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A forlorn tale ...

A forlorn tale

...in the circus 
of my life...
Forgotten the path
to my happiness...
and to top it all -
Missed the turn 
to my destiny...

hanging by threads...
moving at a plodding pace...
takes ten steps backward
before it takes a single leap...

drained out ...
...yet finds itself a remote cell
to grow within...
    Ensuring - 'never say die'
At least, 
till you are alive!

- Tanvi

So this is what I wore, while I was pondering-over *grin*
Hairband - Express [10']; Necklace - Francesca's [09']; 
White top - River Island [London, 06']; Pink Tank - Calvin Klein [06'] 
Skirt - Cottons [Delhi, 06']
Shoes - Spring [10']


  1. Such an amazing skirt! I love it! And those heels are fantastic too!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. That headband, that skirt, that smile! yooowza! looove it!!

  3. the skirt is cooo cute. I am going to check out cottons next time I am in delhi!! love ur shoes and ur matchy nail color:-)

  4. oh that skirt is fabulous xxxx

  5. OOhh that skirt is magnificent!! I missed Cottons! I didn't know it started having so much variety. Last I went there in Bombay, it only had kurtis, stoles and such!

  6. Your outfit is such a contrast to the words and that's what I like about it. Breaking away from dark gloomy colors to represent a 'thoughtful' state-of-mind. Total gypsy look which yells out 'let's go to the carnival and get intoxicated on bright lights'.

    Amazing portraits. 'Never say die' because our clothes will miss us!!! Stand up, dress up and live it up!

  7. "Positivity
    drained out ...
    ...yet finds itself a remote cell"

    i think this is the solution for so many things in life..if u can just hold on to that ray of hope..everything works out :)

    Love the fun print of the skirt..i have similar shoes in black ...but they have some studs too.will post sometime.:))


  8. Those skirts are a breath of summer!

  9. Such interesting skirt. That too from cottons Delhi..wow...
    I also like your shoes.. and the way you have matched the two tops.

  10. I loveeee that skirt! Must hit Cottons soon, though I doubt if they'll still have that skirt. The headband is awesome too and the poem is seriously good. You are one multi talented cookie!

  11. That is such a pretty skirt! I love the print on it.

  12. Love love love the skirt!

    Absolutely fabulous look!

  13. Forgot to add...lovely poem!

    Like these lines...

    Positivity drained out ......yet finds itself a remote cell to grow within... Ensuring - 'never say die' At least, till you are alive!

  14. Very nice poem.Words n expression r touching.
    Get up!Cheer up!

  15. Love the words & the skirt!!! You're fabulous sweetie :)

  16. Priscila BarrenecheaJune 15, 2010 at 12:25 PM

    I NEED your shoes! :D

  17. Beautiful poem! Pretty skirt.

  18. looking gorgeous! Stylish always:)

  19. Thank You! I am back, recovered! ... Hopefully no more sad poems but I can't promise ;) This indeed is one of my fav skirts. Gonna treasure it for a long time!


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