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Baby Smoking - Baby Shower


Yesterday, I saw this story in the [FT] newspaper and couldn't help myself but bring it up here. That is a 2 year old boy smoking in this picture above. His name is Ardi Rizal and apparently he started smoking when he was 18 months old. My questions is ... HOW!?!? [... No wait! ... Really! HOW!!?!?!?!

According to the story 1.8%, of Indonesia's 6-million smokers, are now aged between 5-9 years old. Those are some crazy stats! Might as well pour them some vodka and let them party all-out! I cannot wrap my head around - HOW he even got around smoking his first cigarette and most importantly who gave him and WHY?!?! 

Talking of babies, I recently attended a baby shower for my friend Karol. She is due to have her second daughter any time now. This was my first time attending a Baby Shower, so I had no idea what to expect. My Mom was accompanying me so that was a relief. Karol is a Mexican married to an American, hence majority of women there were Mexicans or immigrants [her Mom, Grand-mom, Aunt, Cousin, even a few Friends]. I have a lot of Mexican friends with whom I get along famously. And this was no exception. Everyone was so friendly and amazing. Mexicans are a warm bunch of people. 

Me and Mom were a little embarrassed 'coz though it was Karol's special day but India and Indians were a major part of the conversation that afternoon! Everyone assumed that my Mom was my elder sister and didn't realize it till I called her "Mom" I think. And one 'delusional-person' that I am, my favorite part of the afternoon was when one of Karol's aunt touched my hair and said, "These are like threads of silk!" ... No one has ever said that about my hair, before. Now I love her aunt more than any of my own aunts [ Yea...Yeah! Flattery with get you everywhere with me ;)] ... Also her other aunts and friends enjoyed talking about India and Indians so much that they told Karol to invite me to their family get-togethers in future! [Poor Karol! I wouldn't be surprised if I am not ever invited to any social gathering at her place :P Haha!

And this is how I dressed for the Shower!
Tunic - GFO [Delhi, 06'] See Polka Dots AGAIN! It's almost like I have a uniform!
Trousers - BCBG [09']; Earrings - Gift [Mom, 10']
Bag - Gift [My Fav. Nephew, 10']; Shoes - Shelly's [London 08']

Story of this bag - This a gift from my most favorite nephew who lives in Chicago. He sent it with his Grand Parents who were visiting me last week. Apparently, he was with his Mom when she was looking for a gift for me. He saw this bag and found an inside pocket in it; after which he held it tight and was adamant that this very bag is bought and sent for me. 

Inside the bag was a small note, "Dear Tanvi, Hope you like this bag. It has a surprise pocket!" I am such-a-sucker for affection. When kids show me love I cannot help but love them back. I am shamelessly partial to kids who like me versus who don't. It's pathetic, really

Boy! This has been a longggg post or what! Adiós Amigos!


  1. Forget that article when we have this amazing fit to look at. You look stunning and different. I'll go back and read the article now.
    P.S Read my comment on the giveaway.

  2. awww...i think i love being around warm, kind people too...and loved what the story of the totally affectionate :)

  3. oh you are looking so lovely in this that Karol will sure invite to give her party chaar chaand...lovely lovely outfit..the clutch amazing..the shoes too cute...I recently read "we the living" read it twice actually.Needless to say i loved the character of Kira..i picked up fountainhead in 12th..didnt understand much then (except that i loved Roark...well who doesn't) re read it again & after that again in college...i must say that for a long time Rand had the most dramatic influence on me...:))
    What's your favorite from Rand's stable?

  4. O!Yes! Mexicans are i said earliar.
    Its sad to see how the child is being brought up in this era.And pathetic 2 c educated ppl smoking n playing with their lives.

  5. I saw the video of this little boy smoking and was so stunned that I was in tears! maybe also because I too have a toddler now..although you dont need to be a mother to feel outraged at this one! And you know what, he cannot even talk yet! His father thinks he is healthy although his mom wants the govt to do something desperatly. The indonesian govt has offered them a family car if they take the child for rehab.

