember each other by, even when you can't see each other.

    I really like your dress! It's super cute and definitely looks appropriate for hot summer weather!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. Hey!...liked yr Tattoos!!!.n ye both!!!...liked yr style have a look at bug jus bit me a few days back n m totally enjoyin it!!!

  3. hey i simply loved ur neckpiece and ur dress...
    and ur tattoo stories too..

    I want to tel u that a similar storey goes fr my first tattoo.. me and my cous in US-Boston, wanted 2 get tattoo done since long time which ws way b4 both our marriages, so one fine day we both went to get the similar designed done- a butterfly on the lower back- she got it in US and I got it frm CR park- mike tattoos, India. and now whenever we see each others tattoo its jus a great feeling all together... U just feel so connected....

  4. love your tattoos :) J and I too have the same tattoo same place :P just like you two. Thanks for sharing your tattoos with us, I hope you get the third one (with due permission)

  5. I love tattoes and your are really chick but I just wanted to know that don u get bored with them after years?

  6. I love the first tattoo. Wicked is such a wonderful word. Kanji is such a wonderful script, though I'd be terrified that the tattoo parlour would ink something like pork chops instead of a meaningful word I asked for :) Love the dress and the neck thing like you call it is so interesting!

  7. There's one thing about tattoos..once you get one..there is always temptation to keep doing another...(that is you are happy about your first one!) And I love mine..there's never a day that I regret doing it :-)

    Now you have made me all nostalgic so I am going to go view some OLD photographs!

  8. I am not the biggest fan of tattoos so I am going to say: I love your neck 'thing' ! :P

  9. I'd also like to get a tattoo if I though of something meaningful :))
    Wow, how sweet is your blog!!! :))
    If you get the time - and I hope you will :) - please check out my blog. I think you might like it!

    Hoping to hear from you soon, sweetie!

  10. i love this story...i was never sure if I could deal with the permanence of a tattoo..but am increasingly getting charmed :)

  11. Hey Tani...
    I sooooooooo wanna get a tattoo too from the longest of time...since I remember!
    But my hubby does not like this idea either*what’s wrong with hubbies anyways ;-)*

    Though I love both of yours!
    The neck one I’ve noticed now and the leggie lore has been apparent!
    I love your pic with BFF where both of you show off your tattoos...
    So adorable...
    And both of you look stunning:-)

  12. I love tattoos. You ones look so cool. I'm definitely loving that second one! I really want to get one done: my parents are never going to let me though.

  13. Very cool tattoos! I've been thinking of getting one but I can never decide on something that I'll still want 15...25...50 years from now lol. I think I'm just using it as an excuse to chicken out :)

  14. beautiful tattoos and I'm in love with the purple shoes ^^ very beautiful :D ^^



    One Love,

  16. Killer shoes!!! Have a great day! xoxo

  17. Love your tattoos! And wow, you are gorgeous :)

  18. That's another 'F' you can add to "Food, Fitness, Films, Fashion, Family, Friends & F-ilosophy"... eFF - icient!!!!!!!!

    LOVE the reasons and non-reasons (!) you have your tattoos. They're cool hon.

    I'm curious... what would you get if you do decide to get a third one? know... if my research is correct then, your name, the meaning of it, is actually a wonderful representation of you!

    hahahahahahaha @ Holly's comment!! Isn't that what happened to Britney Spears?!

    I'm not a tattoo fan. It's not just the permanence... even though I like Angelina's longitude/lattitude ones and Rihanna's 'shhh' and cascade of stars down her back... and I like your hidden 'wicked'!... it's just not me.

    It seems every second woman in my age group has a tattoo including some of my close friends. Some form of rebellion I believe, shaking off the shackles of stereotyping and middle age mediocracy! This seemsto be [for women of my age] the simplest and easiest way to reclaim their spirit.

    Turns out that I'm actually the rebel for not having one!!!! And I'm considered the most liberal [& craziest!] out of all!!
    I do get a kick out of seeing a tattoo on someone you just wouldn't pick though!

    My soul sister got a tattoo to celebrate her womanhood independance, she's got the Celtic Triquetra which is of huge significance to us, it's akin to the power of Shakti... but I wear my badge internally.

    The younger generation view tattoos differently to us old school old fogeys!
    I am against my kids getting them (so hello Tanvi's Mum! I know how you feel!) but it's their bodies.

    I also like tribal tattoos. I grew up in the Pacific Islands so I understand the ritual significance of them. But I like tribal tattoos on 'tribal' people!

    I have a major problem with seeing OM as a 'tramp stamp' or on the foot. Any religious symbol really and I'm not particularly religious!

    One thing... and I know this makes me seem really really really really really really REALLY shallow but...when I was single, tattoos on a man was a dealbreaker for me!!

    I don't judge women like that. huh. I have double standards.


    LOVE this neckline style of dress on you, you have the sexiest clavicles!! and I too am a fan of the 'neck thing'! It's a coil yes?

    ...and here's another essay...!!!

  19. I like that Life Death tattoo... The outfit is awesome!!!

    Office Style - 12

  20. Thanks for sharing those stories. I always find that sort of stuff interesting. What motivates a person to get it something planned or spur of the moment. I've been wanting to get one for yeeears now but I think I've overthinked {i know that's not really a word :)} it.

    Happy Tuesday sweetie and btw I'm LOVING the outfit and the neck thingie :)

  21. Thanks for sharing the tattoo stories. U actually went into a store called "Funky Monkey" :-) Love the wicked tattoo and both u and ur BFF look so cute..And the neck thing is so it like that or did u twist a long necklace? its stunning...

  22. I love your neck piece. Its strange and very very interesting!

    My hubs doesn't like tattoos too but I have trying to coax him into letting me get one, maybe when we visit Miami. ;)

  23. the neck thing is super sexy..coming to tattoos..i also wanted to get atleast one done but i am such a chicken.. i am so afraid that it will hurt so much..i am even afraid to get the blood test done..but i so want to get one done in this lifetime..i didn't know who had too..the lower one is super super cool...

  24. I think tattoo's looks really stylish n urs r really cool esp the second one...:)

    M also wanting to get one myself but sm how have not been able to yet.. Quite inspiring...must say;)

  25. Ok now i don't know if i'm supposed to stare at your tattoo , awesomely done hair, gorgeous shoes or the pretty dress oh i missed mentioning the chain :-) dude too much for one post :-)

  26. Love the this look. I also like your hair up.

  27. The colour blue looks lovely on you and the necklace is fab!

  28. love your tattoos and the stories behind them..that's the best way to get a tattoo or a piercing IMO..just don't think about it and go for it! I love the idea of sister tattoos..super fun! And now the question that always follows "the story behind the tattoo" bad does it hurt?

  29. WOW! i so didnt know u had tattoos and now ur a 1000% more cooler than u already were
    and thats so great that u and ur best friend have the same tattoos!


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