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Another Friday Night at the Movies

Friday night in our household [Me & Mr] means movie night. Luckily Hollywood and Indian Cinema have been dishing out movies back-to-back. But thankfully alternative weekend. So this Friday the two movies we saw were: 
  1. Grown-ups : As I am a little tired and sleepy [went for a run and workout at 5:30am! Yay Baby!] I do not have the energy to do a review but I will tell you this - it is a hilarious movie. A must watch for families. (On a personal note to God!) Dear God, if at the age of 43, after having a baby, if I am anywhere even close to as fit as Salma Hayek I will donate everything I own to charity in my will [of course upon my death...while I am alive I will need all that stuff to continue looking hot and fabulous like Salma, no?
  2. Knight and Day : Right after 'Grown-ups' we went to see the new Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz starer. This too is a great movie. Don't have tooo high expectations and you shan't be disappointed. After a verrrrryyyyyy long time I found Tom Cruise hot! I mean really haaawwwtt. Jaw-dropping Hott! and I do not think like that about anyone ['coz I am married and do not share such thoughts in public! Haha!] (Again, on a personal note to God!) Dear God, if at the age of 47, and after having a baby, if my husband looks even remotely as fit as Tom Cruise I will make him donate everything too! Promise!
And now since I have to head back to my pillow, 
I will quickly show you how I dressed, for the movies
Top - Ann Taylor [09'] (Also worn here and here); 
Necklace - ASOS [10']; Earrings - Gift [Mom 10']
Shoes - Faith [London, 05']; Belt - Esprit [08']
Shorts - Banana Republic [07'] (Also worn here)


  1. Dress shorts:-) u look fab!! I love the deep blue color of ur top..

    two movies - back to back!! havent done that in long time:-)I am a Tom Cruise fan and I also love Adam Sandler - yup, there is no accounting for bad taste;-) So both movies are on my list..And dont worry, u will always be smoking HAWWWT irrespective of age..

  2. You are hilarious!
    and ooh @ back-to-back movies, haven't done that one in a long time.

  3. I love this top! and I agree with the comments on the actors!I wud readily donate everything too ;)

  4. Is it me or have you already started losing weight?? You look so slim and trim! I don't think I'd have the patience to watch back to back movies, but I like the sound of that tradition :) it's nice to do something with your Mr :)

  5. lovely dress tanvi looks cute

  6. I wish both your wishes come true :)

  7. I've been wanting to watch Grown Up's. I love really hilarious movies.

    You look really cute as well. The shorts look really good on you.

  8. I just hope these movies release here soon!

    Love the nautical color combination. And shorts is the best way to go for comfort..almost feels like seeing a movie at home :-p

    Enjoy the rest of your weeekend!!

  9. looking gorgeous!
    i love the shorts!


  10. hahahahahahahahahahahahaa!!!!!

    I adore you!!! Absolutely hilarious and damn gorgeous! I don't doubt that you will always be so hot they'll rename masala Tanvi!!!!

    Oh I haven't done a movie marathon in ages... I'm sure I was 27 when I last did that. gulp. 13 years ago!! The movies wewre 'Titanic' and the Bond movie that year!

    We do DVD marathons though, my husband and I will do Bond marathons or action films but I love the horror marathons we do with all the kids and their partners and their friends and our friends...we're all a screaming laughing mess at the end!!

    ...we also do Hindi movie nights... I have a huge collection of classics and we go through them. My husband isn't Indian but he and my children understand Hindi, kids speak it and have studied it at school when we lived in a hindi speaking country.

    I'm looking forward to 'Knight & Day'... however, I'm not a Cameron Diaz fan... have always liked Cruise's movies though, except 'MI:2', which was filmed in Sydney (we would see Tom and then wife Nicole Kidman all over the place!) Loved 'MI:1'. I just like my action films and this one looks fun!

    As for 'Grown-ups'... maybe I'm just too old... Adam Sandler gives me [more] grey hair!
    ...sigh... Salma is just such a babe... I loved her as Serendipity in 'Dogma'.

    Okay, this isn't a comment anymore, it's a bloomin' essay. eek. sorry.

  11. Thanks for the review of Grown Ups. I've really wanted to see that but was afraid it might not be good. Now I can see it with confidence! xo style, she wrote

  12. You have gorgeous hair my dear girl!

  13. I'm so glad you said that about grown ups!! I'm so excited to see this movie :)

    happy weekend!

  14. great outfit! love the bow on the shirt. xoxolannie.

  15. love the dressed up the necklace too..and two back to back movies..oh! my husband can never see that..i dragged him to sex and the city two and the movi was so bad that i was embarrassed myself.thank god the same didn't happen with raavan (we saw rajneeti instead) the outift:))

  16. I really liked ur personal notes to god fr both the movies...

    love your top with the ruffles...

  17. Hi Tani...
    My gawsh...if you continue to make me laugh like this we’d have to change the tagline of this blog from a fashion one to a LOL riot one!
    I so do hope that the Salma Hayek and Tom Cruise fantasies come true n please do tell me which charity you’d be donating to, so I can line up here for benefits;-)

    The blue top looks gorgeous...
    Anything with bows anyways catches my eyes...
    This one uses it with subtlety and panache!
    Just as you are!:-)

    Love the evil eye neck piece too...
    May that protect you forever from envious souls:-)

  18. Frankly your sexy and hot !

  19. man.. do i love this outfit????


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