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I feel sick in my belly
and I don't know why...
I sit by the window 
but the raindrops pry...

I know the answers
 I am, only, questions shy...
It's the glee not sorrow
that soaks-up dry...

I have tears harboring
at the corner of my eye...
Hell may break lose
but I cannot cry...

For some reason rainy/cloudy weather makes me poetic. I have always said I can write poems only when I am obsessed, depressed or when it's raining! Weird, eh?!?!

Kurti [Tunic] - Cottons [Delhi, 09']; Jeans - Urban Outfitters [09']; Satin Slip ons - Nordstorm 
...then i remembered Karishma - The Goddess of Boho wants me to click shots without shades ;)
Shades - Borrowed from Mom [Tiffany & Co. 10']


  1. I love the pattern on your shirt! It's so cute! And the colour of the shoes is fantastic too!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. I loooove your come I never saw it in Cottons :(

    And wow...I like the poetess in you girl! :)


  3. I had a flatmate who used to get poetic in the rains too. Unfortunately it's an artform I don't think too many people would have me trying ;)...You should try even limericks! :)

  4. I never knew u could do poetry.its really awesome!! ur top is really cute..rains always reminds me of ginger tea with pakodas:-)

  5. Blue is SO your color! And it's cool that you can write poetry (even if it's weather-dependent) ... I don't think I can do it in ANY weather! Haha.

  6. I am obsessed with those shoes! SO cute!

  7. Very strong poem and I can so understand the rising of the poetic state in extreme emotions. Very well and simply emoted.

    Shoes are 'look-at-me-I'm-so-pretty'!

  8. What a coincidence that it's raining while I'm reading your post!

    You look fabulous with and without those shades:)


  9. Wow, a poetess too?! thats DEEP!
    I agree with karishma... U look so lovely without shades!
    Oh and those satin shoes are So cute!

  10. I love that print and the semi-backless detail. It looks lovely on you! And them shoes are adorable too!

  11. You look like a very pretty Journalist from Bbay :)

  12. You are a poet too. Nice outfit. You are bright and vibrant girl.

  13. Beautiful Poetry!
    Love the outfit. I really miss being able to wear desi clothes in everyday life. You did so well here.

    Could you share some ideas on desi inspired yet appropriate for office looks?

  14. I'm really liking the poetry! I guess rain can do that :)

  15. Love the poem! And I'm so loving your top! The color looks amazing on u :)

    Have a fabulous weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  16. I had no idea you can write so well :) lovely kurtha :)

  17. lovely are multi talented! Food, Fashion, Fitness and writing.
    Keep up the regular blogging! I noticed you have been writing more often now and I enjoy reading them
    - Sheetal

  18. That poem was written so beautifully.

    I love your top so much. The detailing at the back is fantastic.

  19. Nice poem :)
    keep in touch!

  20. Cutie pie!! Nice poem too! Hope you have a fab weekend doll hugs!!

  21. Love that top Tanvi. You've inspired me to talk back when my readers leave comments. Thanks...:)

  22. J'adore le poeme! ;) Everything you write is soooo inspiring! You know what I'm going to say next, right???!!!! YOUR BOOK!!! ahaha

  23. Lovely poem. Like the way you have placed your feet for the first picture!

  24. love the poemm .... bhabhiii :) :) okkk i wna confesss .. tht not just u inspire me with fashion , your outlook towards life and your Tipsss for everythinn :) (includin fitness) i just love the way u carryy all this forward ... ad the way u writeee i cant ... and havnt seeen anybodyy write suchh closer to life views ... Justt lovingg it ... reading them makes me actuallyy relate to me .. an if not relate *learnnn* wich is the most imp thing tht i can take free of cost from my Elders !!! thankkk youu :) keep it upp !!!! cheers !! muaaahhh

  25. love those sandals!! hope you have a lovely weekend! xoxo

  26. Whoa!
    A couple of days away from your blog and my little friend*okay petite but steamingly hot friend* turns into a full blown poet...
    *applause, applause*

    I absolutely loved the lines...
    “I know the answers,
    I am only question shy...”
    You sum up half the women-dom in this one!

    Rain does have a strange hold on us!
    Try watching rain fall for a long while and’ll be surprised how it can crumble you from within!

    And you my dear look perfectly poised again, to be drenched!
    Cute flirtish back with that teenyy knot...and great blue slip ons!
    And is this your house?

  27. Oh! u wrote this..WOW! words are just flowing here :))

    Love the bold bright print of the top..Looking always :)

  28. I die, my guys revives me back so I can comment. I love your chappals!!

  29. Thanks everyone ... for appreciating my poetry! :o) It feels really liberating! ... Looks like the shoes are a hit as always! :o)


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