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Run, Fat Girl, Run

May was the month full of weddings, farewells, travels, visitors ...but... I say, "Enough!" I need to take charge of my life now. I miss my fitness and routine. I have gained about 4 pounds due to lack of exercise and intake of excessive amounts of processed sugar! Just thinking (read: typing) about it is making me 'sick-in-my-belly'! Agrh! so much hard work down the drain again

However, the positive [and opportunist] person that I am, I have decided to channel this frustration and aggression towards something I have been meaning to do for over a year but have taken my first steps to do it - only now! [Thanks Ana, for inspiring!]

I want to be a RUNNER! I want to run Marathons and be able to go on for at least 10 miles in one stretch. And that's my new goal and motivation. At the moment I am logging in a mere 2 miles in 15 minutes on the treadmill or 3 miles in 30 minutes on the track/road!

But that's it! It's about time I fought back with vengeance [WarningBeware you -> Bulge]. I do not want to be the 'Ms. Fatty Fat-terson' again! And now that I have even blogged about it, there is definitely no looking back. I will die of the public humiliation if I back-out or give up now

Also, I have heard runners (with healthy eating habits) have washboard abs! ["Hello Abs! I will see you soon now. Don't hide from-me-no-more!"Anyone, willing to join?


  1. Tanvi, you are quite an inspiration! Good Luck with your marathon training :)
    Ive been lazy about my fitness and have started fresh after being motivated by your blog. There's nothing like starting things afresh, right :)


  2. Me me!

    I guess I am not much of a runner but I love to walk. I walk to and fro work everyday which is like an hour long. Thats the amount of exercise I am giving my body right now. I know I should do more tho.

  3. You go girl!
    But I have to say, i just googled how much 4 pounds is in kg and it's really not that much.
    The longest I've ever run is a half marathon. It was such a rush- I highly recommend it. I'd love to do a marathon but my knees have decided they have other ideas so I'm waiting to get an MRI when I'm home in Oz...if I get the go ahead we could be cyber training buddies!

  4. Fat girl??? You are faaaaar away from a fat girl. But I want to be a runner, too. By the way, 2 miles in 15 minutes? that sounds good to me! It takes me about 12 minutes to run ONE mile, hahaha. There you go - I've humiliated myself publicly just to make you feel better!!! Hope you're happy :P
    Also, I'm definitely joining you with this challenge. Have you tried out the C25k program? I'm thinking of starting out on that since I'm SO unfit. :)

  5. 2 miles in 15 mins, wow..i do 2 miles in 30 mins:-)

    I was a runner - did two half-marathons between the first and second kid:-)My running partner has now ditched me so have joined the gym. And what a coincidence, today is my first "cross-training" class and I am totally goin to get my ass kicked!! So I am ready to join you...I also have a Maui trip in Aug so really need to shed some fat cells..Tankinis, here I come!!

    On a separate note: I wore a lot of Gap Khakis when I started working hence the mindset that they are more for work:-) And you are right, blogging has changed my perspective but for the worse!! I keep mentally evaluating everyone I meet including my boss!!I am in soo much trouble...

    At the end, this is a fun thing that we are doing. Fashion is personal and there are no rules:-)

    And you dont have to like everything that I like..I love prints in general and everyone who has wavy/curly hair - I have straight hair:(

  6. I would be more than happy to join in. But Alas! distance keeps us apart. I have taken up biking (yes biking on Delhi roads) recently. My childhood passion has come back.

  7. I quit workouts two years back, i dont know when i will take it seriously, maybe a couple of weeks before i hit the beach ! thanks for the post though, its an inspiration !

  8. This is much required inspiration..i have been putting behind my walking for ages now..:(

  9. You are so determined I love it!! Now if only I could get off my bootie! xoxo

  10. I laughed out loud when I saw the title of this post. (P.S. You are not fat!!) Good luck accomplishing your goals though!

  11. Priscila BarrenecheaJune 2, 2010 at 11:26 PM

    just watch out for your knees!

  12. you go girl. v nice pic...xx

  13. You r fit dear.Run 2 reach the Goal.

  14. Great going!

    Recently heard that it is MUCH easier to run long distance after getting a trainer for running.

  15. Meera - Right!!! Good Luck and Thanks for leaving me such lovely and encouraging comments :)

    Cinderella - Please Join in ! :) Walking is not bad though ...

    what i would have worn... - It's not just the weight ... it's the disgusting fat that bulges out and the disgusting feeling I feel in my belly! So ... sorry abt your knees! I am trying to be careful with mine ... Thanks :)

    Leia - Hhehe! I am not Obese ... but I have excess fat hence I am FAT :P My silly logic. ... I haven't heard abt that program but I am gonna go google it right away!!! ... And let's keep track of each other's progress. What say?

    Sonali - WOW! ... Well then you have experience. Your insight will be greatly appreciated !!! .. More the merrier, right? Let's get ready for the beach .. I will accompany you 'in spirits" Heheh

    Kiran - Oh! I love biking too ... Hmmm need to find time to do that also now ... :o) Wld have been grt if u were in the same city. You are such a grt inspiration and guide :)

    Dip-tea - Anytime girl! But join in? Why wait huh? ... or plan a beach trip soon ;)

    Sovina - Better late than never, right? :)

    Taj Acosta - Hehe!!! Want me to kick it? ;P

    Style, She Wrote - Hehe! Thank You! Thank You!

    Viintii - :o)

    Pri - Will be careful with my knees! Yoga and Pilates help and I make sure I stretch is well :)

    Harpreet - Thanks !!!!

    Mom - Oh! Thanks! But I am not fit by my standards !!! :(

    Meetu di - I guess, time to get tortured by Veronica again :)

  16. You go, girl! I always find that I push exercise to the back burner because "I have too many things to do". Lame excuse. I hope that you achieve all your dreams! Let us know how it goes with the marathons and what-not!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  17. Good luck with it. I think I need to get into myfitness routine again as well. I am so out of shape these days.

  18. Runnnnn Forestttt.... okay, okay, you're runing through a forest but I just couldn't resist.

    You go get 'em girl. And that "fat" is actually "phat". Right? :D

    I'm pretty sure you'll stick to this... it was a harder goal to reach where you are now, you really put in the hard yards so childs play

    I'm not a runner, my husband is, I do like that feeling that runners get of the 'push through', when all of a sudden your mind is not running, your body is...

    Love the pic by the way!

  19. Congrats Tanvii u´ll make a very good runner im sure! it took me ages to get your pace! keep it up!

  20. arrrghhhh....i don't think i can ever be tempted to's simply PAINFUL..i keep getting those tummy cramps and they ANNOY!

    but good luck...hope u end up reaching ur goal SOON! :-) Make sure u keep updating ur progress here..

    Love the capture motion in the first picture! :-)

  21. 4 pounds...huh? Where? When?
    I guess I need spectacles now...old age...baah!
    I can't see 4 POUNDS!

    U rock any which way, you know that now, don't you?:-)

  22. Ce qui m'inspire - Happens to me too, but I am trying to push through!!!!

    Sherin - Thanks! I need that luck! :P

    Dusk - That is very encouraging :) Thanks :) Can always count on receiving positive vibes from you!

    Ana - Thanks! You motivate me :)

    Ani - It's hard for me too ... but I wanna push through this pain!!! I will surely update on my progress, when and if it happens :P

    suruchi - You are too kind. You don't see it coz I am good at hiding it :P ... and pictures are so deceptive :) But thanks for the compliments, always :)


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