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Dress - TJ Maxx [09'] (Same as worn here) ; Sunglasses - Borrowed from Husband
White top - River Island [London, 06'] (Also worn here) ; Necklace - Gift [Mom 10']
Shoes - Jessica Simpson [09']
Me - Dreaming Forever ;) 

I think this blog is becoming my alter ego. I am probably not exactly the same person as this blog might depict me to be. 'Coz really I live quite an isolated life where I spend 70% of the day alone. Sometimes to have a conversation with anyone at all seems like a chore to me. 'If you can't improve the silence, then you'd better shut up' has actually become an invisible hoarding around me, unfortunately everyone can't read it but I do try and suffice it with my body language [but even that doesn't always communicate to the dimwits! :P]

You know what I have realized lately? When we are growing up we choose friends, may be, on the basis of common interests, common backgrounds, and/or common neighborhood. But as we grow up [for some people that never happens, so there are always exception to this rule :P] the criteria changes. I cannot talk for everyone, but with time I,personally, have started choosing friends on the basis of common ideologies and principles, more than anything. One doesn't have to agree with me on everything to be my friend, but we do need to have the basic principle down-right straight, for us to have any conversation beyond the superficial pleasantries.

Am I rambling? I think I am rambling! [Must be all the early mornings :P] Oppss! It's already past my bed time [tch.tch] Catch you on the other side of the weekend!


  1. agree i think u need to have the same core, to strike a chord...and I think it's a sign of growing up, cos it's more about who we are as opposed to where we are (say the same neighbourhood/ college)...i think I like it, it feels more deepseated and real...

  2. Beautiful dress... you look stunning in it!!

  3. Okay this post is making me nervous. Am I counted in friends yet?? Hope I am!! **bites nails**

    P.S. Love the colour of the dress. The maxi makes you look even more slimmer! :)

  4. I can relate to what's written here. we can always agree to disagree but the base principles need to be the same
    Love the color of the dress and how the whites draped around :)
    P.S in the process of fixing bloglovin i don't know why its acting so strange

  5. I think this is the best outfit I've ever seen you in! EVER!!!

    I think I'm a bit of a loner too. I'm probably not alone 70% of the time, but I do need my "me" time or else I go a bit crazy :)

  6. Oh you're not rambling sister. You make so much sense... I am nodding to everything you say... thing is, you have hit upon your truth at an early age and that's wonderful!!
    ...I believe the blog title needs to be changed to "...Rich in Wisdom and Infamous"..!!

    It is my 'feel-osophy' to always start on equal footing. Different sets of steps, fine, but we're all going up in the same direction. i cannot be friends with people who choose not to grow.

    This; "If you can't improve the silence, then you'd better shut up"... even though I have what seems to be central station for a home (!), is what I firmly believe.
    I'm not good at idle chitchat. It bores me. It is when I know I can be in complete comfortable silence with someone that I know we 'fit'.

    You? Are GORGEOUS! Look at your body! I do like this dress very much and this blue is lovely on you!

  7. Wonderful rambling thoughts and great colors...have a gr8 weekend !!

  8. I really like this look..the white adds a nice feminine touch to the long dress..

    I can't say it enough..Ashish is a great photographer!

  9. That dress, with the top... alluring! its totally fabulous!

    Its ok to keep to oneself and not talk to ppl u don't relate to... as long as u can channel your thoughts out in one way or another! our society feeds us that there is something wrong in being a loner... and outgoing personalities are better... i dont agree... u be happy abt what u are, girl!

  10. OK, so you mean to say the white part was not a part of the outfit? How creative of you to club it together with that color!
    Love love love the shoes. I'm going to steal, um I mean borrow all your shoes one day.

  11. It is true that we change in terms of most stuff as we grow up, be it friends or ideologies. I have come to realise myself. I am at my happiest in life right now with my own circle of friends and I love my alone time.


    PS: I so love the dress! It compliments your figure nicely and the color is just gorgeous!!

  12. That dress is so wonderful! It looks so comfortable, and I love the tou paired it with. I definitely think that ideology is as important as interest when making friends.

