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A Bagel Date...

Not mine [husband's] - I am vegetarian
Heavenly Chocolate Pie
Me, with my mischievous expression [looks more like sleepy eyes, though :P]
Shoes - BCBG [08']; Pants - Zara [Dubai, 06'] Also worn here 
Bangles - From a local boutique; Earrings - Gift [Mom, 10']
Top - Ted Baker [09'] Also worn here 
I always try and wear my military print pants when husband wears these shorts 
[Cheesy I know, :P] 

I was about to give these pants away few months back, during spring cleaning. But then I saw that they were back in fashion! I decided to keep them. I desperately have to get rid of old clothes to make place for new ones. But my clothes never go bad and I do continue to use them. So how and why will I ever buy new clothes? Hence, my phobia for shoes. Shoes, make all my clothes look more fabulous than they actually are [my theory, go with it!] ;)

As you all can see I am addicted to blogging. I have been dishing out posts every-single-day for the month of June! [Woah! Never done that before!!!]

Everyday after finishing all my duties [?!?!], and work whatever time I get I devote it to blogging. That is, I believe, kinda getting on my family's [read: husband] nerves. When Mom was here, they wanted me to play cards or board games with them while all I wanted was to blog! Ahhh ... It's been like a tug-of-war-of-sorts. Also, since my social life had been quite active lately, I had an 'outfit' to post daily! I am thinking may be I should take a little break from blogging. [What do y'all think?

But that means I will have to dress shabbily for a few days so that I am not tempted to click any pictures. Now ... that's what's going to be really hard! How does one dress shabbily? ... I have no clue [Modesty out the window!]


  1. you guys perfectly 'match' :)and don't take a break at all! I love reading up what ur upto all days!! Did you consider that a reader gets addicted too ;) I'm hving a hungry day and I crave that pie now! Darn!! :D

  2. OMGGG same pants! Haha I love this =D
    Also, I think your husband is really warming up to the blog.
    he doesn't seem concious at all of the camera in this one.
    Infact, it seems as if he loves posing as much as you do.
    Anywayyyy, you guys should totallly print that picture at put it up somewhere in the house.
    Have a fabulous day!



  3. keep blogging DEEE.....ITS AN ADDICTION for many of ur followers

  4. Hehe, I love your face in that close-up! And the top is great! I love the stripes.

    The chocolate pie looks delicious, and I think it's super cute that you try to match your husband!

    If you're feeling like you might need a break from blogging, I think you should take it. Everyone needs a vacation once in a while, and I'm sure it would give you lots of time to think up amazing new ideas to post, and then you could come back better than ever! But please make sure that you do come back if you decide to take a break! I'd miss you if you left for too long!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  5. Mmm that chocolate thingy looks YUMMY!

    And I think it's so sweet that you and your hubby matched here. I love the picture of the two of you :)

    I'm spending way too much time blogging as well. I need to work on my dissertation!!! I think I'll put a post up today and then take a break for a couple of days.

  6. Tanviiiii, love your bag where it from???
    What an adorable picture of u n ur husband, he does seems to be more comfortable now eh?!

  7. pLS KEEP BLOGGING im totally addicted to it.. and also keep posting the outfit f the day....

    i love the bag u are carying and the fact that both of u are wearing the same prints :)

  8. Nice Blog!

    Food luks yummy! Love ur bangles...

  9. I love how you've teamed up a bright tee with a military print pant. Ah I have half a mind to store everything I own for the future, eventually it all comes back in 'fashion'. How I wish my mum had held on to some of her clothes from the 70s, I would have loved to wear those things. Ah, your shoes are divine!!!!

  10. OMG I love bagels and that one looks delicious!

  11. I absolutely love your bag. Where did you get it from?

  12. No, certainly you should NOT take a blogging break, Tanvi! but I do understand the problem - sometimes 'real life' has demands, too.
    BTW, the combats look great on you. Well done for having kept them. xoxo

  13. You guys make a freakin' hot couple! :)

    Loving the stripes. I need to take a moment to tell you how gorgeous you are sometime :)

  14. hey Tanvi... Its just so awfully sweet of you to leave that message. I'm all good, absorbed in work... I'm gonna be back with a post soon.

