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Romance, Show-mance ;)

I am a big movie buff! I like all kinds of movies in all kinds of languages. You can say, I love cinema! Period. However, I have a special place for Indian romantic movies in my heart, of course. [Part of me is a girly girl while rest of it is a roaring lioness ;)] So while many Indian girls would swear by Shah Rukh Khan to be their favorite romantic actor, I personally prefer the cute Aamir Khan in all his earlier rom-com movies. 

Anywhoooo, while growing up I would tell my girl friends many a times that whenever I have a boyfriend/husband I would ask him to repeat all these romantic dialogues to me exactly-like-Aamir is saying them [to his leading ladies in the movies] *blush* 

Why am I telling you this now? ... You see last week me and husband were watching the first episode of ABC's this season's The Bachelorette. This was my first time viewing the reality show as I really do not get how a girl can go from one man to the next, in one day and be equally intimate and romantic with all of them, in public eye

My husband doesn't get it either and that's when he said, "Baby, if it was me The Bachelor on the show I would choose you immediately and tell the producers that I do not wish to meet any more girls. They can show our romance for the remaining of the episodes if they like!" That's when I realized, God had actually given me the cute-Aamir-kinda-romantic guy I always wanted. My husband is forever saying the most romantic things out of nowhere. He makes me laugh even in the most bizarre situations! He is romantic and funnily-cute even during are our trivial squabbles. It's hard to stay mad at someone who is always making you laugh! On the contrary I am quite-a-Hitler and not-at-all a romantic [in words!] but boy-am-I-glad-or-what! that at least one of us is... *big.grin*

Neck wrap - Zara [10']; Top - Uni Style [Delhi, 06']; Flip Flops - Diesel [10']
Skirt - Zara [10'] Same as worn here
My Romantic Hero
Earrings - ASOS [10']; Sunnies - Prada [09']

I have more family visiting me this weekend and this is what I wore while showing them around. I had worn this skirt with a pink tube top less than a month ago here. This time I have paired it with a really light-breezy lime green top. I was dying to wear this neck-wrap and finally found an opportunity. It was really comfortable for the hot-humid afternoon which was ahead of us. 

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend so far too! 


  1. That is such an adorable story! It sounds like you're truly living your own princess fairytale!

    I also love the neck wrap! The colours are so pretty and the print is so perfect for the warmer months!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. This post is making me grin like an idiot!
    Lucky lady you!
    The outfit is very cute.
    I love the third picture with your off screen Aamir Khan :)
    I hope you guys continue to be a happily married couple forever :)


  3. Yours is truly the Mills and Boon Love story that every girl dreams of. Lucky you.

  4. Awww how cute :) I hope you stay this happy and stylish always :)

  5. Alright here goes my series of pending comments!! In this one, I think your hubbie even resembles Aamir!! And same pinch girl!! :P I am the ardent-est fan of Aamir!! Your polka dot skirt is awesome. I have one too but it's a micromini and very difficult to stylize! :) Also, if you could email me or pass me your email or add me on FB, it'd be great so we could exchange numbers and meeeetttuppp!! :)

  6. cute blog :X

  7. Awwwwwww :) Love the skirt and the earrings are amazing!

  8. awww...I love the realisation. It's great to pen down such moments :)

  9. Polka has always been my favorite :)im loving the style

  10. Humor is such an important ingredient for a happy relationship. So glad you have it! And never let it go. :)

    I love the whole ensemble. Most of all your neck wrap since I have a huge thing for them thingies.

  11. I love the skirt. I have something similar but I'm always trying to figure out what kind of top to wear..

    Like someone said before, its a good thing to pen down such moments and read them years later. The Mr. does look a little bit like Amir Khan. A lot of folks tell my Husband that he looks like Abhay Deol!
    I love the idea of sharing recipes. I've been meaning to restart that blog but being lethargic to do so.

  12. your skirt is super cute--i love the polka dots!

  13. aww- you and your hubby are too cute! xo- karrie

  14. ahm ahm..romance shomance ;))
    love the outfit...i too have a similar skirt, a bit short though...will style it sometime and show u the pic..and your shades are AMAZING!!!

  15. Ce qui m'inspire - Thanks! I was not into neck wraps before ... but now i am digging them lately!

    Karishma - Hehe!!! Well, I may be lucky but I also like to see positive in everything! Makes life a lot more fun and happening ;) Thanks for your wishes! Mwah!

    Kiran - *blush* Thanks! Though I have never read Mills & Boon.

    jso style - Amen! to that :) THANKS!

    Tamanna - Done! Done! & Done :) THANKSS! and Yay You like Aamir too - Bahut jame gi mil baithege deewane jab! :)

    linutana - Thanks :)

    Hippie Holly - *shy* THANKS!

    Upasna - Haina? It'll be engraved in my memory forever now :o)

    Smrithi - Mine too! Paisley and Polka Dots :)

    Cinderella - With time you learn more and more about relationships :) ... Thanksss!

    Aparna - Aww! Really ... I never thought my Romeo looks like Aamir ... but if you all insist .. I wldn't fight it :) ... Also show your Abhay Deol tooo :)

    Style, She Wrote - Currently I'm obsessed with it. Thanks :)

    What Would a Nerd Wear - Thanks!!

    Elaine - Grt minds think alike :)

    Hello*Pretty - *blush* Thanks :)

    Sovina - Thank You! Thank You! Wld love to see how you style! ... I need to find new ways to wear it :)

  16. We have the exact same taste in filmi heroes!

  17. u guys look so cute!! I do like Aamir Khan but am a big Shahrukh fan:-) esp. after DDLJ..I have stopped seeing his movies after 'kabhi haa kabhi naa'..he was so irritating in that movie that i went back and watched DDLJ back-to-back to wipe out the bad memories!! I do like Shahid Kapoor among the newer lot:-)

  18. What a sweetheart and what a fairytale loverboy u have :-p 3 cheers for him..hip hip hurray hip hip hurray hip hip HURRAY!

    The pic of both of u is reallllly cute..and needless to say, adore the polka look.

  19. hahahaha!!! You two sound perfectly matched, you need to have differing temperaments to make it truly balanced.
    ...I love that you feel this way, openly adore your husband as he seems to openly adore you... this is how it should be... I think you are very romantic Tanvi honey. I eschew the token gestures of romanticism but I believe myself to be very romantic simply because I swoon when I think about my husband! I adore him and he adores me and we've been together a long time!
    ...just you writing all this about your man tells me how romantic and in love you are!

    Oh those damn reality shows and their "connections' "soulmates" "journey"... one cliche after another for their 15 minutes of fame.

    Although I am addicted to 'Survivor' and The Amazing Race!

  20. U both look cute.
    Ashi kahaan bhagaa ke le jaa rahe hain?

  21. awesomely cute attire! this is pretty much my kinda dressing hehe...


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