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10 things That I Love

10 things that I love
  1. Chocolates [Cannot get enough of them] - Ice Creams, Candy, Cake, Shake, ... everything has to be chocolate flavored for me. Up until [I believe] the age of 16 I had literally never tired any other flavor of ANYTHING!
  2. Shoes [Ahh! First Love!] - Love 'em! Love 'em! Love 'em! Every day is brighter 'coz I get to wear my fabulous shoes everyday. It's insane how many I own! [Nope, not telling you!]
  3. Holidays [Wish Life was a one big vacation!]
  4. Pictures [Vanity? Yes!] - I secretly wished I was a model, but never had the body! Now making my wishes come true with this blog :P
  5. Books [Only worthwhile hobby I acquired] - A beach + Unlimited Mojitos + Books = Perfect Vacation! :)
  6. Movies - This is could take a while ... I'll only say I love cinema. Period!
  7. Writing - I express myself better through written words. I just need a pen & paper and I will be a happy person.
  8. Talking - Yeah! I am actually gonna list it! I love talking ... with strangers, with friends, with absolutely anybody [as long as they are not stupid or intellectually challenged!]
  9. Cleaning - I have an OCD of having everything absolutely spick and span ... by my standards! My poor husband has to put up with it but he does a good job, I have to admit!
  10. Blogging - Last but not the least, the good ol' blogging. I abso-f-ing-lutely love it! I am addicted to it. I might need-rehab-to-get-over-it kinda addicted! Agree?
Shoes - Spring [10']; Shorts - (You won't believe it) Walmart [10'] (for $5.00)
Top - Gift [From Megha again, 05']; Earrings - Gift [Mom, 10']


  1. hy Tanvi,
    first time here...
    fascinating space you have...
    amazed by your collections
    do drop in at my space sometime.

  2. I'm really glad that you honestly listed the walmart buy. I too pick stuff up from there, just because I like it. I don't see it as anything lowly in fashion. Who's wearing it to a ball anyway? Unfortunately, not all bloggers think alike and that's individualistic so I leave it at that but hell, I admire this honesty in anyone.

    And I love your top, because you know what, it's BURNT ORANGE!! :D Heeeee

    No seriously, you look smart as always especially with those decadent shoes. Pass some of yours to me if they're difficult to count you know! :P :P :D

    You know what would have really made me insanely zealous here? had you worn white shorts/skirt with this top!! **wink wink**


  3. Congrats on the award! I really love the fact that you wear bright colors; they really suit you. This orange looks especially lovely :)

  4. thank u so much!! I love discussing fashion with you too:-) love ur top, it has the right amount of brightness!! Iffy on the shorts:( sorry!!

    So I finally saw SATC2 today and I loved it!! SJP wore a lot of Halston in this movie, I loved the deep green one that she wore in the end, at home, with heels. How glamorous is that??

  5. love your pants they are so amazing.

  6. Great award. Well deserved. I like walmart clothes too. Love your sandals and like the color of your top.

  7. I think chocolate and blogging would also be on my list!

    I love the details on your top, and the pattern on your shorts! Super cute!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  8. Love the orange!!! Perfect summer color...

    Congrats ms. hottie blogger..

    90% of your list is my list :-p no wonder ur my BAST friend..haha! remember how we used to make fun of that term and how it was being used..
    well jokes apart..ur the best! :-)

  9. Gosh!!!!tht was such an old top i got you!!! the color looks great!!!n the shorts r cute!!!
    enjoy the weekend!!

  10. Dude seriously those shorts are $5??!
    I'm SO jealous of u ... :(
    I love how u mix and match things!

  11. Loved the post.Honesty is what i admire most.Facinated by small print.

  12. you look fabulous in orange!! fabulous!

  13. Congrats hon, and I have to say: what a CUTE pair of shorts! Oh to have your legs.
    Just stopping by for a quick look at your posts. I'm doing so well with my book right now...

  14. Congratulations on the award, sweetie, so glad for you, and I so enjoyed reading what makes you happy. I adore orange - this colour marries very well with your warm and sensuous skin tone and bright, dark eyes. Happy weekend;-)

  15. Lurrr-ve the earrings.
    The shorts are very cute, but I cant make the print out.
    All the things you love about life make me want to go on a mini vacation right now.
    Mojitos on the beach.
    c'est la vie, eh?