    Thanks for visitng my blog and leaving a comment. I was giddy with delight :)

    I love your tunic, so bright and bold, perfect for a baby shower na? Just curious, but do you own/wear indian outfits? I suppose in usa it might be a tad difficult to find occasions to wear them anyway. Here in Dubai, I wear my sarees very often and dont stick out. So many Indians after all! I want my son to grow up seeing mamma wear sarees and know it's a part of his heritage, that women around him, esp mamma, makes an effort to dress up and all that. Plus it fatters my current body shape too!


  6. Babies smoking? How unhealthy is that for a child! You look a picture of summer - I do like the colours of the blouse and your clutch, but those shoes are a real delight for the eyes. They are such a nice splash of colour, too.

  7. My husband just told me about this article! Sad, so sad.

    Oh and I LOVE your top. I was a friend in Delhi and got cloth we ended up using for dresses for all my bridesmaids. It was lovely!

  8. I love your look, so bright and happy, love how all the bright colours come together so wodnerfully. I read that article too, it's scary and so beyond freaky!!!! Seriously how do five yr olds start smoking???? how???? Doesn't someone step in and stop them. If I smokes at five I wouldn't have made it six, my folks would have flipped out!

  9. Cases of smoking babies in Indonesia have been plastered all over the news here. It's really disgusting. I can't bear to even think about it :(

  10. Love your top and how you accessorize it with yellow touches. You're very beautiful :)

  11. What a sweet nephew...that is soo loving and i LURVE the color of the bag...

    Your baby shower sounds so much fun, warm and friendly. And your yellow dress looks contagiously happy!'Spot On'!

  12. Argh, that's disgusting! I cannot imagine that any child would actually tolerate the harsh taste of cigarettes.
    What a lovely blouse and your hair sure does look like silk, hun! xoxo

  13. I am so mad because of that story.
    Babies smoking? Who allowed that?

  14. Ok, I love your outfits and I need to see no more!! I'm following you now:)

  15. Wow!! Tanvi, daahling you look sooo pretty here! I love your shoes and the top is fabulous!! I always love sheer tops and this one is no exception!! Very well dressed!

    Mexicans I guess are pretty close to us Indians in their natures. I don't have a lot of mexican friends but the one friend that I do have is a total sweetheart!! (Cheering for Mexico, are you #worldcup! ;))

    And trust me hon, you are really inspiring me to get back in shape. After my exam! :)

  16. Ur top is to die for:-) and u totally rock it with those shoes..Love everything about this outfit but the best part is the purse!! ur nephew sounds very adorable...

  17. hello lady!
    Looks like i have missed out on a lot.
    firstly tell ur mum she looks fabulous.
    Love her collection.

    Secondly, I LoVE polka dots too!
    So I like how they're all over you're blog as now!

    And what is with the smoking :O

    Oh and lastly, loveee the stranger's dress :)


  18. oo i love what ur wearing. Very stylish. I am back again like i promised n this time to follow u.
    Hope u follow back!

  19. The first part of your post was shocking. i had heard about it but had thought that it might be an internet rumor/photoshopped story. This is sooo sad!

    Little kiddo will be thrilled to see his favorite aunt with the bag he so adamantly purchased! Tanvi, this is such a creatively put together outfit.

  20. Omg that is crazy! I can't believe a parent would do that to their child! How outrageous!

  21. That smoking baby is disgusting. I feel sorry for him growing up with such a terrible addiction like that.

    However, I absolutely love your shirt! The colours are so fantastic, and I think it's completely ok to have too many polka-dotted items of clothing if they all look as wonderful as that shirt!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  22. hey hey hey! an award waiting for you on my blog..Go & grab it sweets..:))


  23. Cute outfit!

    We saw this story a while ago on the news and were outraged!

    xx .sabo skirt.

  24. Tans you rock babes. very well written and yuor shoes are tood good. Can i have those...Just kidding. Happy blogging. xxx

  25. OMG! Thanks EVERYONE ... Well now I am kinda lost whether I dress for the blog ... or I always dressed this way and the blog is simply my online wardrobe dairy! It's kinda in a loop now! Thank you so much for dropping by daily and leaving such lovely comments. I am addicted and I appreciate it :o)

    Harshika - I do not have many opportunities to wear Indian outfits here. no social circle and the weather isn't friendly enough to wear it just for fashion. But whenever I go back to Delhi I always wear Indian as much as possible. Saree is my fav. outfit. I love it wear it at any given chance! :)


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