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Explore Durham ...

... through my pictures

Earrings - Gift [Mom 10']; Shoes - Puma Ballerina's [10']
Dress - ASOS [10']; Belt - Ralph Lauren [09']
Bag - Miu Miu
Duke Chapel at Duke University Campus
The vastness of Sarah P. Duke Gardens 
Me & My Pretty-Young Mom ;)
My Two Boy-friends
...of course 'coz it's Summers :o)


  1. I love your dress. Specially in a pic where you are holding the two ends and looking like a ballerina. I like the chic bag, belt and ballerina shoes. Beautiful pics with mom. And yes I like the fact that I am the first one to comment... yeahhh!! ha ha

  2. I love the print and the gorgeous neckline on this dress:-) iffy on the shoes, sorry:(

    u do have beautiful hair..in my case, grass is greener on the other side. I have straight so I crave wavy:-)

  3. I forgot to say ur mom is soo adorable..now I see where u get ur pretty looks from:-)

  4. Love this dress! It's such a fantastic colour and print! So pretty!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  5. I totally dig ya dress, shoes and every snapshot of this blog post :o)

  6. Dress is so pretty!
    Second picture is the best :)
    Love how you're golding the dress in it.
    The chapel... wow!

    And yes I did see the second post with the dhoti pants.
    The top is SO cute.
    They look great together :)



  7. j'aime beaucoup ta robe...

  8. Love the print of the dress and the shoes are nice too. Love the pics you've taken. LOL at the best men in your life :)) I am sure we all agree! The bag is fab too!

  9. Beautiful dress!!


  10. You're quite the traveller!

    And I adore your dress and the beautiful miu miu bag, they're lovely:)


  11. Aaaahhh...it's in the genes...! Your Mum is beautiful! I love how she has her bag slung across her body! Practical and cool!

    I adore this dress on you!
    Makes your mega sexy shoulders sexier! LOVE that pic of you where you're fanning the skirt out. Your arms look delicious!
    ...the shoes are an interesting choice... by Puma? So they're sporty ballet flats??

    [ps. my friends love the way I dress and they get very disappointed if I don't dress as if a rainbow vomited on me! My friends actually dress up more when they're with me, which I LOVE!]

  12. Hey !!!! thanks for stopping by the blog.:))..Love you dress..it is such a fun print and love the satchel you have added..You mom is so cool.. Needless to say style runs in the family. :))

    Keep rocking..

  13. You look absolutely gorgeous tanvi. Lovely lovely pictures :) and OMG your mom's so cute :)

  14. Loving the dress... And you're true about your mom, she's so very young!!!

    Fashion Panache - Crochet Top to Office

  15. You look so lovely in that dress... and you know what those guys are my boyfriends too. Hahaha! xoxo

  16. Beautiful dress. I love it when dresses are so full at the bottom, great for spinning around in! xx

  17. Absolutely beautiful, love your dress!!! I love your blog and I'm a new follower. :)


  18. I want that dress!!!! You look beautiful.

  19. Super cute ASOS dress! Looks amazing on you. And great pictures, too!

  20. I need a pair of pumas like those in my life!

  21. Lovely...Lovely...Just lovely...you and your mum! :)

    Really like all the pics tans!


  22. All the photos are amazing... they look so WOW..the one u ready to spin..the shoes are sooo happy...

    ben and jerrry's!! been so long since i have had.. i really miss the one on bond street..they were the best when they were ben and jerry's though..

    mommy and u look very pretty.. keep it coming GIRLIES!

  23. Kiran - Thanks! That's my fav. toooo!

    Sonali - Thank U! Thank U! ;) More explanation in ur space :)

    Ce qui m'inspire - Thanksssss!

    Viintii - I like seeing ur name here :)

    Karishma - THANKS! :)

    agnes - Merci beaucoup :)

    Hippie Holly - U make me blush! thanksss!

    Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries - Thanks :)

    Sher - I do love travelling ;)

  24. Dusk - Thanks! I do get all the good stuff from my parents! Fashion wise all from Mom ;)

    Sovina - Thanks :)

    jso style - Thank You!!! She is loving the compliments!

    Mitr Friend - Bhushavali - Thanks dear!

    Leah - Hehe!!! We have common love then ;)

    Sarah - True! I am all ready to twirl :)

    Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} - Thanks!!

    Tanya - Thank You!!!

    Leia - Thanks :)

    Style, She Wrote - Told you! Asos is making me bankrupt :P

    Robyn - They are super comfy!

    Anu - Thanks love!

    Ani - Miss You!!

  25. phew have missed quite a lot of posts, catching up now. I love the dress!!

  26. Upasna - :) Oh! It's not your fault. I have been dishing out posts as if there is no tomorrow :P

  27. You look gorgeous. So pretty! The dress is so beautiful. And you and your mom look like sisters.


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