    Have a good weekend lady and congratulations :D


  16. Congrats on your award. Well-deserved! And cute outfit post.

  17. Hi Tani,
    Awww...congratulations on the award...
    You truly deserve them...*does that qualify me to know how many pairs of shoes you own? Ah...just being devilish there... And a great secret...
    Shoes...the more the merrier...no number is ever, as in EVER enough!*

    Actually the 10 pointers up there are so cannily similar to mine that no wonder we love each other’s blog*okay apart from the fact that you can carry just about any outfit and you never have a not-so-sexy day...we are ditto!*

    Thank you for the award and such generous praise!
    You know the admiration is mutual n just as true from my end!
    Hugs n love...
    Wish you all the success n joys n what the heck...great sex to keep you looking so awesome*that’s my secret of looking pretty on some days;-)*

  18. OMG..an award..My first and from one of my favorite bloggers..what more can i ask. Love you for it...WOW WOW WOW..already jumping..
    coming to the outfit..love those flower shorts..I so wanted to buy one myself this season but couldn't lay my hands on it. Love the orange of the top also. But i love most is kohl in ur eyes..it makes the whole look ...cant find the proper word, but lets say more wonderful..

    As for walmart- sometimes i get such fab things at walmart..there was a top i got and a dress,e ach under 10$ ..but but but..my husband just hates when i buy stuff from there (guy mentality) & we end up arguing..so i try buyig when i go alone..which is not very often..

    Will post the award post soon!!!


  19. And,is that tatoo is soooo cool..

  20. Orange looks so good on you... such a gorgeous color.

    Love knowing these random facts about you... I am addicted to chocolates too. And mojitos? I rest my case! Hahaha!

    Have a great weekend Tanvi! xoxo

  21. cute sandals!
    Cara from IFB

  22. Congrats!!

    Your number of shoes seems like other people's weight...not to be listed in public :-))

  23. why girls have to be so obsessed with shoes.ritika is like you.

  24. Hi sweetie! Thank you sooo much for the award! You totally made my day. You're the sweetest! Congrats on getting the award. So well deserved!

    You look gorgeous in those shorts! Skinny minny, wish I could wear them :)

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend and hope your Monday is off to a great start! xoxoxo

  25. Awe what a wonderful shout out you gave me sweetie pie! Love your list-Shoes hello! I mean what would life be like without all of our wonderful shoes! lol. So vain I know. And I picked up the coolest bikini at wal-mart this wknd!! Girl this glamazon shops there too! I love the OP collection it's my cali girl fav style buy! hmmm you've may have inspired me to blog abou this. hugs!

  26. HOly smokes! I got an award! And in quick succession at that. Somen=body wants me to be happy!

    Thnx a ton beautiful!!
    And soooo sorry for having missed this post. :*

  27. Jay - Welcome :o) Thanks for dropping by!

    Tamanna - Thanks girl ... I have only one real quality that is honesty ;)

    Leia - Thanks!!! :) I never wore bright colors growing up ... but now I do ... Weird!

    Sonali - Already discussed this ... so shall just say Thanks!! and Abt the shorts ... hmm!! They are kinda cute, no? ;)

    Sassi - Thanks!!!

    Kiran - Thanks!!!

    Charlotte - Thanks U! Every girl likes chocolate I guess!

    Ani - Hahaha!!! though now I do not mind using BEST friends ;) What's true is true .. what to do ? :P

  28. Megs - YES!! See how I save evrythng :P

    Spradha - Thanks girl ... practice makes you better ;)

    What would a Nerd Wear - Thanks !! :)

    Natalie - That's so cool. Will write to you sooon!

    Fashion, Art and other fancies - Awww... blush! Thanks!

    Karishma - ... Life shld be a vacation! :P Thanks!!!

    Style, She Wrote - Thanks! :)

    suruchi - Hahaha!!! OMG! :) Well you deserve it and no wonder we like each other ... coz we like the same things :)

    Sovina - I know what you mean. I also go shop alone at times ;) ... You deserve it! :o)

    Leah - Mojitos are delicious aren't they ;) Hehe! Thanks!

    Cara - Thanks!!

    Meetu D- Haha! Well said :)

    Pinky Handa - Don't know aunty Girls will be girls ;)

    THE ALTERNATIVE WIFE - Thanks! :o) hope you are having a good week tooooo!

    Taj Acosta - Hugz!!! :)

    Cinderella - Haha! I surely do! You write lovely poems yaar!

  29. Congrats on the award! Well deserved!

  30. Hey a new visitor to your blog...really enjoyed reading them...


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