    Thanks again love.

    What a lovely pic of u and ur hubby!!

  15. I LOVE those shoes with the shorts and the whole outfit! And you and your hubby look adorable together, that's cute! I totally understand being addicted to blogging, I'm kind of addicted too, but I think it's a healthy addiction! XO!

  16. That chocolate pie looks delicious!! and ur shoes are really hot....Do keep blogging since ur blog is the first thing I read in the mornings!! what will I do!!

  17. That food makes me hungry. Cute shoes.

  18. i love your stripped top mixed with camo pants!


  19. Love the photo of both of u!!!

    Now you know why I have a hard time discarding clothes..fashion always repeats itself!! and and clothes are ALWAYS in good condition... :-p

    If you take a break...you know we allll waiting for u when u back! :-) My coffee time will miss u.

  20. u guys look good together..and military look is super cool..well by now u very well know of my blog addiction ..it is really getting onto me..but don't even think about taking a break..u r on a roll..

    and is that the new coach one that u r carrying?

  21. you tempt me with this food!!
    so you wanna take a break? Sounds good, we all need one sometimes! Mine is coming up in a couple of weeks too! We'll still be here when you come back ;) hugs doll

  22. Your husband's bagel is totally my favorite kind! Looks delish. Great outfit, too!

  23. I am lovingggg the bangles, lady!

    I know what you mean about being addicted - I actually felt weird that I posted so late today!


  24. I think it's so cute you guys match!

    Blogging break sounds like a great idea. It's always needed!

    Love your clutch!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  25. Love your top and your blog. I have the same problem with blogging, just not enough hours in the day.

  26. MAJOR FOOD NOMS! Love it!!

    I saw that you commented on a recent post at "Stylish Wandered" and I thought that you might be interested in my post where I did a DIY body chain: http://www.fvncy.com/2010/06/tied-up.html


  27. Great photos. The food looks delicious. I really like what you are wearing. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm also happy that you had a good time in NC when you came this way.

  28. the cargo coordinated couple is hot. (PERIOD)

  29. how is the weather there? i saw the hurricane has struck!

  30. Love the Bangles and of course chocolate cake!

  31. Ha I have the same pants! And I was going to give them away this year too but decided to hold onto them :)

    You look gorge as usual sweetie. Where's that fab clutch from?

    And I totally feel your pain about blogging. It's such a hard decision. I spend sooooo much time at it that I'm starting to neglect other parts of my life. But when I step back even for a day I get antsy and then go right back to it in full force. Addiction? Yeah maybe :)

  32. The feature on Dip-Tea i just read ,girl you totally deserve it :-)The chocolate pie does look heavenly but its high time i watched what i eat . You look gorgeous in spite of the all the expressions :)
    The bangle stack goes so perfectly well :-) loved it:)

  33. How did i forget to mention those heavenly shoes i so loved and so wanna steal and run:-)

  34. Don't give those pants away - they look good on you and with those shoes too!

  35. yum i love bagels.
    you guys are also a super cute couple!

  36. That bagel with lox looks delicious!! And I really like your striped shirt, it has such a cool pattern, It's much more "jazzy" than your average striped tshirt!

  37. Good thing you kept those pants... they look great on you. I normally don't throw or give away my clothes, I just keep them in storage then when the time comes, I give them a new life. Shopping in one's closet is the best therapy. :-)

  38. You both look like you had a great time..and this is the first time I'm seeing you both together so might I add that you both look really cute together esp with the coordinated pants :D

    Love your bag and shoes too..Hope you don't take a really long break and come back soon..I just started reading your blog!

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  40. The matchy-matchy pants are cute! The bagel looks yumm!

  41. dress shabbily.....nah thats not u!

  42. u guys have a super cute couple :)


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