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Me with my wicked smile :)
Romper - Urban Outfitters [09']; Jacket - Esprit [08']
Necklace - Somewhere!??! [08']
Slip ons - Borrowed from Mom

Me and Mom both found Raleigh to be the most friendly city we have ever visited [in our life!]. Not to brag but we both are relatively well-travelled individuals and this city and it's people took us by surprise. EVERY-SINGLE-PERSON we met was extremely pleasant and friendly. From cab-drivers, or hotel staff, to tour guide, to restaurant staff, to strangers on the street/spa/shops etc. Even the Indians [Desi] were friendly, for crying out loud

Let me explain. Mostly I have found the Indians in America to be extremely unfriendly [read: weird] people. I would be the first one to point fingers at myself and say may be it's me and/or my face but even my mother and husband also agree with me. Indians here never smile. In fact when I try and make an eye contact with them? They look right past me and then stare at me [may be] and then turn their heads away. Initially [14 years back] I found this behavior weird but now I am used to it. I give imaginary bonus points to any desi who smiles back at me in U.S.! However, in Raleigh, forget smiling, all of them said Hi! and my jaw dropped I was like 'WOAH!' Did that just happen?' 

Among other people who stood out was this cab-driver who dropped us at the downtown from the hotel. Poor guy busted his tire while dropping us and had to call for help. Nonetheless he was smiling and polite [very unusual behavior for a cab-driver in my experience]. Co-incidendly, we met him again the very next day as he was driving the cab we hailed to drop us back to the hotel [from a restaurant where I had the best meal of my life! But more about that tomorrow...]! We didn't recognize him, to be honest, but he did and started asking us how we were enjoying the city, etc.? By the end it was a vacation where the people were lovely, the weather was divine and  the scenery was breathtaking! Perfect ingredients for a good holiday, right?


  1. Sounds like a great trip. It's so nice to meet friendly people.
    You know, come to think of it, many Desi's in England are relatively grumpy as well. My friends and I are very friendly happy people, but a lot dn't smile (mainly young women!!)

    You look great: I love the romper.

  2. First up I loveeeee you outfit, from romper to the blazer to your mom's slippers! Perfectt!!! Ah weird desis, don't get me started, what I find even stranger is Indians who go abroad and stick to other Indians like glue and don't make a single non-Indian friend.

  3. I love the colour palette.
    And the jacket is the sex!
    Also, I think desis tend to behave like that because they're trying to hard to run away from the fact that they are infact Indians.
    It's quite sad really.
    You have a fabulous holiday!


  4. Your mom's closet seems super funky. And you look damn hot! (as always) :)

  5. your hotness , hotness hotneeeeeeees :) i love what your wearing :-)

  6. That romper is super cute! I love how it looks with the pops of yellow!

    I'm so glad to hear you had such a nice vacation! It's always so great to feel like a city is filled with genuinely kind people!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  7. u look really hot in those rompers!! I want those legs:-)..remember the dialog from Sholay - "yeh haath mujhe de de"..same but substitute "haath" with legs:-)

    and the color combination is great..and those pom-poms on the sandals are adorable..

    thanks for ur travel I what I will be wearing next time on the plane..

  8. Hmmm... the 'sinnocent' smile... Smrithi has this as well!!

    I LOVE your toenails!!! and don't start me on your legs... droooool.

    Hmmm... well I haven't really experienced that with Indians but I have met Indians who refuse to speak Hindi! It's not like they can't because I'll be chattering away and they'll answer me in English... weird.

    Australian Indians do integrate well without losing our culture.

  9. That is SO unusual..the fact that desis are friendly there- then for sure it's a place to visit! :-p

    Like the blazer and jumpsuit...yellow rocks!

  10. I'm so glad I discovered your blog. I love your fashion sense and how passionate you are about fitness and health.
    Raleigh has been by home for a grand total of 4 months now. One of my fav things about it is the lush green landscape. I'm so blogrolling you!!

  11. as far as i know you, you are also among those who don't smile at others. Wander you are criticizing other desis.

  12. you are so right..even i have observed this thing about desis here..they smile at every body else but not at each other..

    yellow looks super punchy against the black and you are totally rocking that romper dear :)

  13. I like the nail art the best. You are inspiring more and more people to write fashion blogs. Sovina too has joined the bandwagon. :) Go baby go.

  14. Sherin - I know! I did live in London for a while. I know what you mean!

    Hippy Holly - You are right! That grouping is the worst!

    Karishma - You are right girl! That is a sad fact, indeed!

    jso style - *blush* This coming from stylists and divas like urself means a lot!

    Smrithi - Thanks Doll!

    Ce qui m'inspire - Yellow was just last minute and it all just came together ... Thanks :)

    Sonali - Thanks but 'yeh legs' sifr pictures mein achhii lagti hain! Deception you see!!! Really!

    Dusk - You are lucky! Here they don't smile at strangers. Only stay within their groups and thats it!

    Ani - Add it to the list ;)

    Aparna - I am so glad you discovered it tooo! I have a new friend. Welcome. Good to have you here!

    Sovina - Thanks for sharing yaar! Good to know I am not the only one who feels that way :)

    Kiran - Yay! More the merrier, right? :)

  15. Never been there but will go now.

  16. Loved the write up Tan just as much as I loved the way you have combined yellow with black...
    On anyone else..yes that means ANYONE else, I would have said they look like an Indian taxi!

    You make it burn with the detailing on the nails to the neck piece to the cute slip ons!

  17. WOWWW!! I love your romper I love your jacket and the pop of yellow in the outfit!! Awesome awesome and super sexy!

  18. Meetu D - I wldn't coming with you this time ;)

    suruchi - Thanks!!! You really do notice it all .. and I am glad I do not look like a 'Taxi' .. That wldnt be very chic now :P Hehhe

    Tamanna - You know really! It was all just randomly put together but it came together rather well :)

  19. Raleigh was superb.
    I always look fwd 2 travel with you.
    Polkas n Yellow color look great on you.

  20. Ha ha, I love this. interacting with friendly people can make everyone's day better. If a person says hello to me in NYC I instantly look around cause it is so uncommon. but it makes me smile! Love your outfit btw!


  21. funny...just yesterday I was telling my MIL how the Indians in US are a lot less friendlier than the Indians in UK.

    LOVE your romper!


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