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Are you Indian or Pakistani?

Yesterday evening we had to go run errands and do our shiz but husband got late coming back home and I fell asleep with my clothes & shoes on. [Incase someone was wondering why my dress is so wrinkled!] Oh! this reminds me of a story I have been meaning to tell for a long time but never remember it when I sit down to type! 

So you know, a girl has got several girly-things to take care of ... getting her eye brows done, for example? We have several 'Threading Salons' all around the city where you can get them done easily [Thank God!]! Mostly, Indian and Pakistani women work at these establishments. So more than few times I have been asked this question by them, "Are you Indian or Pakistani?" Usually, it is easy to figure out the nationality. Though we have similar features, our body language and dressing is quite different. But somehow they are not able to figure out my nationality. So I, cheekily, always ask them, "What do you think?" And 10/10 times the answer, "Pakistani?". When I ask, "Why do you think so?" They always have the same answer, "You speak very well Urdu and talk like Pakistani women. Also, your nose ring gives an inclination that you might be Pakistani!"

I do not know about other Indians but I always take this as a compliment of highest order, as I too believe that people across the border talk with honey on their tongue and man! they are pretty! So if they are comparing me to those women by these standards, I have nothing but Thank You! to say to them ...

P.S. They still don't know my name and always refer to me as the 'girl with the nose-ring!'

Don't ask me why my neck is in that weird position!
It just is ... but thankfully neck down everything else is in it's right position :P 
Dress - Zara [09']; Neck Wrap - Zara [10']; Shades - Ray Ban [10']
Bag - Fendi ; Shoes - Stolen [Mom's 10']


  1. aaah my cousin makes this salsa ALL the time when we BBQ, its the perfect condiment to any burger or hot dog..or as a side with a sizzling steak...yummy yummy :)

    I cant see your outfit picture right now tho :( I dont know if the link has expired or its my net :S will try again..but im sure its cute as usual :)

    Lindsey Mak

  2. Tanvi!! You forgot to mention "onions" in the recipe! Nanana I can see them! :P ;) Looks delish!! I'd love to sprinkle probably some vinaigrette on too!

    Love the colour of your dress! Guess would've done without the scarf, what say??

    And Indian or Paki, you look sweet and that's all that matters! :) And of course I loooooovve the nose ring!! :)

  3. when I was studying in Glasgow, this one guy assumed I was a Pakistani for some such reasons, and I secretly loved the feeling- for the same reasons as you :)...ofcourse we became good friends, and I love the compliment even more on retrospect! Btw, I want to see what u were wearing but the pics aren't visible.*weird* will try looking up again in a bit :)

  4. I add black pepper ,olive oil,salt and and little sugar to this salad...tastes out really good..

    you have chopped them really nicely.:)

  5. Hey, I cant see the it my browser?? will check back later..

  6. Yum! I'd eat it all the time!

    For some reason, I can't see your outfit picture!

    Ooh and I'm Chinese and yet when I've gone to China or even around Singapore, people get confused and think I may be Korean (sometimes because of my style too I suppose). I try to take it as a good thing.

  7. Now that I look at it from that angle, the nose ring actually has that effect- Pretty! Love the blue and i remember this neck wrap..have something similar in darker if u lived geographically closer, I would say, let's swap! but then again...

    by the way, i forgot to mention this last time..after your 'polka dot' post, i actually went into my closet and counted the number of polka dot tops i own and boy, it's a lot! though floral supersedes it, but i somehow managed to find a top that had BOTH! And my favorite neckwrap is polka dot...remind me next time to share it with you!

    hope to see you before the end of the year!!

  8. I love salsa and your version sounds great!
    How cute is that dress (even when wrinkled!!) and those sandals go so well with it.
    And yes, that definitely sounds like a compliment:)

  9. Your dots have been stealing my heart!! Neck wrap is fab and stolen shoes were a good call.. ;)

  10. Ahh I see the pictures now! Love the blue.

    p.s. Oh I mean I feel like East Asians in the US can tell different ethnicities apart so I think it's funny when I'm in Asia and I feel like they can't (but just roll with it)

  11. Salsa Salad is the perfect name... looks too good.
    And your outfit is wonderful, too

  12. Yummy salad!(without onion)
    U look cute in this pic.very real!!

  13. Cute outfit!
    Love your recipe!

  14. That looks delish! And you look gorgeous sweetie! That color is amazing on you.

    Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

  15. Hey Tanvi,
    There is a fun tag waiting for you on our blog! :) Come by and pick it up! :)

  16. yup, can see clearly now:-) I love ur dress, it really showcases ur slim silhouette..Yes, the pakistanis have fab eye makeup, gorgeous dewy skin and silky hair..I would take it as a compliment too..but where did u learn Urdu? I think its one of the sweetest spoken language....

  17. This recipe is kinda like ceviche! Something I make a lot!
    You know I've never had my eyebrows threaded! I've been tempted to though. I need to just give it a whirl already. Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  18. Fun..both the salad and your outfit!
    I'm a big fan of urdu influences in Hindi. Having spent considerable time in Lucknow, it comes naturally to me too!!

  19. This outfit is so cute! You look amazing in blue. Love the blog! I'm following :) ♥♥

  20. love your shades, I know we've seem them before but they look great on you. I am needing them :P

  21. Oooh, that looks delicious! And this is a great outfit. I love the scarf.

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    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  22. salad yumm! & love the outfit!
    ~XOXO :)

  23. love that dress on you--the color is marvelous!

  24. The salad goes with the colors of your outfit worn to the baby shower.

  25. I haven't tried making a salsa salad but I do make a mean salsa. I add cilantro.

    I love your dress... what a pretty color.

    What a fun tag... the girl with the nose ring. Happy weekend! xoxo

  26. salsa looks amazing and so do you as always!

  27. owww hotness dude :) love this look on you :) the scarf is simply gorgeous :)
    p.s: i noticed the problem on Bloglovin , i have created another account ,click on the bloglovin picture on my blog :)

  28. That salad looks yummy! And I really love the colour of your dress! It's so pretty!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  29. looking awesome in that neck wrap!! love the floral print!! :D and that salsa salad looks good! i like my food colorful too! :D

    you just reminded me of how i need to get my eyebrows threaded! hahaha! :D

    Animated Confessions

  30. Hi Tani
    Omg...those shoes are your mom’s??????
    They are fab...and I love the neck wrap too...
    You ooze out with casual sophistication in this one...

    Showing how this could be a perfect attire for just about any event...a hip movie...a casual trip to the coffee house...a evening for high tea!
    You are the girl next door diva...we all wished we had next door!

    P.S. I am not very particularly fond of salads*I hate non-fattening hoo:-(*
    but this one looks beckoning...or is because it is you serving the platter?;-)

  31. Oh Wow! This outfit is such an un-expected winner. Imagine I was sleeping in it .. had my husband not pushed me to click pictures I would have happily let go of this one !!! ... i am glad he did push my now :o) This is definitely going in my -well.done.archive- Haha !!!

  32. am liking the dress!!!
    will definitely try out the salsa salad

  33. Hey..I know ur blog is comment free nw, bt I wud really appreciate if u cud temme hw u made dt neck wrap from a scarf...didyu hv to pin it ?..I've tried a few times bt failed...


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