  13. I love this dress with that top! The top is so unique! And it adds such a fantastic detail to the dress (which is a lovely colour). I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your movies the other night!!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  14. It's odd to think about the friends that I have grown apart from as I've matured. I can completely result to your sentiments. On a clothing note, I love the maxi dress paired with the criss-crossy white top. It looks so much more interesting/unique than just a plain old maxi.

  15. Blogs make good alter ego, don't you think? you look stunning dear.


    PS: Maybe you wanna check out the new blog my friend and I made. It's everything NYC and more!

  16. Love how you've paired that dress with the top..and your hair looks fab! I get what you mean with the "spending 70% of your day alone," bit. Sometimes that's exactly what you need! When I first moved to NY I was terrified thinking about how alone I was going to be and how I didn't know anyone. But after a while I began to embrace it..
    I didn't have to constantly be talking on the phone or have to meet people. I loved being by myself and I seriously feel like I grew up and learned a lot about myself in just those few months!

  17. I love the color of the dress :)

  18. Love the color and length!

    Ah yes, friendship does end up being even more of an ideology match as we're older. Keep the good ones close!

  19. I agree with you... I enjoy spending time alone. It does get harder to make quality friends as you get older. Plus time is so rare, you really want to utilize it with people who bring you substance and make you a better person.

  20. Beautiful dress and you've justice to it.

  21. im so in love with your floral pumps!! gorgeous really! :D

    Animated Confessions

  22. The dress is gorgeous and I love the way you layered the top..

    abt friends, I trust my instincts. If I feel comfortable and happy around them, then I try to go beyond the initial conversations..I am also okay with people if they dont have the all the same principles as me. My good friend is vegetarian and she strongly believes eating animals is wrong whereas I am a meataholic:-)But she was there for me when I went thru a bad time in my life and for me that matters more than veg/meat thing...so I consider her a very good friend even though occasionally she will go on a meat-is-bad spiel..I just smile and let go..

    I am not a loner but I need lots of me time:-)

  23. "But as we grow up the criteria changes" - i totally second this thought...ideas change as we meer diff sort of ppl as we move on...plus there is no look out for a "frnd"...if there are any common idealogies ppl bcom frends.

    lovely dress :)

  24. Oh I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the colour and it looks so amazing on you. Nice nice nice!!

    I am a loner too- I don't mind it give me a book or movie and I will stay holed up at home gladly. Though I love going out too occasionally but I have a hard time making new friends. I am more comfortable sticking to my old friends who know my history and I know theirs.

  25. the dress is teamed up pretty well wit the white top.. was browsing thru where u wore this dress last and i realised without fail u team it even better and a newer way each time u wear smthin again....

    im desperate to learn this art...

    when wil i know how to make the regulars intresting......

  26. OMFG the pictures are gorgeous.
    Esp the first one. Something about you holding your shoes in your hand. There's a lot of character in that picture.
    Don't ask me to explain.
    Anyhoooooo(a word I have so blatantly stolen from you), I finally put together a list of things that turn me off.
    Which means a visit to my blog is a must :D
    have a fabulous day, gorgeous!



  27. love the maxi on you..so chic..and love those pumps...i have on flower pumps but they are not half as good as yours..i also love how you have styled the dress differently each time..pretty pretty lady :)

  28. Is your bag Karla's design for Coach?


  29. Hey Tani...
    What you say strikes a chord with me completely...
    Many people feel I have this larger than life persona due to my rantings on my blog n facebook...
    Yet I am actually quite a private person!

    I take time to open up and great on a one to one basis than pleasing a big group!
    That’s how blogging helps us!
    It gives us an avenue in releasing our potential to the world!
    It’s not that we are pretending to be what we are not...it’s just that we are taking a peek into what we could be, provided all things remained as we’d want them to!

    So this is also us-full of life n exemplary...
    We may not live the day like this...but we definitely moonlight as the same!

  30. P.S. So much bakwaas I did that I forgot to mention the most important thing:
    You look gorgeous:-)

  31. Just saw your prev post with the same dress!!! Both styles are too good!!!

    Office Style - 12


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