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Wedding Fever

Clearly I haven't recovered from the wedding weekend, yet! It was that much fun, what to do? 

During my own wedding I didn't have any fun at all, as I had fallen sick [don't remember how, though??! Hmmmm]. I was hospitalized and discharged only 2 days before the wedding. At one point I had even threatened the doctor, "Make me well ... I don't care how! ...else I would call-off-the-wedding". Come to think of it, why would the doctor care if I got married or not? It was a good thing he is a family doctor and a relative too [:P]. Don't misunderstand me. I wasn't a bridezilla, it was the meds talking! Besides, I am allowed to be grumpy if I am that sick and due to get married in less than a week, aren't I? 

Anywhooo, it was a miracle that I made it to my own wedding, relatively hail & hearty. Although, I do remember there were talks of having a mini-ceremony at the hospital itself just 'incase' I did not get well. [Was everyone kidding themselves?] That was soooo not happening! I might have been under the influence of drugs but I was very much capable of starting a Violence Movement, all by myself. Never mind what Gandhi said!

So what I was I saying? Yaa, that I ended up missing all the fun *sob.sob*. While all my friends and relatives were down from all over the world and enjoying themselves, I was being poked with ivy and some crazy-drowsy meds! Agrrh! That's why I still believe I deserve a re-run! I don't know what vows I promised my husband, for I was clearly under the influence of drugs. Therefore, it doesn't count! Legit?

Well, I was over excited yesterday so I posted the Wedding Post before this but oh! well ... no loss. Here's what happened before & after the wedding. In between I have included the outfits for each occasion. [Do not want to drag my 'wedding' obsession for the remaining of the week :P]

Bachelorette Party

Top - Gap; Shorts - Miss Sixty; Shoes - Rack Rooms

Theme was The Saints - Who won the super bowl this year!

G for Giselle [Front of the shirt says "Who Dat?"]

Do we look happy for our friend? :o)

Rehearsal & Dinner

At the Church

Us, rehearsing our dinner for the next day ;)

Dress from Zara [Borrowed] Thanks, Elisa!

Shoes from RACK by Nordstorm

Post-Wedding Party

Top - Anthropologie; Shorts - Miss Sixty; Shoes - Rack Rooms

On our way to Pat O'Brien's 

And with this we have wrapped up all the outfits-of-the-wedding-weekend! I am going to miss 'All my girls' but hopefully there will be another one of us getting married soon and we shall all re-unite! Amen. 


  1. Hi doll,
    Loove those shoes with the pretty dress! Looks like a lot of fun! That sucks about your wedding though! uggg as though it's not enough stress as it is and then to get sick like that!!! Poor thing!!xoxo

  2. No such thing as too many wedding posts if they are all this funny. Talks of a mini ceremony in the hospital... SO not happening. I laughed out loud. I also love all your pre wedding outfits. Those shorts are fantastic.

  3. Congratulations on your wedding!
    This post makes for an interesting story and will be great to tell your family some day.

  4. You are such a doll!
    You have no Idea how much going through my whole blog means to me! hahah

    I am honored :)
    Have a good night!

  5. That pink dress is beautiful that you borrowed..haha and I would love my ticket and ill be there in a heartbeat hehehe :)

    otherwise im also following you too now girl...yours didnt come up in my follow list though :S:(

    keep making those brides jealous ;) haha nah i kid i kid..haha

  6. Oooh I love the shorts! (though I've discovered I suffer from winter-flabbiness-and-hence-shorts-phobia so far into the summer) and I don't think they were kidding themselves- reassures me all things bizarre are possible in an Indian wedding :)

  7. Okay. I've recovered now. :)

    Your legs are just...[fai... no I'm okay, I'm okay] fabulous!!!

    Looks like you had a ball and oh I am so sorry to hear that you were sick in the lead-up to your wedding. Talk about pre wedding nerves... or pre wedding fever!!

  8. Wow, you look all fab! And love all your outfits!

  9. - It absolutely was :o)

    Taj Acosta - I know! Thanks for the sympathy. 3 years later it still helps :P

    Robyn - Thanks babes! I love those shorts too ... my fav. right now ... and you can expect anything to happen in Indian weddings. People do absolutely anything to keep the guests and in-laws happy!

    Bess Seidler - Thanks! I got married 3 years ago. these picture are from a friend's wedding! And you are welcome :o)

    LINDSEY MAK - Let me make some money and I will call you soon. I am followin' you on bloglovin babes! Love hearing from you always! :)

  10. Upasna - Haha! You are right. Anything is possible in Indian weddings ... I love shorts. Didn't wear them for many years now can't get enough of them!

    Dusk - hhahha! How sweet are you?! Thanks! *bow* I know wedding fever! Never heard of it before I am sure?! :)

    Nathalie Maggiori - Thank you so muchh!!

  11. wow!! awesome outfits and fab shoes!! u do have lovely legs:-)

  12. The vows don't count? Haha! I would like to see Ashish's expression on that one :-p

    Well your wedding was memorable nevertheless..maybe to end the wedding week, you can post up some pics of YOUR wedding outfits..I am sure there are so many reading that haven't seen..and also it's good to show off the BRIGHTNESS, DETAILS and BEAUTIFUL BLING in Indian clothes and jewelry :-p

    The wedding looks fun...I miss New Orleans experience!!! The shorts are niceeeeeeeee and shoes the show stopper!

  13. all three outfits are fantastic--those high waisted shorts are amazing (and only you could pull them off!)

  14. I love weddings... I have to, wedding photography is my profession. Hahaha! Great outfits for before and after the wedding.

    PS... my boys are 20 and 16. And yes, they make those comments. It's not fiction at all. xoxo

  15. Tanvi you looked stunning at your wedding. You even managed to dance a lot! However, should you hold a re-do, consider this my RSVP :-) p.s. I want that Zara dress!!

  16. Love this blog, made me laugh soooo much!!! Haha! So lucky you are, I still have never ever attended a church wedding :(

  17. love the way u dressed ... d shorts, d dress jus fabb !! n yes pls re do wid the church wedding of course wid bhaiya !! :P :P n let him thinkif his vows !!! il gt to attnd my frst church wedding den !!! ♥

  18. Sonali - *blush* Thankssss!

    Anita - Hehe! Well, he wld be game for another wedding just so that we can have more fun :) Btw, grt idea I will definitely work on a post with MY weddings outfits :o) New Orleans missed you tooo...!

    What Would a Nerd Wear - That's such a sweet thing to say! Thanksss!

    Leah - Oh really! Wow! That's amazing. P.S. I guess thats what makes your post truly genuine and funny :) Thanks for sharing!

    Meetu D - It was borrowed but I will hunt it for you. I have gotten good it now ;)

    Minal - It did? I am glad i made you laugh! May you attend one soon ... it's grt to experience different cultures :o)

    Soms - From your mouth to God's ears! Thanks for all the compliments babes!!! Kisses & Hugs

  19. Looking so cute in shorts:)
    Wedding seems lot of fun.Bride is very pretty.


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