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Fabulous Footwear

Jimmy Choo [06']

Delhi [10']

Delhi [09']

Delhi [09']

Nine West [10']

Delhi [10']

That's My Mom [not Sister, just to clarify] :o) 
And all the above were her Fabulous Footwear! 
P.S. She has MORE shoes than I do, beat that! 

Sunday: My Mom went back. *sad.face* 
Monday: Spent the day in bed, sulking! 
Tuesday: Today seems like a good day and I am really eager to find out why! 
Wednesday: Run, Fat Girl, Run
Thursday: My favorite aunt is arriving ... [Yay!]
Friday: Will go and watch an Indian movie - Raavan
Saturday: Total Relaxation with Family! 

So this is the plan so far to beat the blues and [hopefully not write more depressing poems!] What do you think? Will it work?!?!


  1. love the layout for the week- i should totally do this and get organized with everything.. though it seems most is laid out for me with work haha

  2. Love those shoes... they are all perfect for summer. The colors are so pretty.

    Your schedule will work... there is no better way to beat the blues than to have a full sched. Keep yourself busy and have fun bonding with the family. xoxo

  3. now, we know where u got the shoe addiction from:-)

    I need a plan too otherwise I will self-combust waiting for the Raavan premier pictures to come out!!

    looking forward to ur Raavan review..

  4. I love all the shoes/Chappals!
    Your mom is gorgeous!!

  5. um, I want your mom's sunnies.

  6. The first one, paisley is Jimmy Choo? Or is it the second one? Your mom is hot and happening. I like her nail art.

  7. Stick to the plan lol. Your mom is beautiful and so are her shoes.

  8. Aww mums are the best.
    I have a fetish for shoes n bags as well.....i love yo collction...

  9. Awww aunty is sooo cute!! I'm so jealous that you can get to wear all her shoes!! Grrrrrrr :P

    I love the ones in the fourth photo.

    Oh so Raavan is releasing this Friday...will watch it too! Never watched Ash/Abhi on the big screen ever before so I hope this one's good!

    I'm going to be in San Antonio on Saturday but unfortunately it's only for a few minutes literally, after which I'm going to Houston. So if Iget a chance, I'll surely text/call you! :)

  10. soo chic!

    AHH i loveee ur blog soo much
    I am a new follower
    care to follow me back?

  11. sounds like a fairly busy week!
    Loving all the sandals esp the tribalish ones xxx

  12. Love the shoes..and ur mommy looks TOO CUTE! She's my Shoe-twin :-p (the florals, bright colors and pop-out parts..don't you think?)

    Blues only look good when it's electric blue and on some piece of garment or accessory. Hope 'normal' is back..though I would miss the poetry...

  13. oh! love those shoes...my mom also has so many pairs..btu you know the best thing is that we both have exactly same sizes..so we excahneg our footwear so very often..It is so cool because she can buy shoes for me from India & send them to me here..She recently bought some 4 kolhapuris in red, pink, blue & green and she send me those..

    please please do tell me how was raavan..i am planning to see it on monday, and i will see it only if it would be good o/w i will see rajneeti..so drop me a line or something as soon as you see it..thanks:))


  14. Wow your mom is one stylish glam lady! I bet her shoe love rubbed off on you no? xoxo

  15. Wow! Your mom looks amazing! Good genes hunnie!

    I love all of the sandals! So pretty!

    xx rk

  16. Beautiful mum! So you're a shoeholic by heredity ;)

    never notice your blog's name, very funny, love that.

  17. i found your blog through wedding on the cards & am loving it!

    i absolutely love your collection of chapals! amazing!
    and your mom looks gorgeous!



    ps. i'm following you now xx.

  18. luv ur planning babes. and must say ur mom has an amazing collection of footwear! dont u feel like stealing all these from her?

  19. all of those shoes are amazing!

    <3chelsea elizabeth

  20. Your mum is a total rockstar!!!! All them shoes are gorgeous!!!!! Awww chin up hon and hope you don't miss your mum too much :)

  21. Thank you dear for posting my footwears.
    Thanks 2 all the ppl who have given the complements.
    I had a wonderfull time with you both.Love you.

  22. Her footwear is great but her hair is awesome!!

  23. Fantastic collection of shoes!! I love all the different colours and awesome details!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  24. Thank you everyone for the compliments! Mom said THANKS as well ... !

    Tamanna - Call me to say Hello at least, K?

    Soniva - Mom are the greatest! :) You are lukcy you share the same shoe size !!!

  25. Omg!! U look so much like your mum and she looks absolutely fab...sorry I just had to comment somewhere.


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