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Movie Review - Rajneeti

Top - macy's [09']
Shorts - Gap [09']
Necklace - Gift [Mom 10']; Sunnies - Roberto Cavalli - Delhi [06']
Shoes - From Tehran [07']

On friday, I had gone to see the latest Hindi movie - Rajneeti [translation in english - Politics] We already know that I love movies and always try to watch them on Friday. I do not like to read reviews or get public opinion before watching the movie. I think that adulterates my thoughts. I like to watch it with a clear mind and form my own opinions and first response. I had blogged about looking forward to this movie back in April when the trailors had just started airing. 

So did it live up to my expectations? Well it partially did. I appreciate the satire of Mahabharatha intertwined with today's dirty-politics. It kinda has an undercurrent of 'history repeats itself'. The story is fast paced and has enough twists and turns to keep the viewer entertained. The performances are power-packed. Everyone fits their character to the T and the script and dialogues help them shine in their performances. Just special mention for Arjun Rampal [finally he can act] - man he looks hot in that crisp-white Kurta Pyjama. I couldn't stop drooling. Another mention for Katrina Kaif [who too can finally act!]. She has indeed given an applause worthy performance. [Not that everyone else is not worth a 'special mention' but only these two tickled my 'man-they-are-haawwttt' bone!] 

However, where the movie lost me was at its portrayal of women in Indian society. The two women in the movie are Nikhila Trikha [who is playing Arjun & Ranbir's Mom] and Katrina Kaif [she doesn't need an intro, does she?]. Both of them are shown as modern-independent women who 'ironically' have strong political views & ambitions. However, both are shown to marry a guy under pressure from their fathers [for whatever reasons, that's not important!]. I do not understand how can one be forced to marry? Who is forcing you to walk down the aisle? Who is dolling you up? Oh well, some might revert back saying that I won't understand 'coz I was born in a liberal family but when you see the movie you will realize so were they! The reasoning is quite a cliché according to me. 

Bottom-line : It has almost-nill dance/song sequence. Not 100% close to reality. At times over the top dramatic. Excellent power-packed performances. Worth a watch, purely for entertainment purposes. 

P.S. Above outfit is what I wore to the movies :o)


  1. I love your top! The black and white pattern is gorgeous!

    I agree with the faulty reasoning. I find it hard to understand how anyone could be forced into marriage but I guess that when there's a will, there's a way. It's sad that it has to happen, and I'm very thankful that my parents have always trusted me enough to make my own decisions.

    I'm glad to hear that the movie was good otherwise though!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. Ce qui m'inspire - I think my time to post matches your 'online' timing :) You are always first to comment if I post at this hour!!! ... You are right .. it was a faulty reasoning ... and I appreciate that you bothered to read the review though clearly it isn't a movie that would interest you :)

  3. The necklace is really very stunning and goes so well with ur like ur top - black and white is such a striking combination!!

    so u made ur cuter-than-aamir-khan-husband climb a tree? did he sing a romantic song while he was up there;-)

  4. Like the monochrome look! Necklace goes with it well!

    You have accurately described Rajneeti. Also, didn't you find it too cliched that ALL the girls got knocked up after sleeping with their partner the first time? That Shruti's expressions were horrifying!! :-p And I did not like the execution of Katrina's 'first' speech after the political decision was made. It looked like she had memorized it and her hand movements seemed like they were being controlled by a puppeteer (unless they wanted to show that!)

    All in all, it wasn't a waste of time which is sometimes the case with some reallllly silly movies.

    Now I hate Love Story's to look forward to! :-)

  5. those shoes are hot, girl!

  6. You've got amazing legs! jealous!

    love the way you mix the top and blouse, stylish
    and check out my new project - Story of my Clothes

  7. I watched Rajneeti too this weekend, more out of my love for Ranbir Kapoor :) I had some problems with understanding the motivations of both Ranbir Kapoor's character and even more with Katrina's character, why and how can you marry the brother of the man you love??? Weird! And Ranbir leaving after everything he had done and accomplished, made no sense. I liked the tones of the Mahabharat however and Arjun is hot hot hot!

    Love your look black and white doen to perfection! The necklace and earrings are pretty too!

  8. oh i'm so dying to watch this movie... I love the cast... Can't wait!

