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Movie Review - Raavan

Raavan is an Indian movie released this Friday! I wanted to do it's review but at this hour [2:00am] back from the movies and after a long tiring day [and the movie didn't help either!], I am absolutely not motivated to even think about 'Ravaan' even for a minute more ... Simply put it's not even worth my time and sleep. So all I will say [before I hit my inviting bed] is that it's a huge disappointment specially 'coz I have loved almost all movies of Mani Ratnam [including his work down south!]

Aishwarya is the only saving grace as she reallllllly emotes throughout the movie with her gorgeous blue eyes [or are they green? ... can't remember at this hour!] and her absolutely clear glowing face [*envious.eye.roll*! Abhishek's acting is way-over-the-top and absolutely crap [really can't be bothered to sugarcoat right now!] and I didn't think that in my whole life I would ever say this but the only entertaining scenes of the movie were where Ravi Kishan was present !!!!!!!! [I can't stand him in-person! Mehh!]

[So let me get to the bottom-line before I fall asleep just recollecting this mehh! movie]

Bottom-line - Waste of time. Save your money. Need be - watch it on DVD.

This is what I wore to the movie
Shorts - macy's [08']; Shoes - From Tehran [07']
Top - Gift [Anita , 05'] (The neck detail is my favorite part of this top)
Necklace - macy's [09']
FYI - This is how happy I was before going to the movies ....


  1. I was so keen on this movie but have heard so many bad reviews that thinking of DVD only now.

  2. Hmm, I'm waiting for the DVD too, or maybe even Netflix now! Thanks for sharing!
    I love the neck line of your top, it's just so summer!
    And I'm literally drooling over your shoes.

  3. You look great. The outfit is perfect for the cinema: shame the movie wasn't that good, but at least you looked fabulous.
    I really love the top.

  4. Oh I want to see it now!!! I love to see movie talking about different culture. Thank you for your post! I love your fabulous blog, so I follow you. I hope u'll follow me too ;D. Xoxo

  5. Not a single soul has said anything good about this film, better avoid

    Your dress looks fab, you look better than Aishwarya

  6. will wait for the DVD to come out.
    I love the shoes..very Argentine Tango-esque!

  7. hey Tanvi, I am following your blog for quite sometime now and reallllyyy love the way you express yourself. you sure are a motivator. i have been reading your blog posts for whole afternoon and oh man i was glued to it like i was reading an interesting novel!!!

    You are one inspiration to me to loose weight(I am 5 kgs overweight :( )...please keep doing so in future too.

    The top is really your style.

    PS: this is the first time i have showered someone with so much of praise ;-)...keep it up

  8. Thanks for warning us, Tanvi. I think I'm not going to bother with the movie (but I'm not a big cinema goer anyway). At least your outfit was lovely! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xoxo

  9. Well at least your outfit looks great! I usually rent anyway, but I'll keep it on my list :)

  10. Okay...who goes to Raavan dressed like's a good thing actors don't come out of the screen...otherwise you madam would have been kidnapped in place of Sita ji...:-)

    That boring, huh?
    *sulky over one more boring movie that I will HAVE TO watch...coz weekends without a movie are kinda incomplete na?;-)*

  11. Ok after reading your reviews, I am not watching this movie in theatre.
    I like your shoes. Does Tehran have very beautiful/unique shoes?
    Thanks for your generous comments/compliments on my blog. Love your comments.

  12. It's that bad huh??? I had a feeling! Bollywood is dishing out one crapfest after another!!!! Really love the top, the neck detail is stunning!

  13. Hi again!
    Back again to say that I have an award waiting for you on my blog, come and grab it because you truly deserve it:)

  14. Wellllll.....I was waiting to see the movie so I could comment...

    Surprisingly, I liked the movie...I do not like slow paced movies generally but I didn't walk out of this one regretting it or having the urge of leaving it halfway... and you named on of it being aish's emotive eyes..but I just liked the cinemtography..the angles..different vantage point..editing..scenic beauty..sets..very pleasing to the eye and mesmerizing in certain scenes..

    abishek was surely over the top acting sometimes..and ravi suited his role pretty well..govinda was a waste I feel..and they really need to edit bollywood movies in general! shorter movies can hold audience's attention longer!

    anywayssssss...enough abt the movie..since you anyways didn't enjoy point dissecting or disucssing it...though i would love to say the i like the outfit ;-) the shoes really complement the whole look!! You look bRIGht in red!

  15. Nice top!!! I'm yet to see the movie. Planning for sometime this week. Let's see!!!

    Shiva Parvathi Shirt - Office Sytle

  16. Anuya - Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment :) I appreciate it ... and it means a lot that you thought I was worthy of such praise! :o) Always ...always makes my day! ... Is is always great to know that readers bother to go back and read all previous posts ... there are so many blogs out there and such little time ... I really really appreciate it ... Although I am clueless as to what I am doing, but whatever it is ... I am really glad that I am connecting with so many people like yourself. Thanks again! hope you hear from you again!

  17. Everyone - Thanks for the lovely compliments as always .... and as far as Raavan is concerned ... I didn't fancy the story much 'coz it was an artistic interpretation of Ramayan. May be I had high expectations ... but it was not Mani's best work. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

  18. love ur top- fun and flirty - perfect for summer. Does the shoe have bow on the side and red at the back?

    Havent seen Raavan but I am surprised that Mani Ratnam got it wrong:( I was looking forward to his interpretation in today's context. There is a fight scene on a bridge at the end which is supposed to be mind-blowing.. hype or true??

  19. i had a similar view on Abhishek Bachchan esp in the first half.

  20. yeah Raavan is BAD...good thing is that we had all planned to see Raavan on friday in seattle..but we met our friends outside who said that they could not tolerate even one hour of the movie & came we saw rajneeti instead..which was OK..not great or disappointing..but yeah saved ourselves from Raavan..coming to the dress, love the flowery print & totally drooling over the are really working those bold prints :)

  21. At least you were fab hun! Another super super cute outfit!

  22. oh no!!! I was looking forward to this movie!! I believe you Tanvi because you tell it like it is. So I'll just wait for the DVD I think...

    hahahahaha @ Suruchi's comment and I second that!


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