    I'm totally the review driven person... lol i hate wasting time to find a crappy movie... So THANKS for sharing... i'm gonna watch soon :D

  9. Wow, I adore the top! The detailing is beautiful and I love how the rest of your outfit matches the top:)


  10. Have yet to see the film, but your necklace and blouse are quite striking. Those sunshades are screaming COOL;-)

  11. You looked HOT. Your husband is a lucky man. Your beautiful from the inside out and it shows.

  12. Love the blouse! Great outfit for a night a the movies :).

  13. If you go for a movie looking this sexy, who is going to watch the movie.
    Tell me now? *grins*

    I <3 <3 <3 the necklacee and the top.
    So boho baby!
    And next time take a few shots without the sunglasses ok?
    I wanr to see pweety pweety eyes :)


  14. -great review, your funny.
    gorgeous outfit and great blog(:
    havea nice day,

  15. Amazing outfit, it's perfect for summer! You are beautiful!


  16. Great shoes, love the top, and you look gorgeous as usual!

  17. Love this shorts ensemble... your shoes are fabulous. And thanks for the movie review, it's an interesting film. xoxo

  18. Love your review! And your outfit is amazing. That top and necklace are gorgeous!

    Happy Monday sweetie :)

  19. Those shoes are to die for ! Too pretty !

  20. Love your necklace. It's gorgeous!

    I totally dig arjun and ranbeer's look in rajneeti. The whole starch white kurta-churidar look that they have going is so hawt!

  21. Sonali - Haha!! These pictures were taken by my Mom you can surely count on my husband to sing romantic songs anytime, unexpectedly :P

    Ani - Yaa! IHLS ... hopefully is good :) Waiting for it too... And Raavan as well!

    Fashion Butter - Thanks babes! :)

    Marika - *blush* Thanks!!!

    Hippie Holly - I know right?!? Very weird... to marry and live in the same house ... agrh! Disgusting!!!

    Spardha Malik - Haha! You are welcome, then ;) Do let me know how you liked it then?!?

    Sher - Thanks! The work is Indian. It's made in India but bought in USA :)

    kirstyb - Thanks! :)

    Fashion, Art and other fancies - Thank U! Thank U! Welcome to my blog :)

    Tanya - You aways say the kindest words. I will make sure my husband reads this ;)

    Jammer - Thanks! and Welcome to my blog :)

    Karishma - Haha!!! Now that's a very nicely backhanded compliment ;) ... Babes it really hard to step out in Texan sun without shades ... but I will do it just or you ;)

    ITSCCChaneey - Thanksss!!! Welcome to my blog :)

    Rachel - *blush* Thanks girl!

    Taj Acosta - Thanks! You are kind as always :)

    Leah - Thank You :) Means a lot when you like my clothes :P

    THE ALTERNATIVE WIFE - Thanks Girl! :)

    An Indian's Makeup Blog - Thank You! Welcome to my blog :)

    Noble Beeyotch - Totally hawttt, right? ;) Thanks for the compliments. Nice to see you again!!!

  22. I love these photos. Did you make your photographer climb a tree? If so, that is awesome. You have to show your photographer who is boss sometimes. :)

  23. I love your outfit! You always look so cute :)

  24. Love the top...but its you who makes it more beautiful and takes it to another level.......loved this look...

  25. Loving your jewellery and footwear.. Let's see if I find time and way to watch the movie!!!

    My Outfit at My Best Friend's Engagement

  26. i myself have been planning to see rajneeti ...will see it on my next trip to seattle..i saw the promo & liked it a lot and mahabharata always interest me.:))

    Love that necklace ..and totally drooling over those totally :))

  27. Robyn - Just the floor above not a tree .. but you are right ... I alway shave to guide the photographer ;)

    Dee - Thanks!!! That's sooo soo sweet!

    Rupa - Thanks Rupa! You ate flattering me so much ... 'main peed pe chadd jaaongii " :P

    Mitr Friend - Bhushavali - Thanks dear! If you do, let me know what you thought of it?

    Sovina - I think you will like the movie! :) Haha!! one more reason why you shld have chosen McCombs! ;)

  28. I'm going to have to come back to this post because your 2nd to last paragraph strikes many chords with me. I too would not could not understand this...

    Just quickly... fabulous review and dayam you look goooood! That 4th photo... ouch.

  29. I didn't get what i expected from raajniti but ya it was an entertainer.

    a good review Tanvi.

  30. Good for summer wear I suppose

  31. I would wholeheartedly disagree with that idea. Sure these movies contain some "safer" concepts and don't really show the depravity of man benefit concert


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